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Chaos Orb

What Is Chaos Orb

PoE Chaos Orb

A Chaos Orb is a Path of Exile Currency that can be used to re-roll the random modifiers on a piece of rare equipment. It is an uncommon PoE currency item and can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. It also drops from Arcanist's Strongboxes. Chaos Orbs are useful in crafting as they reroll all modifiers (and the number of modifiers) on a rare item. These orbs also play an important role in trading. They are the "silver standard" in the player-driven economy and are often used to buy low to mid-tier items.

There are four ways to get chaos orbs:

1. Drops – Chaos Orbs can be dropped by killed monsters, chests, and destructible containers. The drop rate is higher in higher-level areas.

2. Vendoring – Certain items can be sold to vendors for Chaos Orbs. The most valuable items are rare (blue) and unique (yellow) items.

3. Trading – Players can trade with each other for Chaos Orbs using the game's built-in trading system.

4. Purchasing – Chaos Orbs can be purchased directly from Grinding Gear Games through the Path of Exile website.


Path of Exile Currency/Items Secure Delivery Method

Face-to-Face: We will meet at a place in the game and trade the currency/item with you.

On PC, purchasing and receiving Path of Exile currency/item is as simple as providing your “Character Name” at the time of purchase. If you buy on PS4, provide us with your PSN ID. If you buy on Xbox, provide us with your Xbox Gamer Tag.

Once your order is placed and processed, we will reach out to schedule an in-game delivery time that’s convenient for you. Before meeting us for the trade, clear your inventory to leave enough room for your purchased currency/item. Our professional representative will invite you to a Path of Exile party and deliver your currency/item face-to-face. It’s best to enable party invite notifications, so you don’t miss our invitation. We strive to complete all orders within 30 minutes of them being placed.

For account security reasons, we advise all players to give us a random item at the delivery time. It does not need to be something of value. All conversations regarding your transaction should occur outside of the game.


Path of Exile Currency/Items Estimated Delivery Time

5-30 Mins

We strive to complete all PoE orders within 30 minutes of them being placed. But if any of the following cases occur, the delivery time will be longer.

1. Buyers are not online or close the notification.

Our professional representative will invite you to a Path of Exile party and deliver your currency/item face-to-face. It's best to enable party invite notifications so you don't miss our invitation.

2. Buyers filled in the wrong ID.

We have encountered many customers who have filled in the wrong ID. As a result, our reps can't find you in the game. This requires reps to spend a lot of time contacting customers, changing the wrong ID, and re-logging into the game to trade.

3. Buyers select the wrong server.

Many buyers selected the wrong server. In most cases, they mixed up the league Standard with the Standard.

4. The currency/items are out of stock.

If the currency/items you purchased are out of stock, our delivery time will be extended. In this case, you can continue to wait or request  a refund.


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How to Buy PoE Currency/Items at MmoGah

MmoGah is a safe place where you can easily buy PoE Currency for PC, PS, and Xbox:

1. Choose your server and currency amount, then click "Buy Now" or the Shopping Cart.

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