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How to Make 20K OSRS Gold in Every World of RuneScape 2007

This video guide contains an easy money making method which will earn you 20K OSRS gold in each world of RuneScape 2007. This method requires a little OSRS gold as starting cash. This is quite an easy money making method that you even don’t need to bank every time.

Link'sOcarina is one of the best Youtubers who share many good tutorials for money making in Old School RuneScape. Please click the video below for more details about this money making guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:

To start off, you need to buy 1000 Rune arrows from the GE with your RuneScape 07 gold, then you head over to the Archery shop in Catherby.


Now, you are going to sell 36 Rune arrows to Hickton who is the owner of the shop. Keep in mind that: Never sell any more than 36 Rune arrows to the shop, because 36 is the optimal point of making money with buying the Rune arrows in the GE and selling them into the shop. If you see there are 30 Rune arrows in the shop, then you just need to sell 6 to the shop; If you see there are already 36 Rune arrows in the shop, then don’t sell any to the shop.


After you sell 36 Rune arrows to the shop, you'll need to buy some items from the shop:

  • 400 Steel arrowtips
  • 100 Mithril arrowtips
  • 50 Adamant arrowtips
  • 10 Rune arrowtips 


Make sure the shops are full, or you will be losing money. After you have done all the things above, you are going to hop to another world and repeat the process. You will earn about 19K OSRS gold for each world by doing this, so if you have a high skill level character, make sure you go to the high skill level worlds because they will make you a good amount of OSRS gold.


If this money making method doesn’t work when you are reading this guide, then this will work again a few weeks later. Should you need other money making guides, be sure to head over to our RS news page for more information related to RuneScape gold. We have a 1-99 F2P Runecrafting guide for you to train the skill of Runecrafting which is one of the most profitable skills in OSRS, and we also have a 2018 Terrorbird Racing guide which helps you to win a decent amount of Agility XP in RuneScape 3.


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