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How to Place An Order and Receive Your RuneScape Gold Safely

MmoGah is a great place to buy gold on RuneScape because we offer fast and cheap RS Gold for customers, and most of all, we never scam. For newcomers to our website, today we will teach you how to place an order and smoothly receive your RS Gold within 10 minutes.



1. Visit our RuneScape Gold page, choose OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold, and press Buy Now button. 



2. Pick the quantity of the Gold you want to buy and press Buy Now button (or Add to Cart). Let's take 50M OSRS Gold for example:




If you choose Add to Cart, then click Check Out to enter your Shopping Cart and press another Check Out button to get into the next page to fill in your order information. 



3. Fill in your information: Write down your name, phone number, contact email, your character name etc, and choose your payment method. Don't forget to use a code: MMOGAHCOM to get 2% discount! Press Place Order Now then you'll see a small window pop up.



4. You should put a tick in front of the sentence: I have read and agree to terms and conditions (For OSRS Gold customers, in order to avoid a scammer sending message to you, please be sure to turn off both your private chat and public chat before trading gold in the game and keep them closed for at least 30 minutes after trading).


5. Then you press Continue Shopping and go on to finish your Payment. Now, our reps will check your order details. 


6. After we confirm your payment, you can contact us through Livechat and email, and we will tell you where you are meeting with the supplier to trade the gold. Most times, you'll get your RS gold within 10 minutes after we have received and verified your payment.

Contact us:

24/7 Livechat

Email: support@mmogah.com


Attention: Here, we want you to keep in mind that once you received your RS Gold, do not give it back to anybody for any reason. MmoGah will never ask for the gold back for any reason. Anyone who asks for the gold back is 100% a scammer. If you need any help, our reps are 24/7 online to help you.


Please click for more information you need to know to avoid being cheated when buying RS Gold:

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For new customers, we will send an email to your payment address to verify that you are the account owner of the payment. For larger orders, we may need to verify your payment using additional methods. 

Any payment that exceeds risk factors must be verified by our anti-fraud system due to an increase in online payment chargebacks.


The whole process of placing an order at MmoGah is straightforward. After you get your gold, you can use the gold immediately to enjoy what you want to do in RuneScape!


You have noticed that there are various kinds of discounts to save money when you are purchase OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold. In fact, the discount you can get is not limited to this.


Big discounts:

There are three sorts of discount you can get from us:

· 2%-5% quantity discount

· 2%-10% coupon discount

· 1%-3% member discount

Most of all, these three sorts of discount Can Be Used Together in One Order!

First: Coupon Code

You can enjoy up to 10% off your purchase with coupon code:

Use MMOGAHCOM directly as a coupon code to get a 2% off your order. 



- Like, Tweet, or Share about MmoGah.com via this link to get a 3% code easily.

- If you are satisfied with our service, please leave your favorable review on MmoGah or like and comment on our Facebook page. Then you contact our online support, a 5% coupon will be provided for your orders within the next 30 days. (The Coupon can be used up to 3 Times)

- If you would like to share your favorable reviews about MmoGah to more social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we will give you a 6% coupon for your orders in the next 30 days.  (The Coupon can be used up to 3 Times)

- If you can write an article about your happy shopping experience in our site, you will get a 8% coupon for your orders in the next 30 days. (The Coupon can be used up to 3 times, and your article should be original and no less than 400 words.) 

- Please upload a video on Youtube to introduce MmoGah to more gamers and tell people about the good service you have received from us. After that, please send our online support the link of your Youtube video, and we will grant you a 10% coupon code for your orders within the next 30 days! (The Coupon can be used up to 3 Times)


Second: Member Discount

Be sure to become a member at MmoGah to get more discounts.

You can buy RuneScape gp either as a member or as a guest, but you will get a member discount by logging in every time you place an order because: 


After you sign in and place an order, the system will automatically count the money you have spent in our store and give you the corresponding discount. The system counts no matter which game you choose. MmoGah provides Virtual Currency, items, and Power Leveling service for various games, so you can accumulate the Member Discount for buying cheap OSRS GPRuneScape 3 Gold, or any other products at our store.


Below is how it works:

Level 1: The total money you have spent is between 0-1999 USD - You get a 1% discount 

Level 2: The total money you have spent is between 2000-3999 USD - You get a 2% discount

Level 3: The total money you have spent is larger than 4000 USD - You get a 3% discount 


As a member, you don’t have to fill in the contact information every time when you place an order, so it will make your order be verified faster. 

Third: Quantity discount

You can get a 2%-5% discount for the quantity of gold you purchase in an order.


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