• OSRS: Top 15 Must Have Items for Mid Level OSRS Accounts
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    This guide includes 15 OSRS items that are extremely useful for a mid-level RuneScape account (level 50 to level 70) in every skill. There is cheap OSRS gold for sale, and you can buy some of these items using OSRS coins easily. 

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    Helm of Neitiznot

    - Requires 55 Defence and the Fremennik Isles quest completion

    - Non-degradable

    It has very similar stats to the Berserker helmet, but it offers a +3 Prayer bonus. Some helmets are stronger in the game, but this provides a very balanced overall allocation of its stats.


    Considering the Helm of Neitiznot is under 100K OSRS gold, it is currently better than the Serpentine helm in most circumstances. This also doesn't have a large requirement to unlock or wear. All these make it one of the best overall items for mid-level OSRS accounts to go for.



    Imbued Dagannoth Rings

    - Need 650K Nightmare Zone reward points

    - No quest requirement

    - Best offensive rings


    Dagannoth Rings include Archers' ring, Berserker ring, Seers ring, and Warrior ring. You can buy them on the Grand Exchange or get them from killing Dagannoth. The Archers' ring and the Berserker ring are more commonly used than the other two. The Archers' ring and the Berserker ring don't have a requirement to wear. The only requirement is OSRS coins because they are expensive.


    However, imbuing them does have a requirement that you can not purchase from the GE - You need to imbue them with 650,000 Nightmare zone reward points, and doing this will double the Combat stats given. For example, a Berserker ring normally gives +4 Strength bonus and +4 crush defence bonus. But once imbued, it will give +8 Strength bonus and +8 crush defence bonus. This makes these rings the best in the game, so they are worth going for on a mid-level account.



    Avas Accumulator

    - 50 Ranged

    - Requires Animal Magnetism quest completion

    - Retrieves ammunition


    Ava's attractor, accumulator, or assembler are items that require the Animal Magnetism quest completion, which is easy to do. To equip Ava's accumulator, you'll need to have level 50 Ranged. To equip the Ava's assembler, you need to have level 70 Ranged.


    The Ava's equipment is one of the most useful items in the game because it picks up the arrows you've shot and dropped on the ground.


    The retrieval effect is quite similar between the three different Ava's equipment. However, the higher-level ones you wear, the more Combat bonus you get. The Ava's accumulator gives a +4 Ranged attack bonus and +4 Magic defense bonus, while Ava's assembler gives +2 Ranged strength bonus, +8 Ranged attack bonus. But Ava's assembler requires quite a bit higher level account, so that is not recommended for a mid account because you'll need the Vorkath's head which requires the completion of a high tier quest - Dragon slayer II.



    Full Graceful Set

    - No quest requirement

    - Reduces weight by 25kg

    - 260 Marks of Grace to unlock


    The Graceful set is obtained from completing the Rooftop agility courses. It can reduce the weight in your inventory which will help you run further. Wearing the full Graceful outfit restores run energy 30% faster while the player is idle, walking, or 'busy'.


    This is an extremely useful set because, for so many things in the game, you won't be running back and forth for skilling or questing. If you start doing the rooftop agility courses as soon as possible, you should get the Graceful set around level 55 to level 60.


    OSRS: Top 15 Must Have Items for Mid Level OSRS Accounts p101


    - Morytania hard/elite

    - Auto bury bones

    - Easy passive Prayer XP


    The Bonecrusher is obtained as a reward for completing the Hard Morytania achievement diaries. It can automatically bury bones that drop on the ground for you. Normally, you'll have to pick up the bones and click them in your inventory to bury them. But as long as you have the Bonecrusher in your inventory, the bones will automatically get buried.



    It can be more useful if you go to a place that has a Bonecrusher effect like the Catacombs of Kourend or if you have a Bonecrusher necklace. This is an awesome way to get passive Prayer XP when training Slayer, Combat, or anything that would drop bones. You will need to charge the Bonecrusher. However, it's a very quick process and worth it for the passive Prayer XP that you can get.



    Barrows Gloves

    - Requires completing the Recipe for disaster quest

    - Minimum 40 Defence


    Completing the entire Recipe for Disaster quest line and 175 quest points is one of the larger requirements. This will force you to go all over Gielinor, completing quests and getting skill requirements.


    Barrows gloves provide the best offensive stats for Melee and Ranged, having better stats than black d'hide vambraces. They have the second-highest Magic offensive bonus behind the Tormented Bracelet, which lacks any defensive stats. They also have the highest Strength bonus of any gloves in the game.


    Barrows gloves are extremely useful in so many different situations, and even getting lesser tiers of the gloves can be also be useful. Adamant gloves are the lowest tier of gloves that are superior to the Combat bracelet for Melee, and Adamant gloves are cheaper than the Combat bracelet as well.



    Fire Cape

    - No quest requirement

    - Completion of Fight caves

    - Strength bonus cape


    The Fire cape OSRS is the second-to-best Melee cape in the game after the infernal cape due to its +4 Strength bonus and its +11 defensive stats.


    It is obtained by completing the Fight caves. Generally, if your Combat stats are around 75 or higher, that will be a safe bet. However, it can be done much sooner than that.



    Procelyte Set

    - Slug Menace quest

    - 30 Defence and 20 Prayer

    - Massive Prayer bonus


    Procelyte Set is obtained from completing the Slug Menace quest. Once you complete the quest, you'll get access to Procelyte armur, which provides one of the best Prayer bonuses in the entire game.


    Getting armor with a Prayer bonus can be extremely useful in quite a few different situations. Having a higher Prayer bonus will make your Prayer depletes at a much lower rate. This can be useful at places like a Nightmare Zone, a Slayer, or other combat where you are using overhead Prayers. On top of that, the Procelyte armor offers a passable Defensive bonus while most Prayer bonus items do not.



    Slayer Helm (i)

    - Requires 55 Crafting/ 400 Slayer Reward Points

    - 1.2M Nightmare Zone

    - 15% Damage boost


    A regular Slayer helm is not much more useful than a Black mask. A Slayer helm is created using a Black mask with many other items, but this does not inherently give you any more damage. It just gives a 15% damage and accuracy boost when you are using Melee. However, when you imbue the Slayer helm with 1.2M Nightmare zone reward points, it will apply that bonus to Ranged and Magic.


    So if you start using Ranged or Magic when doing Slayer tasks, it is very important to get this upgraded to an imbued Slayer helm. A 15% damage boost is massive when you take into account how much damage you can do with Ranged or Magic.



    Dragon Defender

    - 65 Attack and Strength

    - Amazing for training

    - Best offhand Melee


    The Dragon Defender provides the best Melee offensive bonus. To unlock this, you need access to the Warriors' guild, which will require 65 Attack or 65 Strength, or a combination of the two that adds up to 130. You need to kill the cyclopes in the Warriors' guild slowly, and you can obtain the Defenders Bronze through to Dragon. These are going to be useful because there is not an alternative item to wear at low-mid levels.


    Once you unlock the Dragon Defender, it will give you a +6 offensive Strength bonus, a very substantial Attack bonus, and a decent defensive bonus.




    Holy Wrench

    - Requires Rum Deal quest to obtain and use

    - Great for NMZ


    This will boost the amount of Prayer points you receive from consuming Prayer potions, depending on your Prayer level. So if you have level 99 Prayer, a Super restore potion will restore 34 Prayer potions.


    This is very useful at a place like Nightmare zone, certain Slayer tasks, or anything that needs you to use a lot of Prayer potions.



    Fighter Torso

    - Barbarian Assault reward

    - 375 Honour points

    - +4 Strength Torso


    Fighter Torso is one of the best mid-level chest items to go for. Unlike most equipments at that level which provide a defensive bonus, it provides +4 Strength bonus. To obtain this armor, you need to complete the Barbarian Assault minigame. You'll require 375 honor points, which will take quite a while. However, until you obtain the Bandos chestplate, it will be your best gear for Melee training.



    God Books

    - Horror from the Deep

    - Great offhand bonuses

    - Mid-level Mage/Ranged


    This can be obtained from completing the Horror from the Deep quest. There are many God books, and they provide different stat allocations based on the God type. For example, the Darkness and the Unholy books provide a Magic attack bonus; the Book of Law provides a good Ranged attack bonus. There are books that provide Melee attack bonus. However, it is more useful to go for the defender because it will be a much better alternative and will not even cost you any money.


    The God books are very useful mid-level items to go for because they provide a lot of flexibility in the stats you can get, and they are not very expensive.



    Ancient Mace

    - Requires Another Slice of Ham quest completion

    - Restores Prayer points

    - Useful for everything


    The ancient mace has a special attack, Favour of the War God, requiring 100% Special Attack energy, that hits through Protect from Melee and drains the Prayer points of the opponent by 100% of the amount hit and recharges the user's prayer points by the same amount. For example, if you hit a 50, you will obtain 50 Prayer points from your opponent. Being able to restore Prayer points is extremely useful for PvM or any place where you will use overhead Prayers or a lot of Prayer points.


    This item can also overheal you with Prayer. If you go into your POH and use it on a Dummy, you can get up to 130-140 Prayer before you leave your house, which can really help in certain circumstances as well.



    God Cape (i)

    - Mage Arena II

    - 75 Magic

    - Provides Mage damage


    God Cape is obtained by completing the Mage Arena mini-quest. The original God capes are easy to get, and they provide a +10 Magic attack bonus which is quite good. However, obtaining the imbued God cape will be much more challenging because you need to kill three Wilderness bosses and loot a drop from all three of them.


    If you lose the imbued God cape, you can't get another one without repeating the process. Therefore, you don't want to be risking this imbued God cape. However, by imbuing, you will get a +2% Magic damage boost, which increases your max hit along with a +15 Magic attack bonus over the regular +10.


    Getting an imbued God cape is very useful for any low-risk activity like Zulrah or anything else that you are not likely to die at. The regular God cape is also useful for Revenants, anything in the Wilderness, or anything you may die from.



    Those are the 15 items you should have on a mid-level account. It will cost you a lot of RSGP to get all these items, so if you want to earn more RS07gold without spending money, there are five best items for fast flip in Old School RuneScape. For RuneScape 3 players, there are 10 AFK skilling money-making methods to earn RS3 gold without paying much effort. Please bookmark MmoGah's news page for more helpful information on RuneScape.




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