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Advanced Honing in Lost Ark

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The Advanced Honing system introduced in Lost Ark's Summer Heat update offers a new way for players to enhance their gear. This system is part of the broader efforts to provide deeper progression mechanics and keep players engaged with endgame content.

Understanding Advanced Honing

Advanced Honing allows players to upgrade their gear's item level using materials that are primarily obtained from the newly introduced Kazeros Raid, specifically the Echidna Raid. This system is designed to provide a more structured and rewarding path for gear progression, ensuring that players have the means to tackle increasingly difficult content.

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Key Features of Advanced Honing

1. Players can earn advanced honing materials by participating in the Echidna Raid and other high-level activities introduced in the update. These materials are critical for upgrading gear to higher item levels​​.

2. The Advanced Honing system allows players to enhance their gear beyond the traditional limits, pushing their item levels higher and unlocking additional stats and bonuses. This is particularly useful for players aiming to be competitive in both PvE and PvP environments​.

3. The system provides a clear and rewarding progression path. Players can see tangible improvements in their characters’ power levels by collecting the necessary materials and successfully honing their gear. This progression is crucial for tackling new content such as the Kazeros Raid and advanced Legion Raids​.

How to Get Started with Advanced Honing

To start utilizing the Advanced Honing system, players need to:

1. Collect Materials: The Echidna Raid is the prime repository for advanced honing materials. Additional resources include Harmony Shards, Guardian Stone Fragments, Destruction Stone Fragments, and Harmony Leapstones from endgame pursuits and dungeons. Advanced Honing also needs a specific quantity of LoA gold, which depends on the gear's item level and tier.

2. Visit the Honing NPC: Once players have gathered enough materials, they need to visit the designated Honing NPC in one of the major cities. This NPC facilitates the gear enhancement process and provides information on the materials required and the success rates of each honing attempt​. Here are the general steps to find and use the Honing NPC:

▶ Open the Map: Press M to open the map and locate the enhancement icon.

▶ Navigate to the Location: Follow the map to reach the designated area within the city.

▶ Interact with the NPC: Once you find the NPC, interact with them to access the honing menu and start enhancing your gear.

3. Upgrade Gear: Use the collected materials to upgrade gear. Each successful enhancement increases the item level of the gear, boosting its stats and overall power. Players can track their progress and see the impact of each upgrade on their character's performance​​.

Benefits of Advanced Honing

The Advanced Honing system offers several benefits that enhance the overall gameplay experience:

1. Enhanced Character Power: By upgrading gear, players can significantly boost their character’s power, making it easier to handle difficult content and be more competitive in PvP scenarios​.

2. Long-Term Goals: Advanced Honing provides long-term progression goals for players. The process of collecting materials and upgrading gear is designed to be a continuous effort, keeping players engaged over extended periods​.

In Conclusion

The Advanced Honing system in Lost Ark's Summer Heat update adds significant depth to gear progression, providing players with new challenges and long-term goals. By engaging in high-level content and strategically enhancing their gear, players can achieve greater power levels and prepare for the toughest challenges Arkesia has to offer. For more detailed information, visit the official Lost Ark website​.


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