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Best Bosses You Should Be Killing in OSRS

By Michel Z2018-05-23

This video guide is showing which bosses you should be killing in Old School RuneScape. These are the best solo and multi bosses that are going to make you a lot of OSRS coins. You’ll not only gain cool and unique items, but also get good XP while killing the bosses.

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Dagannoth Kings

Dagannoth Kings are easy to kill and they can make you a lot of RSGP which would be over 1M/H if you have the elite Fremennik Diaries done. If you didn’t complete them, the amount of gp you’ll earn will more depend on how often you get the rare rings like the Berserker ring and the Archers ring. But it is still a good way to earn OSRS Gold.


It is recommended to kill these bosses with the Trident of the seas or the Toxic blowpipe, Dragonfire shield or Crystal shield, Guthan's armour set and Saradomin godsword if you have some more OSRS Gold.


If you bring the Saradomin godsword, also bring Runes for Blood Barrage and Blood Blitz in case your Saradomin godsword doesn’t actually hit. If it is your first time to do this, I recommend doing this with a friend until you can start doing them solo.


Killing this boss requires level 87 Slayer, and you also need to be on Slayer tasks. But it’s easy to get a pet from it, on average, it only takes 46 hours to get the pet. You’ll kill 65 Krakens per hour, which makes you over 1M OSRS gp/H. However, that depends on the drops you get. A lot of people skip this task simply because it’s not the best Slayer XP you can get.


To kill Kraken, you should bring the Slayer Helmet (i), Trident of the swamp or Trident of the seas, high Magic defense gear like Armadyl, Karils, or the Black d'hide.


Try to keep health at 35 or above because his tentacles cam combo you out while he is still alive.



Commander Zilyana

Killing Zilyana needs a very high Combat level especially a high Range level. This is a really hard boss as not only are her attacks extremely accurate, she attacks at a speed of 8 (every 1.2 seconds), which can result in a very quick death. But if you range her, you can use the hit-and-run tactic in order to avoid getting hit, which makes her easy to kill.


If you have enough RS Gold, you can buy a Twisted bow which is commonly used against bosses and strong monsters that use highly accurate and powerful magic attacks, such as Commander Zilyana.


You would get 2-2.5M gp/H from her rare drops but you need to stick with her for a long time.


As for the gear, you can use Black d’hide, Verac's helm, Rune crossbow, Dragonfire shield, or Crystal shield.



Corporeal Beast 

If you’re looking to have some fun with 2-4 friends, then Corporeal Beast is a good option. It drops Elysian spirit shield which is worth 680M gp that can make you rich if you manage to get it. The Corporeal Beast is very hard to solo, so you need to do this with a small team.


You need at least 85 Attack/Strength/Defense, 80+ Range. You’ll want to have 80+ Magic because that will help your Magic defense a lot.


So if you are looking for a high-level PvM challenge where you can make a lot of OSRS Gold from the good drops luckily, then Corporeal Beast is a boss that you want to consider.




You can solo it or do it in a team, and you can even do it in a massive team. One thing you should keep in mind is that if you do it in a big team, you have to be coordinated to do raids effectively. So if you’re in it to make money, it’s best to do it in a smaller team or solo.


The difficulty of the raids is based on the team's overall combat, so you don’t have to be a super high Combat level player to do Raids.


The profit of doing Raids is about 3M gp/H. From Raids, you could get the best items in the game: Twisted bow, Dragon claws, Elder maul etc, and you’ll also make a lot of money off the common drops.




Zulrah is a great solo boss if you’re looking to make OSRS Gold, and the profit of killing it is 2M+ gp/h. Zulrah is a hard boss to learn but once you’ve learned how to fight him properly, you can kill it very quickly.


Zulrah has some very valuable drops, and you might get one of the rare drops which are 1/512 chance, and those are Tanzanite fang, Magic fang, Serpentine visage, Uncut onyx.


To kill Zulrah, it is recommended that you have at least 85 Magic and 75 Range. So if you are looking for a really good boss that you can grind for a lot of RuneScape 2007 Gold, Zulrah is definitely a good option for you.



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