D2R Ladder Season 6 Items SC

D2R Ladder Season 6 Items SC

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# 33 Zod(Ladder SC)
Annihilus(Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Gheed's Fortune(Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Grand Charm(Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Hellfire Torch(Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Key of Destruction(Ladder SC)
Key of Hate(Ladder SC)
Key of Terror(Ladder SC)
Large Charms(Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Small Charms(Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Unique Amulets(Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
Unique Rings(Ladder SC)[Unidentified]
#32 Cham(Ladder SC)
#31 Jah(Ladder SC)
#30 Ber(Ladder SC)
#29 Sur(Ladder SC)
#28 Lo(Ladder SC)
#27 Ohm(Ladder SC)
#26 Vex(Ladder SC)
#25 Gul(Ladder SC)

About D2R Ladder Items

D2R Items

In Ladder Season, in addition to the original D2R Items, there will be many exclusive D2R Ladder Items. So players can find many specific advanced Unique Items, use some new Horadric Cube Recipes, and new D2 Resurrected Ladder Runewords. At the end of the season, players can then keep the Runewords and equipment when their characters are moved into non-Ladder. So finding exclusive Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Items is very important for players.

D2R Ladder Runewords
players can unlock tons of new Runewords in the Ladder season, like the Patterns and Plagues used to improve mercenary diversity. These Runewords were not seen in previous games, and only the players on the Ladder can use them.

D2R Ladder Set Items
Patch 2.4 also confirmed the changes of Set Items. Players can use new Horadric Cube Recipes to upgrade the quality of Set Items, and the underperforming Set Items also can be upgraded to have more bonuses. That makes players more likely to pursue Partial and full Set Items.

When D2R Ladder Season 6 Comes, How Do You Arrange for Your Previous Ladder Items?

D2R Ladder Season 6 comes on February 22, 2024. If you have played in the previous Ladder Season 5, you might wonder how to arrange for your previous ladder items. Here are some tips to help you:

Before Ladder Season 6 starts, transfer any items you want to keep from your Ladder Season 5 characters to your non-ladder characters. You can do this by using the Shared Stash feature, which allows you to store and access items across different characters in the same group.

Once Ladder Season 6 starts, all Ladder Season 5 characters will be moved to their respective non-ladder group. All items in that group's Shared Stash will go into a new Withdraw Only set of Shared Stash tabs, marked by a check marked Past box.

Any items from Ladder Season 4 stored in the Withdraw Only tabs will be lost at this time. You will have all of Ladder Season 6 to withdraw any items you want to keep from Season 5. When Ladder Season 6 ends, this withdraw-only set of Stash Tabs will be overwritten with any items in the Ladder Season 6 Shared Stash.

Be sure to remove any items from the Withdraw Only tabs before then, or they will be forever lost. You can use the Withdraw Only tabs to store items you don't need immediately but don't forget about them.

You can also trade or sell your previous ladder items to other players who might be interested in them. However, be careful of scammers and hackers who might try to cheat you out of your items. Always use a trusted third-party service or platform to facilitate your trades and transactions.


Buying D2R Items Delivery Method


1. Use the Trading Function: Please accept our trade request.
2. Drop and Pick Up: Please pick up the Diablo 2 Items we dropped on the floor.

When placing your order, please enter the information needed, which can differ depending on the platform you are playing on:
● PC: Battle Tag and Character Name
● PS5/PS4: PSN ID and Character Name
● Xbox One/Series X|S: Xbox Gamer Tag and Character Name
● Nintendo Switch: Switch Friend Code and Character Name

After your order is confirmed, we will deliver D2R Items to you by sending you a friend request, so please keep online and accept it.


About Delivery Time

We will deliver your items as soon as possible. Please accept our friend request. Then we can directly invite you to our game no matter in which region you are.

There are some special items like Gheed's Fortune, Annihilus, and Hellfire Torch that you can not put more than one in your inventory, so if you already have these items in your inventory, please put them in the account share stash before we deliver.


How to Buy D2R Items at MmoGah

To access the D2 Resurrected items landing page, select D2 Resurrected by clicking “View All Games” at the top of our website or “Item & Accounts” on the left navigation bar. Next, select PC/PS5/PS4/ Xbox/ Switch and D2R Ladder Items SC/ D2R Non-Ladder Items SC/ D2R Ladder Items HC. Choose the item(s) you want by selecting a category or inputting the item name(s).

Then, add your D2R items to your shopping cart or click “Buy Now.” Input the information required correctly on the payment page and click “Pay Now”. If you didn’t find the needed items, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. Enjoy your game.