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How Spending OSRS Gold Can Earn You More Gold - OSRS Money Making

A lot of players are a little hesitant to spend their hard-earned RuneScape money, which is reasonable since it usually takes much longer to earn the money back. This video guide shows how spending your OSRS gold earns you more RuneScape money in the long run. Should you need some safe and cheap OSRS gold for an armour upgrading, leveling, or some better supplies, please open the gold page.

Please click TheEdB0ys’ video for more details on how spending money helps make money, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:




Stamina Potions

A stamina potion restores 20% of the player's run energy per dose and reduces the rate that Run energy depletes while running by 70% for 2 minutes. It costs 50K rsgp/H to use Stamina potions consistently.


Let’s take the Blast furnace for example. You have to use a lot of Run energy when you are running back and forth the entire time. Normally, you could make 4,000 Steel bars an hour with Stamina potions, but them, you can only make 3,425 bars an hour. Using Stamina potions, the profit of making Steel bars is 450K rsgp/H, but without Stamina potions, it’s 380K rsgp/h. It’s only a 20K more rsgp/H difference, but it is more profit and you get more Smithing XP per hour.


Steel bars are also on the low end of the spectrum too. Even with the Coal being pretty high in price, you can make up to 1M rsgp/H doing Rune bars, but without Stamina potions, it’s only 850K rsgp/H instead. The 150K more gp made minus 50K gp spent on Stamina potions -- you profit an extra 100K gp just by using Stamina potions. So investing some OSRS gold on the Stamina potions is a good method for you.



Training Skills

Construction and Prayer are both fairly expensive skills to train, but there are a huge benefit.


Level 1-84 Construction costs you 21M OSRS gold if you use Oak planks. The upgraded house can slowly save you some money in the long run since you don’t need to buy any jewelry like the Ring of dueling, Amulet of glory, or Games necklace. The most important thing you’ll save is Time since you only need house teleport to go anywhere. 


At Level 82 Construction, you can upgrade your Fancy rejuvenation pool to Ornate rejuvenation pool using a Crystal saw and a +5 Spicy stew boost. The Ornate rejuvenation pool is built in the Superior garden of a player-owned house as a place where you can restore your hitpoints, special attack energy, run energy, prayer points, any reduced stats, and cure poison. 


It is an extremely popular pool among players as it functions similarly to the Clan Wars portal (with rings of dueling) and Elidinis Statuette (with the Desert amulet 4) in the player's own house, and is significantly cheaper when it comes to time investment compared to the Desert amulet 4.


You can also make an Occult altar which costs another 11M OSRS gold, but you’ll never need to travel to an altar to change a spellbook again. It saves you a lot of time and can bring you more convenience in the long run.


Don’t forget that you can also plant a Spirit tree and a Fairy ring in your house. A spirit tree allows you to teleport to other spirit trees. A Fairy ring provides a relatively fast and easy means for accessing often remote sites and other realms in Old School RuneScape.


In total, an upgraded house can not only help you get back the OSRS gold you’ve spent on upgrading, but also makes all your constant activities more convenient and much quicker.




At level 70 Prayer, you can do the King's Ransom to unlock Piety.



Below is a look at the DPS against Skeletal Wyvern with Ultimate strength and Incredible reflexes compared to using Piety.




Piety is over 9% faster on the DPS, but assuming that you are not attacking all the time, you have to bank or pick up your stuff etc., we’ll take 75% off that increase, then it is 6.8% faster to use Piety. Killing Skeletal Wyverns has a profit of 750K OSRS gold per hour, but by using Piety, you could get 800K OSRS gold per hour. The extra gp will make up for the money you’ve spent over time, and using Piety to kill bosses is going to make the fight a lot easier in the long run, so the convenience factor is still in there too.



Regiour requires 74 Prayer and 70 Defence to use. Below is the DPS comparison when using the best in slot gear on Vorkash, but the difference is Rigour vs Eagle Eye.




It’s the 7.2% difference, and we take 75% off like before since you’re not fighting all the time. So Rigour is 5.4% increase in kills per hour.


Killing Vorkash earns you 2M OSRS gold per hour with good stats and gear if you use Eagle Eye, but the increase in speed from Rigour gives a profit of 2.1M OSRS gold per hour. With the extra 100K rsgp/H, it will take a long time to get the 72M Old School RuneScape gold you’ve spent on Rigour, but Vorkath is not the only monster you can use Rigour on. Rigour is widely usable since Range is generally the best Combat method for whatever boss you’re going to do. And of course, don’t forget the convenience it brings which is one of the biggest things that make the fight easier, faster, and more enjoyable, then it’s worth the money.

Keep in mind that all these numbers are quick estimate. They can change over the time, and the price may change over time too. For a lot of level and gear upgrades, it can be expensive, but it will increase the amount of rsgp you make per hour which can increase the limit and how much OSRS gold you can make overall.




Many players avoid using a cannon because they don’t want to spend money on Cannonballs. Using a Cannon speeds up some of your Slayer tasks like Kalphites, Dagannoths, Suqahs, or even Lizardman. It not only gives you more Slayer XP per hour, but also gets you to pass the tasks much faster so that you can spend more time on tasks that make you money.


A Kalphite task can easily take an hour, but with a cannon, you can cut it down to 15-20 minutes. With the 40 minutes you saved, you can finish another one or two tasks especially if they are also tasks in which can use a cannon. You can also use the 40 minutes to do some tasks like Gargoyle or Nechryael that can earn you a lot of money.


Even if you can’t immediately make up for the money you’ve spent due to your low level Slayer, getting faster Slayer XP can get you to higher level sooner. The Cannonballs cost about 400K rsgp/H, which means you spend 400K OSRS gold to save 40 minutes. Any 600K rsgp/H money maker could make that money back in 40 minutes if you use a better method.


Steel bars at the Blast furnace could pay for the Cannonballs you use in the time you saved, and that’s a low level and easy requirement money maker which also gives you some Smithing XP.


A cannon doesn’t need to be used for every single task, but using a cannon is going to speed up your Slayer XP and save you some time in the long run to make more money back.



Degradable Armour

Many players try their best to avoid degradable armour because it will continue to cost money after you buy it.


One example is using Dharok's armour in the Nightmare Zone. Youtuber TheEdB0ys gets 80K XP/H when training Strength with his Hardcore Ironman wearing the Dharok's gear. But when he uses a whip and his best Melee gear, he only gets 65K-70K XP/H.


To get to level 99 Attack, you need to spend 157 hours with a whip, but with Barrows gear, it’s only 137 hours, thus 20 hours are saved by using Dharok's gear.

Barrows gear takes 15 hours of combat to degrade completely, so within 137 hours, you’ll have to fully repair your Dharok's for 9 times. To fully repair Dharok's from Bob's Brilliant Axes costs 330K rsgp each time, that's just under 3M RuneScape gold you need to spend for repairing. But you can save 20 hours in which you can make that 3M gp back. That means if you can make more than 150K rsgp/H in those saved hours, it is worth using the Barrows gear.


Not every activity is worth to use the powerful degradable gear. But if you are doing higher-level PvM, then you should be using the best gear you can afford.


Those are about how spending OSRS gold can lead to making more RuneScape money for you. Whether it’s a level requirement that you need to spend money on, or an armour upgrade, or even using better supplies, if you can save time in the future due to your investment, it’s probably worth it.


Should you need more guides to RuneScape money making, be sure to bookmark our RS news page. We have a Slayer money making guide to making money with one of the most profitable skills in Old School RuneScape. There is also a RuneScape 3: 1-99 Melee Guide that contains one of the most profitable monsters - Frost Dragons which can be killed for a good amount of RS3 Gold. MmoGah also offers Fire cape OSRS service for you to get one of the best Melee capes with no effort.




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