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  • OSRS Tips: How to Avoid Scamming in Old School RuneScape
    By Michel Z2018-01-09 00:00:00

    Scamming is as old as RuneScape itself, it is the act of stealing money, items or accounts from another player through deception or trickery. Today MmoGah will share with you how to avoid getting scammed in Old School RuneScape and how to avoid losing your RS Gold after trading as well. Players who adhere to the following suggestions will find it much easier to spot scams and avoid being fooled by scammers.



    Firstly there are a couple of things we want our customers to keep in mind:

    No matter how urgently you are in need of OSRS gold or RS3 gold. Be sure to read this before placing order, or you might lose your gold!  

    Sometimes when you are trading with RuneScape Gold supplier in game, you might already have been aimed by a scammer who is standing around and looking for potential victims. Once the trade is done, the scammer might chat with you with an character name which is quite similar to our real supplier’s. He will ask for your gold back using excuses like he wants to change another place to make sure the security, or he forgot taking pictures of the process etc. Do not let the scammer take advantage of your trust or kindness! Do Not Give Him Anything! Make sure to contact our reps at immediately if you are facing such issues after you get your gold.


    Next, we will talk about how to avoid scamming as noobs. If you are new to the game, you might want to find ways to beat the system to get rich quickly. But older players will use these ideas to take advantage of some of the younger or naive players, below are some scams a lot of people fell for as noobs. 


    1. Alt F4 Scam. In this one, a guy will pick up someone who is wearing expensive items and tell him about a new glitch in the game. You will get curious and ask what it is, and he tell you that you’ll make double of any item. Then he will tell you how to make the glitch. First to drop your item that you want to duplicate and then you have to hold down the Alt button and press F4. But in fact what that combination of buttons does is: It closes your browser window that you have opened. Another machanic of the scam was that at the time you have to pick your world from RuneScape home screen, so it is much more difficult to switch world, if you don’t remember what world you were logged into, then you'll have little chance of getting your items back. After 60 secends, whatever you've dropped will appear on the ground and the scammer will take it and continue on his day.


    2. This one is more of a Lure than a scam. But this is the Dark Wizards or Scorpion Scam. How this works is a guy will find a lower level player who has some decent armer, and ask him to follow him if he want to see something cool. So he will take you to the Dark Wizards outside Varrock or the Scorpions in Al Kharid, or sometimes even the King Scorpions in the Dwarven Mine. All thses monsters will attack you automatically as long as you are not more than twice their level. The scammer will reassure you that something cool is going to happen and you’ve just got to wait, so you just sit there and let yourself die. After you die, you probably won’t be able to make it back there in 60 seconds, although in Old School RuneScape the death time is 30 minates, so you have a pretty good shot at getting back in time to grab your items.


    3. Trimming Armor. This scam is so common that it has become a popular meme and not only around runescape community or the gaming community but just in general as well. If you ask anyone about Trimming Armor, there is good chance he’ll immediately know that you’re talking about RuneScape. How the scam works is a guy will tell you that he can add a trim to your armor, and usually the guy will be decked out in expensive gear, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. You may wonder how it is possible to get that armor with extra color on it, so you will hand out your armor to this good Samaritan trusting him to work his magic and give you that beautiful trimmed armor. So after you accept the trade, he will log out, and you will never hear from him again.


    There are also some quick tips to avoid scamming in OSRS:

    · NEVER trade in a PvP world (World 325 and 337). It is most likely a lure.

    · If a deal seems too good to be true, it is probably a scam.

    · Do NOT meet in Draynor Village, Brimhaven, Entrana, or Wilderness for the following reasons:

            · In Draynor Village, you may be lead to the jail guards, who are aggressive and can kill very low-levelled players.

            · In Brimhaven, tribesmen are aggressive and can poison up to 10 easily killing low level players.

            · In Entrana, you may be lead to the Entrana Dungeon, where an exit will lead you to the Wilderness.

            · In Entrana, lurers and scammers use a variety of techniques to lure you as noted in the Law Altar and Stairs Lures.

            · In the Wilderness, you can get attacked and killed!

    · If someone asks you to give them valuable items while giving you back some other items after the current trade (2-time trades, e.g. doubling), it is probably a scam.

    · For items you are not willing to lose, it is advised at any point to NOT do any of the following: drop them, bring them into the Wilderness, or offer them in trust trades (including gambling).

    · Keep your account information secure. Only type your account information into the official RuneScape website, and NEVER ever tell anyone else your password, recovery questions, or email address.

    · ALWAYS carefully check the trade window to verify which items are being traded. Because some people may sneakily swap items at the last minute.

    · If the person is obviously using a bot to advertise, it is more than likely a scam.

    · ALWAYS make sure you know the true price of the item you are buying, because people can overprice an item at the same time as advertising they are offering other items at low or market value, thus making you think the item they are selling is at a good price.For example: Selling Archers ring 4.5 mil, where Archers ring would really be about 1.6 mil.


    We will share more about how to avoid scams in the future, so please stay tuned.