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OSRS Money Making – Blast Furnace Guide

By Michel Z2019-05-31

The Blast Furnace is a great method to get fast Smithing XP in OSRS, but it is also a great low-requirement RuneScape money maker. The beauty of the Blast Furnace is that it only needs half the normal coal that is required for making bars, but you can still make a lot of bars per hour.

Please click TheEdB0ys’s video for more details about the Blast Furnace guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:


Today, MmoGah is sharing with you a Blast Furnace guide for OSRS. In this guide, we will discuss the requirements for the Blast furnace, the simple travel methods to get there, how it works, how you should go about making the bars, how many bars you can make per hour, and what kind of XP/GP rates that you should expect from it.



- Start Giant Dwarf Quest

The only requirement is to start Giant dwarf quest so that you have access to the Keldagrim.


- Coal Bag

Unless you are making Gold bars which don’t require coal, you’ll need a Coal bag. A Coal bag is a reward from Motherlode Mine. A Coal bag is very useful, and without it, you will cut all of the rates that I talked about at the end of the guide right in half.


- Graceful Clothing

The Graceful clothing is also recommended since you’ll be doing a ton of running.


- Stamina Potions

Access to Stamina potions is also very important. Some people don’t use Stamina potions because the potions do cost OSRS coins, but being able to run the entire time easily makes up for that money. I do suggest higher Agility to help restore your Run energy, and the higher the better.


- 60 Smithing

Level 60+ Smithing will be a little better for you at the Blast Furnace so that you don’t have to pay the foreman 2.5K OSRS coins every 10 minutes.


- Ice Gloves

I suggest using the Ice Gloves from killing Ice Queen who lives in White Wolf Mountain. The Ice gloves are used to grab bars and will speed up the process here. You can also cool down smelted bars with a bucket of water, but that will be slower.


- Goldsmith Gauntlets

If you are planning smelting Gold Bars for XP, you should have Goldsmith Gauntlets. Some people make Gold bars without the gauntlets, and they 1tick the furnace for some crazy XP rates, but this is a little more pricey and advanced method.



How to Get There

If you have never gone to the Keldagrim, here is a look at the map of how to get there from the Seers' Village.


Once inside, to start the quest, you need to speak to the Dwarven Boatman until he takes you to the Keldagrim.



Below is a map of Keldagrim with the building you’re headed to highlighted.



If this isn’t your first time to go there, you can use the Blast Furnace minigame teleport for a very easy travel. Also, there is a Cart conductor who can take you to Keldagrim, and he is located at the Grand Exchange. (Hidden trapdoor north-west of the Grand Exchange, south of the Agility shortcut)



How It Works

There are various Blast Furnace worlds you can use with several dwarves run the furnace for you. It costs 72K OSRS coins an hour, but it is very worth it since you only have to focus on making bars.


You’ll make plenty of bars to earn your money back unless you’re making Gold bars which cost you a lot of RuneScape money (the current OSRS gold ore GE price is 352 gp), and you won’t profit from making Gold bars.


You have to deposit your OSRS gp in the coffer near the bank chest for the dwarves to run the furnace for you. And you can pay the foreman if you’re under level 60 Smithing.


Keep you Coal bag on you all the time since you should be filling it with Coal every trip. When you are low in Run energy, go ahead and grab a Stamina potion. It’s not a bad idea to get your stamina potions decanted to 1 dose so that you can finish potion quickly. But a lot of players just bring the potion with them and go for 26 empty slots for that run if they’re using a potion.


To deposit your Iron ore, you just click the Conveyor belt. You can remove the confirmation, which makes it a little faster to put ore on. Then you empty your Coal bag and put the Coal on the Conveyor belt too. You can hold the Spacebar when you click "Take" to get your bars and that also speeds up the process. Then, you just go bank the bars and repeat the process.


Another good video guide is from EVScape. His video also shows you how to make 1M+ gp per hour or 335K XP per hour at the Blast Furnace:



When you are using the Blast Furnace, it only requires half as much coal when smelting usually. 


Steel Bars

For Steel Bars, it’s super simple because you only need 1 Coal per bar.

· Trip 1 - Coal + Iron

· Repeat


Make sure you put some Coal into the furnace beforehand so that you don’t make any Iron bar. But then, for every trip, you should fill your Coal Bag with Coal and then you bring Iron ore in your inventory.


Mithril Bars

For Mithril Bars, you are going to take one trip with Coal in your Coal bag and in your inventory, then you can do two trips in a row with Coal and Mith. That makes two inventories of bars every three bank trips. 

· Trip 1 - Coal + Coal

· Trip 2 - Coal + Mith

· Trip 3 - Coal + Mith

· Repeat


Adamant Bars

Adamant Bars takes three Coal per bar, so you are going to make an inventory of bars every other trip. The first trip is double-coal, then Coal + Addy to make one inventory of bars. 

· Trip - Coal + Coal

· Trip - Coal + Addy

· Repeat


It’s not a bad idea to start off with two double-coal trips in a row right away so that you’ll always have some extra Coal in the Furnace.



Rune Bars

Rune Bars take 4 Coal per Rune. You can start with two double-coal trips, then takes a trip of Rune + Coal, which will make an extra inventory of Coal still in the furnace after you get an inventory of Rune bars. Every three inventories of doing this, you could take a fourth in a row without having to do the double-coal trips. 

· Trip 1 - Coal + Coal

· Trip 2 - Coal + Coal

· Trip 3 - Coal + Rune

· Repeat × 3

· + 1 Rune Trip



Gold Bars

Making Gold bars at the Blast Furnace gives the best Smithing XP per hour in the game, and the OSRS gold bars per hour you can get would be up to 5.6K.


Making Gold bars is very simple since you just need to bring Gold ore. But instead of a Coal bag, you’ll need to have Goldsmithing gauntlets. Make sure your Goldsmithing gauntlets are equipped up until the point you get your XP drop. Once you get your XP drop, you need to equip your Ice gloves to take the bars. Then you equip your Goldsmithing gauntlets quickly so that you don’t waste any XP.


Below are the bars and XP you could get when using the methods above. If you are a little inexperienced, you might not see these rates especially if you don’t have Stamina potions or Coal bag etc.

  Bars/H XP/H Profit
Steel Bars 4K  70K 800K gp/H
Mithril Bars 3.2K 95K 900K gp/H
Adamant Bars 2.7K 100K 800-900K gp/H
Rune Bars 1.7K 85K 1-1.2M gp/H
Gold Bars 5.6K 320K -1.7M gp/H



Make sure you always check the current prices, as they can change frequently. In general, Steel, Mithril, and Adamant bars always fluctuate near 600-700K gp/H, but Rune bars tend to give a profit of 1-1.2M gp/H and will always be the most expensive or profitable method.


To make Rune bars, you do need a decent amount of RuneScape money to start by buying a lot of Runite ore. Make sure you are buying low and selling high.


The XP rates from all the regular bars are not that bad for making a solid profit. But Gold bars are also good for getting a skill cape.



Blast Furnace is a great method to get a decent amount of Smithing XP, and it is also a low requirement money maker for you to get a lot of RS07 gold in Old School RuneScape. Should you need more money making guides or skill training methods, be sure to head over to the RS news page. There is a 1-99 Crafting guide which contains the fastest methods, the profitable methods, as well as the Ironman Crafting methods to reach 99 Crafting. For RS3 players, we also have an updated 1-99 Crafting guide for 2019, and it gives some cheap methods to get to level 99/120 and make some RuneScape 3 gold.




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