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RuneScape 3: 1-99 Farming Guide

By Michel Z2019-07-17

The skill of Farming is very simple, but, at the same time, it is a little complicated. In this 1-99 Farming guide, we are talking about both the conventional and the unconventional methods to reach level 99 Farming in RuneScape 3.

Please click Tonix RS's video for more details on how to get to level 99 Farming, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video: 


Below is how Farming works and the advance mechanics of it. If you are a beginner, then you should get this part.


Plants can grow online or offline. Every plant has its multiple growth stages and their timers as well. All plants across the world in the game will grow based on the globe timer. When the plant has been planted, it will only start growing at the next available timer.


At the beginning of every growth cycle, there is a 5-minute window. Plants will grow anywhere within that window, and it’s based on the last time you log out or log in.


Below is a part from Kallously’s post on Reddit, and this explains how it works:

Plants don't actually grow right at the beginning of a growth cycle. This is where farm ticks come into play. Unlike growth cycles, farm ticks are player controlled. From the time a player logs in (into a world, not the lobby), every five minutes thereafter until they log out a farm tick will occur: think of a constantly repeating 5 minute countdown. So what happens when this farm tick occurs? Well, most of the time, nothing.


Let's go back to growth cycles. One detail I left out is that at the beginning of a growth cycle, there is a 5-minute "growth window" in which plants are allowed to grow. What actually makes them grow? A farm tick!


So combining these two ideas, we realize that for a plant to grow:

1. The growth window at the beginning of a growth cycle needs to be active

2. A farm tick must occur


Here's an example to try and illustrate what's going on:




Here we're looking at the 20-minute growth cycle of torstol:


·Right at 12:00, there's a 5-minute growth window.


·The player logs in at around 12:07.


·5 and 10 minutes from when the player logs in, farm ticks happen, but the growth window isn't active and nothing happens.


·At 12:20, another growth window for torstol opens up. 2 minutes into the window at 12:22, the player's farm tick happens again and the herb can advance. The game decides that there will be no disease this time and it grows to the next stage, hooray!



Youtuber Tonix RS takes Herb seed (Every 20 mins, 4 Stages) for example:

If you log in at 11:47, it will start growing at 12:02. So if you plant the Herb seed at 12:35, then the times the Herb seed will grow is: 12:42, 1:02, 1:22, and you harvest at 1:42.



Why didn’t plants grow?

The reason why it didn’t grow is that if you login or logout with the growth window, then you lose out on the chance to grow completely and you have to wait for the next growth cycle! This can be disastrous when dealing with fruit trees when growth cycles are several hours in length.


In general, if you want to avoid that happening, just DO NOT login or logout the game during:






"HH" is any hour of the day. For example, it's fine to log in at 11:15, but not fine to do so at 11:22.




Crop Disease

For every growth cycle, there is a chance that a plant gets diseased unless it has fully grown. The plant can not advance a growth stage until it is fully cured.


It will either remain diseased or die. The chance of a diseased plant dying at the following growth tick that falls in a growth stage window is roughly 50%.


So you can just use your plant cure and it will cure the disease. Crop disease delays 1 growth cycle after curing.




XP Multipliers


You can farm the bonus XP by playing the Cabbage Facepunch minigame. It will be a good idea to train Farming on Double XP weekend by checking trees.


Clan Avatar

Provides 3%-6% more experience for skilling.


Refer a Friend

When a recruited friend earns XP, a 5% XP bonus is applied to the recruiter, 10% if they are nearby each other.


Pulse core

Once the bonus XP charge has run out, the core will explode, granting a 2% XP bonus to all players in the vicinity for 10 minutes. An exploding pulse core might also randomly grant a skill level boost to a group of skills or restore some life or Prayer points for the surrounding players. The XP boost stacks with each exploded core, to a cap of 10% bonus XP. The holder doesn't benefit from these bonuses.


Wise Perk

Wise is an Invention perk that boosts all XP gained while the item is equipped by 1% per rank, up to 50K additional XP per day.


Wise will give bonus XP calculated from the base amount per action. The total base experience before wise is capped is calculated below:

XP before capped

Rank Bonus% XP before capped
1 1% 5,000,000
2 2%


3 3% 1,666,666



Wisdom Aura

This aura increases all XP earned by 2.5%. It will only grant up to 100,000 bonus XP within the activation time.




Useful Items/Unlocks

Watering Can

Every time you fill the Watering can, it will fill up to 8 doses of water. By watering the plants, it will prevent disease for 1 growth cycle. Watering isn’t needed for the plants to grow, in fact, there are some plants that can’t even be watered for them to grow.



Magic Watering Can

Magic Watering can is a reward from Fairy Tale part 3. It provides an unlimited supply of water, and you can add this to your Toolbelt.




All types of compost will decrease the chance of disease as well as increase the yields for more crops.


The most recommended choice is Supercompost because it is not expensive. You probably won’t be able to afford Ultracompost because it is really expensive and the difference it offers is not really big compared with Supercompost.



Magic Secateurs

This is a reward from Fairy Tale part 1 quest. It gives 10% more yield and you can add this to your Toolbelt.



Farmer’s Outfit

The regular Farmer’s outfit grants you +6% Farming XP if you are wearing the full set. It is obtainable from Cabbage Facepunch.



Modified Farmer’s Hat

When the hat is worn, there is a 2% chance of saving seeds when sowing.



Master Farmer’s Outfit

You can only obtain this by having level 70 Farming and by completing the Player-owned farm tutorial. This way you start getting fragments, and eventually, at level 20 Invention and 80 Farming, you can craft them into pieces, but you will need to unlock the blueprint which costs you 1,000 beans.


The Master farmer’s outfit isn’t worth going for actively if all you care about is 99 Farming.




This is another Cabbage Facepunch reward. It destroys selected seeds dropped by monsters in combat, in exchange for double the XP you would normally receive from planting the seeds in a Farming patch.



Farming Urns

Each of them has a Crafting level requirement to create it, but don’t worry because it is assistable.


Planting seeds and harvesting crops will then fill the urns for you. Unfortunately, the Seedicide doesn’t fill the Urns, so don’t get your hopes up here.


When the urn is full, you can automatically teleport them. In the gameplay settings, you should be able to enable this in your Gameplay settings:

Gameplay setting → General → Inventory “Auto-Teleport current skilling urn when full”


When it’s teleported, it’ll grant you XP, and it’s +20% XP boost overall.


The Urn enhancer can boost up to +25% XP. You need to complete the Nomad's Elegy quest, then you will be able to unlock the ability to create that. While the enhancer is in the inventory, each urn teleported grants 25% extra experience at a cost of 20 charges.



Scroll of Life

This will cost you 10,000 Dungeoneering tokens. There is a 10% chance you can recover seed harvesting, but, for tree seeds, it’s only 5%.



Farming Spells

Rapid growth spell: This is unlocked by The Light Within. It enables a growth stage to be skipped for trees, fruit trees, and herbs, but you can only cast this spell on the same patch once per day.

It doesn’t work with Calquat, Elder, Crystal or Spirit trees.


Remote Farm spell: This is a really nice utility spell. It allows the status of every single farm patch in RuneScape to be viewed and, if a patch is diseased, grants the option to cure all patches in one cast. The spell must first be unlocked while training at the Livid Farm by accumulating 150,000 produce points.




Useful NPCs 

Tool leprechauns

Tool leprechauns will store the tools and lot of Compost and Buckets for you. You don’t have to carry 28 buckets at once luckily in order to store to him. You can just bring a huge stack of noted Compost, and he will store as well.


Tool leprechauns can automatically compost for you, and you have to pay him RS3 gold for this. However, you need to be careful of this because the payment that you’ll pay him is based on the number of buckets that you are going to compost, not the amount of money that you are going to pay him. He will refund 90% of it, but you will still pay a huge price here. 


There are nearby gardeners in almost every patch, and you can pay them for protection. However, paying them doesn’t prevent disease. When it gets diseased, the farmer can cure them instantly. The things they ask for are pretty expensive, not to mention that the disease chance is not that high.




1-99 Farming Training Methods



1-25: Quests

·Fairy Tale Part 1 - (Gives 17 Farming) 

    Requires Jungle Potion, Lost City, Nature Spirit

    Priest in Peril, Restless Ghost


·Forgettable Tale of Drunken Dwarf - Gives 25 Farming

    Requires Fishing Contest, Giant Dwarf


·Garden of Tranquillity - Gives 28 Farming

    Requires Creature of Fenkenstrain



1-60: Allotments

8 Allotment patches: 3 seeds per patch


·North-east of Canifis

·South of Falador

·North of Catherby

·North-east of Ardy



First of all, there is a Potato seed patch which is near the Taverley Lodestone. This will never get diseased, but, it only works for Potato seeds.


There are totally 8 Allotment patches. When you plant seeds in the Allotment patch, three of them will be consumed.


The 1st patch is north-east of Canifis. Just use the lodestone teleport, then you are going to north-east. If you have the ectophial unlocked which requires the Ghosts Ahoy quest, you can use that teleport then keep running west.


The 2nd set of Allotment patches is south of Falador. Just use the loadstone to Dranyor then keep running south-west. Go north to the Cabbage and you’ll be there. You can otherwise use the Cabbage teleport which requires completion of the Lumbridge task.


The 3rd patch is north of Catherby. You just use the lodestone to Catherby then run north-west.


The last patch is just north-east of Ardy. You just use the lodestone to Ardy, then run north-east of the Player-owned farms. If you have the Ardougne cloak 2, you can use this as a daily teleport.

Here is the level chart for all the Allotments in the game:


Allotment Seeds 



I do suggest you to plant flowers in the flower patch because they will prevent disease. The While Lily seeds which require completion of the hard Falador task will prevent disease for every type of allotment seed.

1-17: Shovel Manure Mound

·Location: North of Player Owned Farms

·Takes ~ 40 minutes to get

·Very AFK


From level 1 to level 17, you’ll be shovelling the Manure mound. It is located a little south of Ardy allotment patch. This is very AFK, and this should take you approximately 40 minutes to get level 17. This is not the most efficient choice, but, if you want to train Farming conventionally and AFK, then this is a pretty good start for you.



17-50: Harvesting Honeycomb

·Location: South-east of Player owned farms

·Place 27 Woad Leaves in all 7 hives

·Wait 14.5 hours

·83 xp/hive -> 15,687 xp

·Can get 17-31 in 1 day

·Requires Insect Repellent

    ·Can add to Toolbelt



Wyson the gardener in the Falador Park offers to sell Woad Leaves, and they only cost you 25 RS gold each. So, you are going to place 27 more leaves in each of the 7 hives.


In order to harvest them, you need Insect Repellent. So, you can go to the Catherby lodestone, then you can enter the house nearby. You can also add this to your Toolbelt, which means you do not need to carry this with you all the time.


You’ll get 80 xp/hive. That being said, you can get from level 17 all the way to level 31 in one day just by doing this.




Levels 17-99: Player Owned farms

From level 17 to level 99, you’ll be doing Player Owned farms. First of all, you do need to complete the Player owned farms tutorial which only takes you around 5 minutes. Here is a Player Owned Farms guide.




Self Breeding

The first method is self breeding. Compared to the next method, this is slow. However, this is actually a very free way to train Farming. You are going to get 1 elder breeding pair in every pen, and then keep breeding all these babies and finally raise them to the elder stage.


The other method that is extremely fast is to buy every baby animal and grow them into elder and finally sell them for beans. Sometimes, buying and selling animals can be really hard, but, luckily for you, there is an FC: PoF Trade FC for this.



Here is the maximum XP per week you can get for this.




You can get up to 1.6M XP per week by self breeding animals and a whopping 4.7M XP per week if you buy the baby animals and raise them to elder stage. Unfortunately, the XP multipliers don’t work here. However, they will fill the Farming urns, so, be sure to bring a lot of urns here if you are going to check them for health.




Levels 30-99: Tree Farming

From level 30 to level 99, you’ll be doing tree farming. This is also gives amazing Farming XP.



Equipment Setup

·Regular/Master Farmer Outfit

·Excalibur: Wise/Mobile (Optional)

·Attuned Crystal Teleport Seed

·Ring of Duelling


Inventory Setup

·6 Wood Tree Saplings

·7 Fruit Tree Saplings

·1 Calquat + 1 Elder Sapling

·Farming Urns + Enhancer

·Rapid Growth: Earth, Water, Nature, Soul runes

·Taverley + Brimhaven Chipped Tabs

·Witchdoctor Mask/Juju Spirit Bag

·Tai Bwo Wannai Scroll

·Arc Journal + Berry Seeds


This is mostly high-level setup. Don’t forget to use a Rapid Growth spell every time you plant the trees.




Wood Tree Locations

There are six wood tree patches. Here are the best Teleports to get there. For Wood trees, you can do them around 2 or 3 times per day.


1. Lumbridge - Lumbridge lode/Tablet, go north

2. Varrock - Varrock lode/Tablet, go near palace

3. Falador - Falador lode/Tablet, go to Falador park

4. Taverley - Taverley lode/Chipped Tablet, near Slayer master

5. Trahaearn - Attuned Crystal teleport seed (Requires Plague’s end)

6. Gnome Stronghold - Ring of Duelling to feldip hills, spirit tree

    ·Alternative: Spirit Tree re-rooter (Requires 92 Invention)




Fruit Tree Locations

1. Gnome Stronghold - North-west of Wood tree patch

2. Tree Gnome village - Grand seed pod Gnome glider or Spirit tree, exit maze

3. Catherby - Catherby lode, run south-east

4. Brimhaven - Chipped tablet or Brimhaven lode, run north

5. Herblore habitat - Juju Spirit bag or Witchdoctor mask

6. Lletya - Regular/attuned Crystal tele seed (Requires Mourning's End Part I quest)

7. Meilyr - Attuned Crystal tele seed, north of Pillars (Requires Plague’s end)



Other Tree Locations

1. Calquat - Tai Bwo Wannai Scroll or Brimhaven lodestone, go south (Requires 72 Farming)

2. The Arc Berries - The Arc, takes 2 days to grow

3. Elder - Crwys tree patch, attuned Crystal teleport seed (Requires 90 Farming, takes 3 days to grow)

4. Crystal tree - South-east of Priff lodestone (Requires 94 Farming + Crystal Acorn)


Here is the full chart for the level requirement of every tree. On average, on a daily basis, by checking trees once per day, you’ll get 150K XP per day.




*Note: Magic /Palm cost a lot.

Levels 94-99: Mushroom Clusters

·Location: Uncharted Isles

    ·Requires supplies

·Lasts about 30 minutes/patch

·Good for Master Farmer fragments

·50K-60K XP/H AFK


It is really AFK here, but, the Farming XP is very low. You will get hit by thorn once in a while, which will make you stop AFKing. If you want Master Farmer fragments, then this is the best place to get them.



Seedicide - Vyres AFK

·Requires River of Blood

·Recommend 74 Farming + Soul split

·Good Combat XP + Prayer XP

·100K-150K Farming XP/H


This requires River of Blood quest completion. I highly recommend that you have 74 Farming and Soul Split, because, this way, you will be AFK. Killing Vyres is pretty decent Combat XP as well as Prayer XP. On top of that, it’s a pretty good profit per hour. Here is a Vyres guide made by Tonix RS.



Seedicide - Turoths AFK

·Requires 74 Farming + 55 Slayer

·Soul Split + Caroming perk helps a lot

·Aggression potions + Smoke Devil familiar

·200K-230K XP/H


I highly recommend Soul Split + Caroming perk because it helps a lot, and in this way, you can keep AFKing. Here is a Turoths guide made by Tonix RS. 




I have talked about the regular methods, now, let’s talk about some other methods. 



·Dangerous PvP activity

·Up to 360K XP per day looting all camps

    ·Takes about 12 minutes

·Farming isn’t best skill to use WBs on

·Several Different FCs


This is a dangerous PvP activity in the Wilderness. If you loot all the camps successfully, you’ll get 360K XP per day.



Goebiebands (Supply Run)

·Safe PvP activity

·Take supplies from Kanatah -> Otot

·Up to 48.5K free XP per day in 3 minutes

·FC: “minigames”


This is very similar to Warbands, but it's a safe PvP activity. You’ll get 48.5K XP per day at level 99. This only takes you 3 minutes to do, so, it is definitely worth doing.


There is an FC that tracks which world has which skill, and that is called “minigames”. Here is a Goebiebands guide made by Tonix RS.



Nemi Forest

·Daily D&D

·Location: Mazcab via Group System tele

·9/9 node worlds on Reddit

·Gather nodes for Farming XP

·Also gives Goebie reputation



To get to Nemi Forest, just use the Group system teleport to Mazcab, then you keep going south and enter the forest. Only specific worlds have 9 nodes inside the Nemi forest, so there is a tracker on Reddit for this.


You’ll get Farming XP for gathering the nodes. On top of that, you’ll also get Goebie reputation as well.



Giant Oyster

·Monthly D&D

·Requires Beneath the Cursed Tides

·Gather seaweed for Farming XP

·Fish fishing spot for Fishing XP

·Good luck on a Dye!




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