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  • Fire Cape OSRS Guide
    By Michel Z2019-01-31 00:00:00

    This is another Fire Cape OSRS video guide. This guide is for people who have not done Fight Caves before. It is recommended to have at least 70 Ranged, 43 Prayer if it’s your first time to do the Fight Caves. There is cheap OSRS gold for sale for you to reach the required levels fast.




    God coif

    Amulet of glory

    Broad bolts and diamond bolts

    God d’hide body

    Rune crossbow

    God dragonhide legs

    Granite shield

    Ava's accumulator

    Snakeskin boots

    Explorer's ring 1

    God bracers


    You can put better things in the slot if you have, but you only need to have 70 Ranged and 40 Defence to wield the God armour, so it is recommended because it has a +1 Prayer bonus for each piece. Amulet of Fury is better than Amulet of Glory, Armadyl crossbow is better than Runecrossbow, Archers' ring is better than the Explorer's ring.




    It is recommended to have 3 Ranging potions, 12 Saradomin brews, 8 Super restores, 4 Prayer potions. You’ll need more Super restores if your Prayer level is lower; if your Defence level is lower, then you are going to need more brews. The account Youtuber EVScape uses is 80 Defence, 70 Prayer, so he brings 12 restores and 8 brews. If you have 40 Defence, it is recommended to bring 12 brews, but as a fail-safe, 12 Saradomin brews, 8 Super restores, 4 Prayer potions are going to work most of the time.




    Level 22: Tz-Kih

    - Drains Prayer when it hits

    - Attacks with Melee

    - Max hit of 4


    When this monster hits you, it drains you Prayer, even when it hits zero, it still drains your Prayer for 1, it attacks with Melee and it has a max hit of 4.


    Level 45: Tz-Kek

    - Recoils 1 damage when melee’d

    - After death, spawns 2 level 22’s

    - Attacks with Melee, max of 7

    The special ability of Tz-Kek is that when you hit it with melee, it recoils 1 damage. However, you are going to use Ranged, so you don’t need to worry about that. After death, it spawns two level 22 Tz-Keks. The level 45 has a max hit of 7 and the level 22’s have a max hit of 4, and they all attack with Melee.


    Level 90: Tok-Xil

    - Attacks with Ranged/Melee

    - Stay out of Melee distance

    - Max hit of 13

    It attacks with Ranged and Melee and has a max hit of 13. You’ll want to make sure you never get within the Melee range of this monster and just pray range against it.


    Level 180: Yt-MejKot

    - Can heal itself and others around it

    - Attacks with Melee

    - Max hit of 25

    If you safespot this monster, it can’t heal other monsters around it.


    Level 360: Ket-Zek

    - Attacks with Mage/Melee

    - Stay out of Melee range

    - Max hit of 54

    You’ll want to make sure you stay out of its Melee range and just pray mage against it.


    Level 702: TzTok-Jad

    - Attacks with Mage/Range/Melee

    - Stay out of Melee range

    - Max hit of 97

    You’ll want to stay out of the Melee range of Jad.


    Level 108: Yt-HurKot

    - Heals Jad when he reaches half HP

    - Attack with Melee

    - Max hit of 13


    Once you get Jad to half health, it will spawn 4 level 108 Yt-HurKots who have a special ability to heal Jad when Jad reaches half health. However, if you attack these monsters, they can’t heal Jad because they will have their attention on you.



    How the Wave System Works

    You start off on Wave 1 with one level 22

    - On Wave 2 you have two level 22s

    - On Wave 3 you have one level 45

    - On Wave 4 you have one level 45 and one level 22

    - On Wave 5 you have one level 45 and two level 22s

    - By Wave 6 you have two level 45s

    - Wave 7 is one level 90

    - Wave 14 is two level 90s

    - Wave 15 is one level 180

    - Wave 30 is two level 180s

    - Wave 31 is one level 360

    - Wave 62 is two level 360s

    - Wave 63 is Jad



    You are going to enter through the exit on the map. The rock that is circled in red is called Italy Rock due to its shape. Standing in this position which the arrow is pointing to is where you’ll want to be starting every single wave as far east and south as possible while staying on top of the Italy Rock. The reason you start here is that monsters may get stuck on the south side of the rock and make it much easier for you to deal with.


    On Wave 1, you are going to be facing a level 22. The strategy for the level 22 is simply to attack and then run away. You don’t want it to hit you because when it hits you, it will drain your Prayer, but you need to conserve your Prayer as much as possible for the later Waves.


    Once you reach Wave 3, you’ll be faced with a level 45 monster. This monster can only hit a max hit of 7, so don’t worry about praying Melee, and you don’t have to safespot this one at all.


    Once you reach the end of Wave 6 which is the wave with two level 45s. Be prepared to turn on your Protect from Missiles prayer straight away as a level 90 will spawn. Make sure you keep a distance from the level 90, as it can melee you if you get within his Melee range. Also, keep you range prayer up for every wave until Wave 15, you will then have to fight against a Ranger and a level 22, then a Ranger and two level 22s, and so on and so forth. The strategy remains the same, keep your Range prayer up and do not get within Melee distance.


    At the end of Wave 15, it’s time for the level 180s. If you stand at the right position to start the wave which is the bottom of the Italy Rock, one of two things can happen:


    The first is that the level 180 will spawn to the south side of the Italy Rock and be trapped, in which case you simply run to the west side of the rock, and you’re able to safespot the level 180.


    The second is that the level 180 spawns west of the rock and approaches you. As it approaches you, simply turn on your Protect from Melee and run to the west side of the Italy Rock, now the level 180 will be safespotted on the north side and you can kill it easily.


    You can continue using this method until the end of Wave 29. Keep in mind that some rangers will spawn after another 6 waves. So you have to be careful of those rangers and switch on your Protect from Range when they do.


    At Wave 30, you’ll have 2 level 180s. If both of them spawn near each other, then they can be both safespotted on the same side. However, if they spawn separately, they can be safespotted on either side of the rock. This is a really simple wave, all you have to do is turn on your Protect from Melee, and they won’t be able to hit you at all.


    At the end of Wave 30, make sure you turn on your Protect from Magic straight away and do not turn it off from this point onwards unless you are 100% sure you are not being attacked by a level 360.


    As you go through the waves, with the level 360s, it’s advised to start using your Ranging potions to kill them quicker, you are going to be able to get through the caves quicker and conserve prayer points because you are killing the magers quicker.


    From this point onwards, the main thing to be wary of is that you need to keep you Mage prayer up at all times if they are attacking you. But you need to be wary of the following waves as they can be somewhat tricky.


    Wave 38 contains one level 360 and one level 90. Make sure you keep praying Mage and prioritize killing the level 90 as it is the only monster that is damaging you at that point. After you killed the ranger, you can kill the mager with relative ease.


    From this wave onwards, make sure you always prioritize killing the ranger because there will always be a mager and a ranger up until Wave 45.


    On Wave 45, you’re going to have one level 360 and two level 90s. If you use the Italy Rock spot, there is a very good chance that you’ll either trap the mager or at least one of the rangers behind the rock, and you can focus on killing one at a time. So this way shouldn’t be a problem.


    At Wave 46, there is going to one level 360 and one level 180. Your goal here is to trap the level 180 on the rock as you did before. However, this time, you have to tank the Melee hit if it gets within distance. If the meleer gets trapped behind the mager, prioritize killing the mager as you’ll want to conserve your Prayer and you can safespot the level 180. You’ll want to continue doing this up until Wave 53.



    At Wave 53, you’ll have a level 360, a level 180, and a level 90. You are going to trap the level 180 behind the other monsters and then prioritse killing the ranger, it should be the only monster damaging you. If you can’t trap the level 180 behind the other monsters, trap it on the rock as you did in the previous waves and prioritize killing the ranger. You may have to turn your stance to long range at this point so that you can keep the level 180 trapped. Once you kill the ranger, move on to the mager, then the meleer.



    On Wave 60, you are going to have one level 360, one level 180, and two level 90s. Once again, if you start in the spot at the bottom of the Italy Rock, there is a very high chance that you will trap between one and two monsters on the southern side of the rock. Make sure you prioritize trapping the level 180 and then killing the rangers, the mager, then kill the meleer. Keep in mind that the rangers may hit you pretty hard, so keep an eye on your Hit Points.



    On Wave 61, you are going to have one level 360 and two level 180s. This is a very simple wave. All you have to do is trap the level 180s as you did before and then kill the mager, then kill the level 180s.



    Wave 62 is the only wave you don’t start at the Italy Rock. You’ll want to run to the center and take note of where the orange level 360 spawns. Wherever the orange level 360 spawns is where Jad will spawn in the next wave.


    At Wave 63, prepare yourself for Jad. Always start this wave in the Italy Rock spot with the Protect from Range active. Make sure you have the in-game sounds on and listen out for the Mage hit. In EVScape’s video, he plays Jad’s Range attack at 13:42 and Jad’s Mage attack at 13:45. Most part of this article is quoted from EVScape’s video.

    Pepijn Boeraeve’s video also gives some information about the sounds used by Jad when he attacks with Magic and Ranged.


    Keep in mind that if you hear the range hit and you don’t have your range prayer up, then it is already too late. So, make sure you have your range prayer on at all times then switch to magic if you hear the magic hit coming.



    You can also predict his attack from his motion. When Jad is attacking with Range you will see him stomp his two front feet, and this is when you want to switch to Protect from Range; when he is using magical attacks, he will tilt his head backward and release a large fireball, and this is when you should Protect from Magic. If you don’t have experience facing Jad, then it can quite daunting especially when you don’t know what the Mage attack and Range attack sound like or what they look like.



    If Jad spawns to the south of Italy Rock, you are going to run to the entrance way and then move 3 steps to the west of the entrance way. This will bring Jad just far enough out of the safe spot and bring him a little bit toward you. Once you’re hit once, you can run back to the Italy Rock spot, keeping your distance. From here, you can get Jad to half health, and then, when the healers spawn, change your stats to long range so that you don’t come too close to Jad and get meleed, and then you attack each of the 4 healers. At this point, they should be trapped behind Jad, and you should be free to kill him.



    If Jad spawns anywhere else, then the fight will be a little more tricky. You are going to fight Jad out in the open, and once he gets to half health, you attack the healers, then they will be able to attack you. Their max hit is 13 and they will damage you quite a bit. But if you manage to keep your health high enough with your brews and focus on what Jad is doing, you should be fine to complete the fight.



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