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  • Why You Should Turn off Your Private Chat and Public Chat When Trading OSRS Gold
    By Michel Z2018-03-01 00:00:00

    To Buy OSRS Gold at MmoGah, You Should Turn off Your Private Chat and Public Chat before Trade in the Game! Doing this can help you avoid gold scammers during trade in the game of Old School RuneScape.



    Why Should I Do This?

    Recently, some OSRS Gold customers complained that they got scammed when trading OSRS Gold in the game. In previous articles, we have discussed that some scammers targeting our customers in an attempt to obtain their gold. A Scammer pretends as our supplier and asks for your gold back with excuses like they forgot to save trade video, or he’ll give you a bonus if you return the gold back.


    Usually, a scammer sends you messages and uses a character name that is quite similar to our real supplier’s.


    In Order to Avoid Scams, Please Make Sure to:

    · Turn off both your Private Chat and Public Chats before delivery

    · Keep your Private Chat and Public Chat closed for at least 30 minutes after the transaction is done

    · Leave the trade place immediately after delivery


    How to turn off your Private and Public Chats?

    1. Press the “Private Chat” button and choose “Private: off”




    2. Now your Private Chat is turned off. Then you use the same way to turn off your Public Chat. 



    Once you turn off your Private and Public Chat, you will not receive messages from Scammers. Please Watch Out for Scammers and Follow Our Instructions When You Are Placing OSRS Gold Order. 



    We also have some tips on how to avoid scams in Old School RuneScape, so please make sure to head over to our RuneScape news page to read more about RS Gold.




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