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10 Best OSRS F2P Money Making Methods 2019

By Michel Z2019-06-20

This guide is showing you some best F2P money making guide in RuneScape 2007. The methods that are viable in F2P change pretty frequently. We have got a few F2P updates over the last year, and some of them created new money making methods. Or, some existing methods have got better or worse. So this updated guide would be useful. Most of these methods are extremely low level and won’t require much OSRS coins or XP.

Please click FlippingOldschool’s video for more details on the top 10 OSRS money making methods 2019, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:


*Note that due to constantly changing prices on the Grand Exchange, some information in this article may or may not be current. It is strongly recommended to check the live prices on the Grand Exchange before making large investments in any method.


1. Mining Gold Ore

Profit: 50-125K gp/h


The first method is one of the tried-and-true methods - Mining Gold Ore. One of the best locations to do this is the Crafting guild. The Crafting guild is not very close to a Bank unless you are in a member’s world. However, there are multiple gold ores, and it is not too crowded here. The closest bank is in Falador, and there is also a deposit box in Port Sarim. Or, alternatively, you can take the boat to the Corsair Cove. However, the deposit box in Port sarim is the nearest.


Gold ore is 350 gp each, and you will need level 40 Mining to mine it. If you are going to do this in the Crafting guild, you’ll also need to have level 40 Crafting and wear a brown apron to get in.


The profit you could get by mining OSRS gold ore per hour can be 50K-125K gp depending on your Mining level. At level 40, you would probably get close to 50K. As you get a higher Mining level, the profit will increase.


2. Beginner Clue Scroll

This is a new method to make money in F2P. Beginner clue scrolls have quite a few different rewards, and some of them are actually worth a fair bit of OSRS gp. The Shoulder parrot is worth 400K or 500K, which means doing beginner clue scrolls can actually be a pretty fun and decent way to make money in F2P.


To get a beginner clue scroll, you can complete the X Marks the Spot quest first off to get one for free. However, for future clue scrolls, you need to kill monsters. Some really simple ones are Cows, Rats, and even Chickens drop them.


It seems that some monsters drop them at the 1/64 drop rate, so it won’t take long to obtain. This method won’t cost you too much, and you could get a reward worth several hundred thousand coins.



3. Buying the Woad Leaves from Wyson the Gardener

Profit: 75K-100K gp/h


There is no requirement to do this method. You just need at most a couple thousand coins and go to the Falador park.


Wyson the Gardener will ask what price you want to offer for one leaf. If you offer 20 coins, he will give you 2 woad leaves in return for being so generous. On the Grand Exchange, the Woad leaves can be sold for 60 gp, and sometimes, even up to 100 gp, which means you will get 100-200 gp per repetition. Also, considering that you don’t have to move and the items are stackable, it is extremely AFK, and you don’t need to pay attention too much.


The gp per hour you would get is 75K-100K an hour depending on prices, and considering that it has no requirements to do, the money is pretty decent.



4. Smithing Iron Bars

Profit: 50K-100K gp/h


Another very recent money making method for F2P is Smithing Iron bars. Before the update that makes the Ring of forging free to play, smithing Iron bars wasn’t very viable in F2P because when a player smelts iron ore, there is a 50% chance that the ore will be too impure and lacking in actual iron ore to yield an iron bar.


However, if a player wears a Ring of forging while smelting iron ore, or casts Superheat Item on it, there is no chance that it will be too impure, which means there is a decent profit for smithing Iron bars. This method give 50K-100K gp/h as well as some Smithing XP.  


Another update to F2P is that you can now use the Edgeville furnace which is by far the closest furnace to a bank. So it is highly recommended doing it here, just running from the Edgeville bank to the Edgeville furnace and come back.



5. Collecting Wines of Zamorak

Profit: 200K gp/h


This is a classic money making method. Telegrabbing Wines of Zamorak is one of the best methods to get yourself out of F2P.


There are two in the Asgarnia's Chaos Temple, and one in the Chaos Temple southwest of the Chaos Fanatic in the Wilderness.


The Wines of Zamorak are worth 2K gp each. FlippingOldschool prefers to do this in the Wilderness even though there is a risk. You can get the Wines of Zamorak pretty consistently, hop between the worlds, and teleport out of there.



6. Creating Blue Dyes

Profit: 50K-75K gp/h

You are going to Aggie the Witch of Draynor Village and create Blue dyes out of woad leaves. Woad leaves sell for around 60 gp on the Grand Exchange, and Blue dyes sell for about 300 gp each. For each time you do this, you will get around 100-200 gp as a profit depending on the GE prices.


There is no requirement to do this method, and this can be done right after the tutorial island, and there is a bank very close by.


7. Buying and Selling Jewellery Items

Another F2P money making method is to buy Jewellery items from the Grand Exchange and sell them back to Grum’s Gold Exchange. There is a decent margin between the Grand Exchange and the Grum’s Gold Exchange.


The limiting factor here is that a lot of people will do this, so there will already be quite a lot of items sold to the shop, which means the margin is not so good.


In FlippingOldschool’s video, he bought most of the jewellery items from the GE 200-400 cheaper than what the Grum’s Gold Exchange is willing to buy them for. So if the shop is totally empty, he would hop to the world, sell 5 of each item, and hop to another world.


This is one that having the total level worlds come in handy because having a 750 or 500 total level world will give you more options on worlds that are empty.


The gp per hour here can be quite good if you have enough OSRS gold and can consistently sell between all the worlds for an hour, you can probably get 400-500K gp/h.


The only requirement is OSRS gold as a lot of these items cost about 1000 gp or more, so you would need quite a bit of OSRS gold to do this.



8. Crafting Gold Rings

Profit: 50K gp/h

The only requirement for this is level 5 Crafting and a Ring mould which you can buy from the GE or the Al Kharid Crafting Store. There is often a 20-40 gp margin on Gold rings, which means the gp per hour here can vary a bit. It is around 50K an hour but you’re also going to get Crafting XP, and the requirement for this is extremely low.


The best place to do this is the furnace in Edgeville because it is free to play now. You can sell the Gold rings to the Jewellery store for around 250 gp each, so, that keeps their price around 100-250 gp.



9. Selling in the Bandit Duty Free Store

There is a store in the Wilderness level 23 which will buy any item in the game for high alch price. Here, you can sell any item you have for its high alch price.


However, there is a risk of doing this because you’ll be in the Wilderness. But if you are prepared and have a teleport and some food, it is pretty unlikely you will die unless you don’t pay attention as the amount of damage that people can do to you in F2P is fairly limited.


In the video above, FlippingOldschool bought some Adamant platebodies, Iron platelegs, Iron kiteshields. You can get very creative here. You can use GE Tracker which shows you the high alch prices and which items are going to be beneficial.


This is one of the best methods to make money in F2P as it’s not so tedious as some of the other ones and can still net you 300-400K gp/h. The only drawback is that you’ll need a fair bit of RuneScape money to get started. However, it is very flexible and you can buy cheaper items with lower margin that can still net you a decent amount of RS07 gold per hour, and as you get a larger bankroll, you can move that up to more expensive items and earn more gold.


10. Killing Highwayman

Profit: 50K-100K gp/h


The last way to make money is to kill Highwayman. They drop Black capes which can be worth up to 600 gp each as a lot of people like using Green capes in F2P, and the only way to get that is to dye a Black cape, and also, the Black cape is the best in slot item for F2P, which does give it a certain value.


Right now, Black capes are worth around 400 gp each, and there is a 50% or 75% of the times you will get one. Highwaymen are easy to kill, and they don’t do a lot of damage to you unless you’re really low level.


There are two Highwaymen just north of the Draynor Village, so you can quickly fill up your inventory and run back to the Bank or even to the GE and sell them.



Those are 10 viable F2P money making methods you can use in 2019. Should you need more RuneScape money making guides, be sure to bookmark our RS news page. There is a 1-99 Smithing guide for OSRS as well as a Zulrah guide to kill one of the most profitable bosses in Old School RuneScape. If you are also a RS3 player, this 1-99 Crafting guide can help you to train the skill and make some RS3 gold.




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