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OSRS Zulrah Guide 2019

By Michel Z2019-06-07

Zulrah is one of the most profitable bosses in Old School RuneScape, and once you get skilled with Zulrah mechanics, the OSRS Zulrah gold per hour you’ll get could be 2M to 3.8M. This guide teaches you how to kill Zulrah very cheaply and get some good RS 2007 gold per hour.

Please click AsukaYen OSRS’s video for more details on the Zulrah guide, and all the content of this guide is quoted from his video. He also shared all the Zulrah Rotation pictures here




Zulrahs Forms

Zulrah has three forms, and they are in three different colors and have different combat styles.


The Normal form is Green form, and this is a Ranged form. When Zulrah turns into Red, that is a Magma form which is a Melee form. When Zulrah turns into Blue, that is a Tanzanite form, also known as the Mage form. But don’t let the Mage form fool you because Zulrah will throw out some Range attacks in the Mage form. So, it is more or less a hybrid form.


Zulrah has a combat level of 725, a hitpoint level of 500, and a max hit of 41. Zulrah is aggressive, and its weakness is Magic. The attack styles that it uses are Ranged and Magic, but in the Magma form, Zulrah will poke his tail at you, and it’s Melee damage that is unprotectable, and you can't block any of this damage even if you are praying Melee.


Normal form

In the Range form (Green), Zulrah has no defensive stats to the Melee style, and you have to attack Zulrah with Range or Magic. Zulrah has -45 to Magic and +50 to Ranged, so, on this form, even though Zulrah’s magic level is 300, you are going to use the Magic style attack.


Magma form

This is its Melee form (Red), and it is weak to Magic. Protection from Melee does not work on him, so you are going to use Magic on this form as well. Due to its +300 Range in defensive stats, it is impossible to do some damage with Range unless you are using a Twisted bow.


Tanzanite form

This is the Magic form (Blue), and you are using Range on this form.


How to Get to Zulrah

In order to access Zulrah, you must have completed Regicide to the point of reaching Port Tyras. After you have reached that point, you have two ways to get to Zulrah.

The first way is by using the Fairy ring teleport: b·j·s to the small island west of Zul-Andra and then leaping across the stepping stones, requiring 76 Agility (can be boosted). This might not be for you if your Agility is lower, but if you do have the required Agility level, I suggest using this method because it doesn’t take long to get to Zulrah, and it will save you some RS gold on the Zul-Andra teleports which will be the second method.


If you don’t have the required Agility level and can’t boost for it, you can buy Zul-Andra teleports from the Grand Exchange, and that will put you right in the middle of the Zul-Andra town from which you can run east to a dock. Talk to the priestess there, then she will take you to Zulrah’s island.



Recommended Stats

·Level 75 Magic: This is for the use of the trident of the seas or toxic trident.

·Level 80 Ranged: At level 75 Ranged, you can use a toxic blowpipe, but at level 80 Ranged, it will give you more accuracy and DPS.

·Level 45 Prayer: This allows you to use all of the overhead Prayers such as Eagle eye and Mystic might because they are very important for the DPS increase at Zulrah.


Gear Setup

Cheap Gear Setup


·Full elite void knight outfit. If you don’t have an elite void, you can use normal void.

·Ava’s assembler. If you have an accumulator or a Ranged cape, then that will work as well.

·Amulet of Fury. This is not too expensive and will provide you with what you need for Zulrah.

·Rada's blessing. If you don’t have the Rada’s blessing, any blessing will work.

·Toxic blowpipe with Adamant darts.

·Boots of brimstone. They are cheaper than any of the God d’hide boots. They offer +3 to the Magic attack, +5 to the Range attack, as well as a bit of Defence bonus.

·Ring of recoil



·The Void knight magic helmet

·Imbued Saradomin cape. If you don’t have the imbued version, then any other god cape will work.

·Toxic trident

·Book of darkness

·1 Bastion potion

·1 Anti-venom+. Zulrah does venom quite frequently, so you’ll need Anti-venom+ to stave that off.

·4 Prayer potions. For beginners, it is recommended to take 4 prayer potions. If you are still using this setup, after you have 50 or 60 kills under your belt, you can take 2-3 prayer potions.

·4 Cooked karambwan. It is recommended to combo eat because Zulrah will use Range attacks on the magic phase, so you’ll be praying magic, and if you get combo-ed by the snakelings, you’ll want to eat up quickly.

·12 Sharks

·Zul-Andra teleports. If you are using the Dramen staff method with the Fairy rings, you’ll just replace those with a Dramen staff to get there.

·House teleports.


Advanced Gear Setup

·Full Void knight outfit

·Amulet of fury

·Ava’s assembler

·Rada's blessing

·Toxic Blowpipe

·Ring of recoil

·Bandos d'hide boots



·Occult necklace

·Mystic boots

·The Void knight magic helmet

·Imbued Saradomin cape

·Toxic trident

·Book of darkness

·1 Bastion potion

·1 Anti-venom+

·3 Prayer potions

·4 Cooked karambwan

·11 Sharks

·Zul-Andra teleports

·House teleports


Keep in mind that if you are still learning, you should keep the setup minimal with the previous gear switch until you get 20-25 KC, then you can start adding switches in. When upgrading the gear, you can replace the Amulet of fury with a Necklace of anguish. You can also replace both the boot switches with Pegasian boots and the Eternal boots and replace the Book of darkness with Mage's book.



Zulrah Mechanics 

Venom Clouds

Zulrah will frequently throw out venom clouds in certain phases of the fight, and the venom clouds deal rapid damage. The venom clouds will deal damage very quickly if you are standing or running through them.



Zulrah will summon Snakelings throughout the fight at certain points. They have a combat level of 90 and their max hit is 15. But they only have a hitpoint level of 1, so this is where your Ring of recoil comes into play. If you do have the RS 2007 gold, you can replace the Ring of recoil with the Ring of Suffering that is charged with a bunch of Rings of recoil, so you don’t have to change your Ring of recoil after every trip. Generally, the Ring of recoil will last you 2-3 kills.


Jad Phase

If you make it far enough into the fight, there will be a part where Zulrah will pop up in the normal form, but it will alternate back and forth between the Magic and the Range attacks. So, if a green form Zulrah attacks with Magic, you are in Jad phase, and you’ll have to alternate prayers quickly. 




*To use this Rotation guide, you'll need to turn your camera South.





Each of these phases is numbered. The two black squares are pillars. The colored dots are where Zulrah is going to pop up.




The pink square is where you’ll want to be standing for each one of these phases. To use this Rotation guide, you'll need to turn your camera South and stand where the pink square is each time. 




You will also see that in certain phases, there are protection Prayers. These are the phases that you’ll need to use an overhead protection prayer. If there is no overhead protection prayer on the square, you’ll not need it for that phase. 




In the picture of Rotation 4 (Tanzanite form), you can see two pink squares in phase 7. At the beginning of this phase, you’ll be standing at the beginning of the arrow, and later in that phase, you need to move to the position which the arrow points to.


In each picture of Rotations, you’ll see a Reset. If you happen to make it all the way through every phase of the Rotation, Zulrah will reset. So, you’ll go all the way back to phase 1, and Zulrah will start as the normal form. You’ll once again have to see which Rotation it is going to be. It will not be the same Rotation all the time. There is only a 25% chance that it will be the same Rotation you just did. So, if you do make it to that reset, make sure you pay attention and figure out which Rotation it’s going to be.


Additional Tips

1. You’ll want to start with your Magic gear on because no matter which Rotation it is, Zulrah always starts in the same form that is weak to Magic.

2. While you are fighting Zulrah and between phases, always remember to switch your prayers first before you switch your gear. If you don’t do this while you’re learning, then you’ll be too slow, and you’ll take some damage, and the kills will not be successful.

3. In Magma A and Magma B, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd form are always going to be the same, so you’re not going to know which Rotation it is until the 4th phase.





Silven and Link'sOcarina also made good tutorials for beginners to kill Zulrah. 


How to Kill Zulrah

Let’s take the Rotation 1 (Magma A form) for example. The 1st phase is always the green form, and the form of the second phase determines what Rotation it is and where you are moving next.


In the 2nd phase, a Melee form pops up, so you won’t find out what this is until you get to the 4th phase.


You need to be careful of his tail because during the magma form, Zulrah will stare at your position for several seconds before whipping his tail at that area. If you don’t move away from the targeted area in time, you will be dealt with up to 30 damage and be stunned for several seconds. 


In the 3rd phase, Zulrah is in the Mage form, so you should put your Range gear on and start to Range Zulrah.


In the 4th phase, you are going to put your Mage gear back on after switching your prayers. When Zulrah pops up at the top of the island (if your camera is facing south), now, you know that this is a Rotation 1 (Magma A). 


In the 5th phase, you don’t have to move your position because Zulrah will pop up in the middle in Melee form. Now, you leave your Mage gear on and take off the overhead prayer, and if you are standing at either of the two points in the picture below, you don’t have to move for the Melee attack.

The 6th phase is a Magic form Zulrah, so you’re going to go back to the Magic prayers then switch to the Ranged gear.  


In the 7th phase, you switch to the Range prayer, then put on your Magic gear to mage Zulrah.


In the 8th phase, Zulrah will be in Magic form. You switch to Magic prayer and put on your Range gear. In AsukaYen OSRS’s video, you can see that Zulrah is using Range attacks in the Mage form, so you’ll have to beware of that.


The 9th phase will be a Jad phase. Whatever colour it is first, that is what is going to attack you first. In this phase, it is Green then Blue, which means Range will be attacking you. The Jad phase always goes from one attack to another, so you need to switch your prayer to Range -> Mage -> Range -> Mage... you just switch your prayer between the two after every attack.


The easiest way to do Zulrah’s Jad phase is that as soon as you see an attack come out of his mouth, you just pray the opposite of whatever that attack is. So, when you see Zulrah is hitting you with Fire (Mage), then you pray Range; when you see Range (a green hit), you pray Mage. In this way, you will never get a flick wrong.


If you go through every phase of a Rotation, on the 11th part, Zulrah will reset.


Zulrah can be very easy to kill if you watch some guides and download the pictures of Rotations and follow them. If you need more RuneScape money making guides, it will be a good idea to bookmark the RS news page on MmoGah. There are some tips for PKing in OSRS as well as an updated 1-99/120 Crafting guide for RuneScape 3 players to earn some RS3 gold while training the Crafting skill.




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