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OSRS: Low Level Jewellery Money Making Guide

This video guide contains several Jewellery crafting money making methods for low levels. These money making methods can get you a good amount of OSRS gold on a starter account. The profit may vary every now and then, depending on how much you can make with certain items. These items are always in demand in the game of RuneScape 2007, so there will be a decent profit.

If you don’t want to take the time to read the full article, please click YouTuber Smallexplamp’s video and follow him to make money in the game of RuneScape 2007, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:


In this guide, we are talking about 3 types of Jewellery: Topaz jewellery, Jade jewelry, and Opal jewellery. We will test these money making methods by making 1000 Burning amulets which is the best profit of the three.

You also need to take a note of how much these items are bought and sold. If they are not bought and sold often, it will be a little hard for you to resell your items, and the profit might not be very consistent.


Burning amulet

A Burning amulet is a Topaz amulet enchanted via the Lvl-3 Enchant spell (level 45 Crafting). 



An appropriate gem for the type of jewellery you are going to craft

A Silver bar

A Cosmic rune and Runes that the Spell requires

An appropriate mould for the type of jewellery you are crafting

Appropriate Magic level to enchant the jewellery.


For Topaz, you need:

Level 49 Magic, Level 3 Enchant

For use on Ruby and Topaz jewellery

1 Cosmic rune, 5 Fire rune


For Jade, you need:

Level 27 Magic: Level 2 Enchant

For use on Emerald and Jade jewellery

1 Cosmic rune, 3 Air rune


For Opal, you need:

Level 7 Magic: Level 1 Enchant

For use on Sapphire and Opal jewellery

1 Cosmic rune 1, 1 Water rune


Low-level Magic is not hard to get, so reaching these levels should not be unbearable for anyone. In addition, the amulet must be strung before wearing or enchanting by using either a ball of wool or the String jewellery spell, so if you are doing amulets, you will need a Ball of wool.


Crafting Burning Amulet

You are going to craft Burning amulet in Edgeville where there is a furnace near the bank. 


Make sure you have an amulet mould out of your bank, then you fill the bank so that there is no bank holders for the the mould itself. Doing this allows you to deposit all the amulets you have crafted into the bank with your mould staying in your inventory, which will make your bank process more fast and easily.


You will get a decent amount of XP for crafting Topaz amulet. Smallexplamp bought 1000 Cosmic runes, 1000 Silver bars, 1000 Red topaz, and 1000 Balls of wool. Below is the amount of RuneScape gold he has spent for the items he bought from the GE: 

1000 Cosmic runes: 110K rsgp

1000 Silver bars: 107K rsgp

1000 Red topaz: 5,234K rsgp

1000 Ball of wool: 79K rsgp


All the items cost him 5.53M 07 gold, and each Burning amulet can be sold for 6.75M rsgp on the GE, so the profit is around 1.22M. 



In 1 hour and 50 minutes, Smallexplamp has made all of his Burning amulets. Now let’s take a look at how many RuneScape gold and XP you could get for making the jewellery:


Opal jewellery should be the worst and the Topaz should be the best, and the Jade jewellery should be a middle ground for most people.


Burning Amulet and the Bracelet of Slaughter both provide really a decent amount of OSRS gold and XP per hour; Necklace of Passage gives 536K gp/h; the Dodgy Necklace and the Expeditious Bracelet are 400K gp/h which is also a good amount of gp per hour.


*Note that the XP/H you will get is a combination of Crafting XP and Magic XP.


As for those jewellery with question marks, they are items that are not really bought or sold that much because no one really needs them in game, so they don’t have a set price. You might be able to make a lot of money on a couple of them but doing them will not be a sustainable method for money making.


Last but not least, in order to make the most profit, be sure to check the price for each item on the GE and choose which one is the best for you to make money before you do with this jewellery crafting money making method: 


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