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OSRS: 1-99 Fletching Guide

By Michel Z2019-04-16

Fletching is one of the easiest skill capes in Old School RuneScape. This guide shows you how to reach level 99 Fletching, some money making methods, and some alternative methods. Should you need cheap OSRS gold for the supplies, be sure to check the favorable price of the OSRS gold for sale.

Please click Youtuber TheEdB0ys’ video for more details about how to get 99 Fletching in Old School RuneScape, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:



1-99 Fletching

Levels 1-25: Headless Arrows

- Arrow shafts + Feathers

- 35K-40K XP/H

- 7,842 Headless Arrows needed

- 15 minutes to reach level 25


You are going to attach Feathers to Arrow shafts. You can attach 15 Feathers and get 15 Fletching XP each time.



Levels 25-35: String Oak Longbows

- Oak longbow (u) + Bowstring

- 50K-55K XP/H

- 583 Bows needed

- 14,546 XP


You could cut the logs into unstrung bows for a little more AFK, but it gives slower XP, and you won’t make any OSRS gold from Oak bows.



Levels 35-37: Stringing Willow Shortbows

- Willow shortbow (u) + Bowstring

- 85K-90K XP/H

- 153 Bows needed

- 5,067 XP


Doing these don’t profit, but you only need 153 unstrung Willow shortbows and bowstrings.



Levels 37-52: Steel Darts

- Steel dart tip + Feather

- 600K-650K XP/H

- 12,825 Steel Darts needed

- 96,187 XP


Making Darts is very click-intensive, but it’s one of the fastest XP in the game. To make darts, you need dart tips and feathers. Each time you try to make some darts, you make 10 at a time. You’ll make a ton of Steel darts per hour, but it’s very click-intensive.



Levels 52-67: Mithril Darts

- Mithril dart tip + Feather

- 900K-950K XP/H

- 37,884 Mithril Darts needed

- 424,293 XP


Making Mithril darts gives a nice XP rate and tends to be cheaper than making steel darts. Because the prices are bound to change, below are two gp/xp calculators for you to check how much RuneScape gold you might be spending to reach 99. 



Levels 67-99: Adamant Darts

- Adamant dart tip + Feather

- 1M-1.3M XP/H

- 832,432 Adamant darts

- 12, 486,478 XP


You can get over 1M XP/H, and this is very reasonable in terms of price. Making Rune darts and Dragon darts are faster than this, but they are not to be worth the money in my opinion.


It is recommended to buy supplies ahead of time since you’ll use the feathers and dart tips much faster than you can buy them.




Profitable Methods


If you don’t want to use the methods of making darts, there are other methods for Fletching training.


Both cutting logs into unstrung bows and stringing unstrung bows are profitable, especially at higher levels. Cutting bows is a little more AFK, but stringing them is more profitable. A lot of people cut longbows all the way to level 99 Fletching since it is not bad in terms of XP rates, and you’ll still profit along the way, and it’s more relaxing than making darts.



Maple Longbows (Level 55 Fletching)

- 130K XP/H

- Profit: 100K-110K rsgp/H


Yew Longbows (Level 70 Fletching)

- 170K XP/H

- Profit: 230K-250K rsgp/H


Magic Longbows (Level 85 Fletching)

- 200K XP/H

- Profit: 150K rsgp/H




Cheap Methods

Broad Bolts (Level 55 Fletching)

- 240K-260K XP/H


You need to unlock the ability of Broader Fletching from a Slayer master for 300 points. Making Broad bolts costs much less OSRS gold, and sometimes, it might be profitable instead. This is more click-intensive and gives slower XP than the traditional dart making. However, it is faster than cutting bows.  



Amethyst Bolts (Level 76 Fletching)

- 250K-290K XP/H


Putting Amethyst bolt tips to Broad bolts gives up to 290K XP/H and tends to break even if not profit. This is a cheap and pretty fast method.


Even putting Ruby bolt tips to Adamant bolts at level 63 Fletching can be up to 175K XP/H, and they tend to be profit ever so slightly. In general, adding bolt tips to bolts is not a bad way to make some gains.



Battlestaves (Level 40 Fletching)

- 100K-140K XP/H


Celastrus tree was recently added to the game in the Farming guild. Celastrus barks can be fletched into battlestaves for 80 Fletching XP per piece. This is a new mechanic in the game, and it gives up to 140K XP/H if you are doing it manually. You can profit a bit, but currently, it takes a long time to buy the Celastrus bark since there are not much in the game, it is not a great method right now.



That is how to get level 99 Fletching in Old School RuneScape. Fletching is one of the easiest skill capes in RuneScape 2007 which you can tell from the simplicity and length of this guide. For more RuneScape 1-99 guides, be sure to bookmark our RS news page on MmoGah. There is a RuneScape 3 flipping guide for you to make some RS3 gold without paying too much effort and a guide to do the Nightmare zone which is a combat-based minigame in RuneScape 2007.




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