60 Rouge Horde Bigglesworth
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lvl 60 geared rogue for sale also comes with newly lvl 60 warrior

rogue is 4/8 t1 gear with bloodfang hood and brutality blade/mirahs song/ lobotomizer/fang of faceless so can be daggers or rogues. hand of justice blackhands breath along with some pvp gear as he is rank 8. when specced combat i have 13 percent hit when using all my hit gear and when cold blood hemo i have 5 percent hit. the 60 comes warrior comes with it for free. got my job back so no time to play and wouldnt mind the extra cash

Bigglesworth Horde US west server and is available for server transfers as i have never used one orginal owner of account

anyquestions my discord is Shmoked#9556 or if you prefer to email its [email protected]