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EDT: 12 days 1.7 hours
Lv 70-80 WotLK Classic Power Leveling1.Everything that drops stays on your account(Gold,equipment obtained etc.) 2.We will complete your order from your current level to selected Level in WotLK Classic. 3.It may take more or less time as we described(depending on selected levels, character's class, world pvp activity, server population and other factors) 4.Cold weather flying unlock
EDT: 4 days
Lv 1-80 WotLK Classic Power Leveling1. We will complete your order from your current level to selected Level. 2. Everything that drops stays on your account(Gold,equipment obtained etc.) 3. Apprentice riding unlock. 4. Journeyman riding unlock. 5. Expert riding unlock. 6.Cold weather flying unlock 7. It may take more or less time as we described(depending on selected levels,character's class, world pvp activity, server population and other factors.)
EDT: 10 days

How to Choose Your Package on MmoGah

1. WotLK Package
With Wrath of the Lich King's release, the level cap has been raised to 80. Considering the WotLK Classic leveling style and 10 extra new levels, players will have to complete hundreds of quests, kill many mobs, and complete long storylines to reach the max level. It's a very time-consuming and boring process, so buying WoW WotLK Classic boost from a third party (like MmoGah) is a wise choice.

With our WotLK Package service, you will reach the desired level quickly and obtain all the loot (gold, equipment, etc.) during the boosting. If your desired level is level 77 or above, and is equal to or greater than 5 levels compared to your current level (e.g., level 72-77, level 73-78, level 74-79, level 75-80, level 1-80), you can unlock Cold Weather Flying. If you choose Level 1-80 boost, you can additionally obtain Apprentice riding, Journeyman riding, and Expert riding.

2. Burning Crusade Package
Leveling in Burning Crusade Classic WoW is the most boring and routine part. Most players choose an inefficient leveling route that does not allow them to level up quickly. This leads to frustration, and some players get so exhausted that they lose interest in the game.

Lv1-70 power leveling is the fastest way to level up a fresh character in the Vanilla WoW expansion. Buy the Burning Crusade Package to get your Draenei or Blood Elf straight to level 70 without the endless and tedious farming. Our professional team will take your character to the Outland's "Hall of Fame"!

With our Burning Crusade Package service, you will reach level 70 fast and get everything (gold, equipment, etc.) that drops during the leveling process. This package also includes Apprentice riding, Journeyman riding, and Expert riding.

3. Azeroth Package
With our Azeroth Package service (Lv1-60 Power Leveling), you will get to level 60 fast and acquire all the loot (gold, equipment, etc.). This package also presents Apprentice riding and Journeyman riding.

4. Honor Boost
In WotLK Classic, Honor Points are used to buy PvP gear from vendors, and players can obtain them by killing members of the opposite faction in PvP combat. However, the process is hard. Players still have to spam battlegrounds, earn kills, and complete various objectives on the battlefield.

WotLK Classic Honor Boost is the perfect way to get a large number of honor points. With our 75K Honor Boost, you will get 75K honor points, many battleground wins & honorable kills, and a few PvP achievements.

5 Pieces of Blue Savage Gladiator Set [200 Item level] include Savage Gladiator's Chestpiece, Gauntles, Helm, Legguards, and Shoulders. It is a rare and powerful set that will make your character stronger in tough PvP battles. You need to farm Emblems of Heroism that are dropped from completing heroic dungeons and 10 people raids to obtain it, which is hard and exhausting. So you can buy this set from a professional site like MMOGAH to prepare for the Battlegrounds and Arena in Northrend.

5. Professions Package
Top-level professions are crucial in the Classic WotLK expansion as they allow you to farm gold and prepare for the more challenging PvP and PvE content. Getting a WotLK profession boost is a key to success in the early stages of character development.

However, leveling up any profession is hard. It may take days of playtime, insane amounts of gold, and some scarce resources! So you can buy WotLK Classic Professions DIY Package from a trustworthy site like MmoGah. Our team can level up your profession faster than you could ever do. Then you can relax and enjoy your time!

Our Professions Package includes 10 professions: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Enchanting, Inscription, Engineering, First Aid, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring. Each profession includes these levels: 1-350, 350-450, and 1-450 DIY Packages.

During leveling your profession package, we don't need to log in to your account. The DIY package includes a comprehensive leveling guide and all materials, such as reagents, diagrams, etc. Using our trade skill leveling package will save you 10-30 hours.

About WotLK Classic Boost

WotLK Classic Boost is short for WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic Boost. It is the fastest and easiest way to upgrade your character to a higher level in the new chapter of the Classic WotLK saga.

WotLK Classic Boost

As players know, boost is also called power leveling, so we call this service WotLK Classic power leveling or Wrath of the Lich King Classic power leveling.

Most players would like to jump straight into the conquering of Naxxramas & other raids and confronting the Lich King at Icecrown Citadel, but all of them are not easy to achieve in the game.

We all know that it takes a lot of time to achieve combat levels, maxed professions, or obtain the best equipment, but not everyone has much time and effort to accomplish those, so why not outsource them instead? This is the best way to hit the level cap on any type of character in the shortest time. MmoGah.com is the right choice for you. Our WotLK Classic boost is performed by a team of veteran players, so we can offer professional and fast Wrath of the Lich King Classic boost services.

WotLK Classic Boost/Power Leveling Guide

Please read the following instructions before placing your order.

1. Choose WotLK Classic boosting service listed on this page. Please contact us to customize your character boost if you can't find the service.

2. Make sure to correctly input your User Information (account name and password, character class, and name), so we can log in to your account quickly and easily.

3. After receiving and verifying your payment, we will try our best to complete your order as quickly as possible.

4. Our booster will boost your character around 16 hours a day via doing quests & grinding dungeons, which can guarantee the fast WoW WotLK Classic boost.

5. During our boosting service, you'd better not log in to your account without informing us, as it is a risky action for your account. If you want to play it, contact us first to discuss a time.

6. For the security of your account, please don't forget to reset your account password after we have completed your order.