Manual professional powerlevelling! Up to MAX Level! 70-100! SPECIAL OFFER : 10 Exalteds of Gear
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Minimum Purchase Quantity : 1
Minimum purchase is 100
1 = USD$ 5.33

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PM US FOR INSTANT RESPONSES on m.me/BoostExperience so we can discuss # of levels / price per level. & delivery time.


Our pro's will take 10 of our exalts and spend it in the best way to make your build stronger upon minimum order of 50$.
You can either choose to get the exalts or have them used by our team to get the upgrades where you might need them the most!
Any further build help will be free!

Welcome to BoosterExperience 

In this particularly high end offer we offer boosting your characters from level 90 to anywhere up to 100.
You can use the slider above to specify what your target level would be and how much that would cost you.

About BoosterExperience

BoosterExperience GmbH is a company that was founded based on a but a couple objectives.
These are however of the greatest value for us. We strive to achieve perfect customer satisfaction by being as professional, knowledgable & trustworthy as we can be.
We are always available for past customers on Skype, Whatsapp and through Facebook Messenger (Messageable through our Business page) to provide you with the best after sales possible!

Who are we & how do we fulfil your order

BoosterExperience is a combination of a handful of high end superstar players and a couple of people managing the businessend.
Your acccount, should you sign up to get boosted, will therefore NEVER be left in the hands of a botter or will never ever break any ToS.
Our boosters log in from IP's that have never used PoE before and will play the account manually until the boosting process is over. 
You therefore having nothing to worry about.

The manner in which we fulful your order obviously depends on the order & our current workload. No matter how, your experience will be accumulated in a fast and efficient way.

Questions? Feel free to hit us up!

If you have any questions about any of our services (before or post ordering) feel free to send us a message on Odealo!