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  • How Does Buying OSRS Gold Work
    By Michel Z2019-06-28 00:00:00

    MmoGah provides a convenient service to RS07 gold customers. For first-time gold buyers, this article explains how buying RuneScape 2007 gold works.


    Generally speaking, buying OSRS gold at MmoGah is very simple. Pick the amount you need, fill the order information correctly, choose a payment method and pay for the order.


    For new customers, we will send an email to your payment address to verify that you are account owner of the payment. For larger orders, we may need to verify your payment using additional methods. 


    Any payment that exceeds risk factors must be verified by our anti-fraud system due to an increase in online payment chargebacks.


    As for the payment methods, at MmoGah, you can buy OSRS gold with over 200 payment methods. Buying OSRS gold with BitCoin, G2APay, and Payssion etc. doesn’t require a proof of identity.

    You can contact us via Livechat/Email, and we'll tell you where you are going to trade with the supplier in the game. Remember that DO NOT give your gold back to anybody after you received it!


    Contact Us:

    24/7 Livechat



    In order to keep you safe from scams, please make sure you turn off your Private Chat and Public Chat before trade in the game and keep the Private Chat and Public Chat closed for at least 30 minutes after the transaction is done. Again, DO NOT give your gold back to anybody after you received it!



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