Lords of the Fallen Vigor

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Vigor (M)
Vigor (M)

About Lords of the Fallen Vigor

Vigor is the main currency and experience in Lords of the Fallen. You can use Vigor to level up your character, which increases their stats. By doing so, you can freely choose which stat you want to improve and this can be done when using a Vestige or Seedling. Vigor is also the primary currency used to purchase Items and various equipment such as Weapons, Armor, Shields, Accessories, Magic, and more from the different Merchants available in LotF.

If you die once, you can retry or change your plan, but if you die twice, you will lose all your Vigor and respawn at the last Vestige or Seedling. You have to get your Vigor back before you die again, or it will be gone for good.

Lords of the Fallen Vigor/Items Delivery Methods

We deliver Lords of the Fallen Vigor or items in two ways:

Session Summon (PC, PS5, Xbox)

You only need to fill in the correct information required and wait in the game after payment. Then we will contact you in the game to start the transactions.


  1. You need to Go to Multiplayer, allow Crossplay and set a Session password.
  2. Go to Vestige of Ranik, and select Multiplayer.
  3. Select Accompany” lampbearer”.
  4. Wait for us to summon you for the trade.

Add Friend Summon (PC)
We will add you as a friend and invite you to our party. Please accept our friend request and don’t miss it. We will then drop the Vigor or Items on the floor.

Lords of the Fallen Vigor/Items Delivery Time

We can complete most orders within 30 minutes to an hour, based on the orders we have done so far. However, some factors may delay the order fulfilment process.

For instance, we need your character to be online to receive the items after you place an order. Otherwise, we will have to wait until you log in.

Also, if you provide incorrect information, we will need to get in touch with you to get the correct information, which will take some extra time.

In addition, the item you ordered may be out of stock for a short period of time, and we will need some time to restock it.

How to Buy Lords of the Fallen Vigor/Items on MmoGah

To buy LotF Vigor / Items on MmoGah, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Find the game through the "Search Bar," which is at the top of choose the "Item Option" on the left side.

  2. Select your platform, and then choose Vigor or Items to place your order.

  3. Buy LotF Vigor: choose the number of Vigor you need, and then click "Buy Now" or Shopping Cart.

Buy LotF items: use the search box to search the item(s) you need or select it/them from the category. Choose how many you want, and then click "Buy Now" or Shopping Cart.

  1. Fill in the correct information that is required.

  2. Choose the payment method you want to use and pay it.