• Top 10 Best Skills to Make Money in RuneScape 3
    By Michel Z2020-02-05 00:00:00

    Welcome to the top 10 most profitable skills in RuneScape 3. When ranking these skills, I am going to be taking into account the amount of RS3 gold you can make getting to level 99 and 120, the methods you can do with the skill, and the effective profit per hour.  

    Please click Silenced’s video for more details on the top 10 most profitable skills in RS3, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:





    10. Fishing


    Best methods:





    Great White Shark


    Profit for 1-99 Fishing: 75M+

    Profit for 1-120 Fishing: 1B+


    The only problem with Fishing is that the gp per hour is not that great. So, you’ll probably get up to 1M/H fishing any of these fish. The profit is really low for a good money making method. But, in terms of your profit for 1-99, you’ll actually get a lot. You would get 75M+ RuneScape 3 gold for getting to level 99, and over 1B for level 120.


    Fishing isn’t that fast XP per hour. So, you would be making a lot of money if you were to go for level 120. However, that would take a long time.



    9. Divination


    Best methods:

    Coursed Energy

    Elder Energy

    Incandescent Energy


    Profit for 1-99: 100M+

    Profit for 1-120: 1B+


    Divination is another one of those gather skills. Cursed Energy can make you around 3M/H. Elder energy and Incandescent Energy are about 1.5M-2M/H. These are the best money making methods for Divination.



    8. Woodcutting


    Best methods:

    Elder logs

    Magic logs


    Profit for 1-99: 100M+

    Profit for 1-120: 1.6B+



    There are not too many good money making methods with Woodcutting. But cutting Elder logs and Magic logs can be very profitable. Cutting Elder logs is a nice method that you can make around 1M/H from it, and you can get 325 XP per log, and the logs are worth 5K each. Woodcutting is a really nice money making method because it is AFK, and also, you do always make money when you are training this skill.




    7. Fletching


    Best methods:

    Ascendri Bolts

    Bakriminel Bolts

    Onyx Bolts


    Profit for 1-99: 200M+

    Profit for 1-120: 1B+


    My favorite method is the Bakriminel bolts. You can make 500K-800K gp for only 10 minutes of work, and you can do this every 8 hours. So, it is a very nice daily money making method.


    You can make money off this skill, but you can also lose a lot. For the best XP per hour methods, you would be losing money such as fletching Broad Arrows which is great XP per hour but not profitable. So, depending on the way you are training Fletching, you can either make money or lose money.




    6. Farming


    Best Methods:




    Player Owned Farm


    Profit for 1-99: 100M+

    Profit for 1-120: 600M+



    Farming is a pretty good money making method. Some of the best methods are farming Herbs and breeding your animals then selling them either to other players or on the Grand Exchange if they are unchecked. You can also attempt to breed Shiny animals, and these sell for much more. Overall, Player Owned Farm is a nice money making method for Farming.




    5. Smithing


    Best Methods:

    Masterwork armor

    Glorious Bars

    Elder Rune Bars

    Elder Rune Set


    Profit for 1-99: 150M+

    Profit for 1-120: 700M+


    Making Masterwork armor is 3M gp per hour. Making Glorious Bars and Elder Rune bars are around 2M-3M per hour.


    Making Elder Rune Set is also profitable every once in a while. Not as much as the previous three methods, but it’s still pretty good.


    Again, you can train this skill faster, get more XP per hour and lose RuneScape money. But, if you can get a high Smithing level, then you can make a lot of money per hour, especially with the Elder Rune bars and the Masterwork armor. With these methods, you can get a lot of XP per hour as well.




    4. Mining


    Best Methods:

    Light Animica ore

    Dark animica ore


    Banite ore

    Runite ore


    Profit for 1-99: 150M+

    Profit for 1-120: 700M+


    You should make 1M-1.5M gp per hour by mining Light Animica ore, Dark animica ore, and the Banite ore. Luminite and Runite ore are around 1M gp per hour, but they have much lower requirements. So, you don’t need to have a very high Mining level to make money doing this. You may probably get 1M-1.5M gp per hour doing any of these methods, but the nice thing is that they are really AFK.


    While mining high level ore, you have a chance of getting the Metamorphic geodes, and they can even drop some Onyxes. So, that is a nice surprise too if you are able to get that.



    3. Hunter


    Best Methods:


    Shadow Jadinkos

    Black Salamanders

    Red Salamanders


    Profit for 1-99: 200M+

    Profit for 1-120: 1B+


    All of these hunting methods are profitable, and you can make over 1M per hour. You can make 2M-4M RS3 gold per hour hunting Grenwalls depending on if you are using the private Grenwall hunter area and if you are a high level hunter for the access to more box traps.


    Shadow Jadinkos give you the ingredient to make scentless potions, and doing that should earn you around 3M per hour.




    2. Runecrafting


    Best Methods:

    Crafting Steam Runes

    Crafting Mud Runes

    Crafting Lava Runes

    Crafting Dust Runes

    Crafting Smoke Runes


    Profit for 1-99: 300M+

    Profit for 1-120: 1.5B+


    Runecrafting is definitely one of the best skills for making money in RuneScape 3. The only downside about Runecrafting is that it's click-intensive. You can craft Combination runes like Steam Runes, Mud Runes, Lava Runes, Dust Runes, Smoke Runes, as well as Mist Runes. All of these runes are extremely profitable, and you make up to 8M-9M per hour by making them. However, making these is quite click-intensive, which is why a lot of people dislike this skill.


    The profit for level 1 to level 120 can be over 1.5B gp, probably up to 3B if you are doing the best rune crafting method possible. So, making Combination runes all the way up to level 120 is pretty good to make money, but it will be so click-intensive and take a long time.




    1. Slayer


    Best Methods:

    Abyssal Demons

    Spiritual Mages

    Lava Strykewyrms


    Rune Dragons


    Profit for 1-99: 400M+

    Profit for 1-120: 1B+


    The No. 1 skill is a Combat skill. Abyssal Demons, Spiritual Mages, Lava Strykewyrms, Edimmu, Rune Dragons, Ripper Demons, and Camel Warriors are all great methods.


    The gp per hour you can make by doing Slayer varies a lot. By doing the lowest task, especially at level 80+ Slayer, you will be getting 2M per hour, and the highest profit by doing Slayer will be over 12M RS gold per hour.


    The profit for 1-99 will be over 400M. Keep in mind that you are making all of this money when you get over level 80 Slayer. Your profit going for level 120 will be over 1B, and it could be over 2B depending on the tasks and whatnot.


    Overall, Slayer is definitely the best skill to invest in and work at in RuneScape 3. If you are a new player, I would strongly suggest putting your time into training Slayer. Because in the long run, this skill is the most important, and it is going to get your Combat up and make you money. When you are over level 80 Slayer, there will be a lot of very nice money making methods open to you.



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