Mirror of Kalandra and Headhunter
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Looking to trade a mirror for IRL money. Mirrors just went up about 50 Ex in the last 2 days or so as of writing this, so buying soon would likely be a good idea as there are only ~20 on the market usually less at any point in time and demand is going to start rising soon.

Will sell whenever I see the message am an individual player selling so I sleep. Have sold currency before on mmogah and it went pretty well. Dm me at Saucy7035 on discord if you have any issues or just wanted to contact regarding legitimacy. Will stream screen showing the mirror and send pictures if you would like, whatever makes you feel comfortable enough to justify throwing money at. Also if you want the headhunter as well that will cost you 40$ extra. Price is a litle high on the belt because of personal use, it is corrupted with item rarity and no extra quality or enchantments.