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OSRS: 1-99 Ranged Guide

By Michel Z2019-03-30

Ranged is one of the three combat classes in Old School RuneScape. This 1-99 Ranged guide is going to teach you everything you need to know about training your Ranged level in Old School RuneScape. MmoGah also provides cheap OSRS gold for people who want to skip grind and reach 99 fast and easily. Content for this article was inspired by Theoatrix OSRS's video.





How Ranged Works

Ranged is one of the most powerful combat skills in OSRS. Getting your Ranged level up increases both your Ranged Max Hit and your Ranged Accuracy.


· Your Ranged Attack bonus usually comes from your weapon and armour, and that bonus only increases your Accuracy.


· Your Ranged Strength bonus comes from arrows, some weapons and gear, and it increases your Ranged Max hit only.


At higher Ranged levels, you’ll gain access to some of the highest tier of weaponry armor and ammo in the game which have very high bonuses.


The bow unlocked at level 75 - Twisted bow, scales to your enemy’s Magic level, making it one of the most powerful weapons against a lot of bosses.


Ballista can be used to fire Javelin, and the Heavy ballista hits some of the highest damage in the game.


Combat Styles




Invisible +3 Ranged boost

Inceased fire rate

Increased Attack distance (+Defence XP)


With pretty much all ranged weapons you use, you have access to three different combat styles: Accurate, Rapid, or Longrange.


These three combat styles shoot the same rate of fire, but the Rapid fire shoots one tick faster than Accurate and Longrange.


Longrange shoots from a further distance, and it also gives you Defence XP along with Ranged XP.


Accurate gives you an invisible +3 Ranged boost to your Ranged level, which makes it a very good to use at a low Ranged level, because when you are training at level 1 Ranged, you’re effectively at level 4 Ranged if you’re using Accurate.


Once you go above and beyond level 10 Ranged, you should always be using Rapid for the maximum damage and XP rate.



Best Training Weapons


Low levels: Iron Knives, Mithril Darts, Dorg's Cbow

Mide levels: Rune Cbow, Magic Shortbow, Karil's Cbow

High levels: Blowpipe, Chinchompas

F2P: Shortbow (level1), Oak shortbow (level 5), Willow shortbow (level 20), Maple shortbow (level 30)

You can click on the Ranged icon on your Skill tab to see everything you’ll unlock when you are training Ranged. It tells you every weapon, armor, and ammo you can use. All of these weapons give an Attack bonus, and paring them with ammunition adds the Strength bonus. Some of these weapons can’t fire high level arrows or high level bolts.

Dorgeshuun crossbow is a great way to train Ranged for a really low cost since Bone bolts are around 3 rsgp each. You don’t need to do a quest in order to use the Dorgeshuun crossbow.


The Karil’s crossbow is also an excellent training method since the bolt rack from the Karil’s crossbow is only around 30 rsgp each.


Iron Knives are a great way to train at things like Rock crabs at a low level, but once you unlock Mithril darts, it’s very recommended to use them since they give the same bonuses and attack at the same speed as Iron knives, and they’re cheaper.


At higher levels, the Blowpipe and Chinchompas are the fastest way to get XP, and we will talk about them later in this guide.


Best Training Armour

Leather cowl level 1

Studded Coif (level 20)

Snakeskin body (level 30)

Green D'hide vambraces (level 40)

Blue D'hide vambraces (level 50)

Red D'hide vambraces (level 60)

Black D'hide vambraces (level 70, low cost)

God D'hide vambraces (level 70, prayer bonus)

Karil's leathertop (level 70, degrades)

Armadyl chestplate (level 70 most expensive)

Regular void ranger helm (+10% ranged atk/str)

Elite void helm (+10% atk, +12.5% str)

Necklace of Anguish (range str)

Ranger's gear (for pures)

Ava's Devices 


You should always be using the best D’hide armor you can wear. Above level 70 Ranged, you have access to almost every Ranged gear, and the Armadyl, being the most expensive, is the best in slot for Ranged.


Regular void and Elite void are great budget setups, and you should always pair your training armor with Ava’s devices in order not to lose a heap of RuneScape gold while training.


For things like Slayer, when you are using Prayer, God d’hide works very well since it gives a little extra Prayer bonus at the same time.


The Green d’hide body requires Dragon slayer while the other d’hide bodies don’t.


A Jug of Wine reduces your Attack level, and your Attack level doesn’t matter when you are training Ranged, so Wine is a great way to heal up, and it is pretty cheap.



Useful Quests


Below are some useful quests you should do before you train Ranged.

Dwarf Cannon Quest: This gives you access to the Dwarf multicannon which is the fastest way to train at a low level and makes your Slayer training very efficient.


Horror from the Deep Quest: It gives you access to the God books, and the Armadyl books give you a +10 Ranged Attack bonus.


Animal Magnetism Quest: It gives you access to Ava’s attractor and Ava’s accumulator. Doing Dragon slayer II on top of that gives you Ava's assembler, and these devices are much recommended for Ranged training since picking up arrows will impair your XP rate by a lot.


Temple of Ikov Quest: This is also a great quest for XP, and you’ll get 10.5K Ranged XP just for finishing the quest. Pures can do this as well, and it’s a requirement for Desert treasure.


Monkey madness I and II: These two quests both give major benefits when training Ranged. Monkey madness II is much better to complete since the Chinning caves you get access to are much better in terms of XP rate. But Monkey madness I Chinning caves still works for lower levels.



Low Level Training Spots

There are some low level training spots which are mainly safe spotable and these monsters don’t have very high defence bonuses. At a low level, you can use Iron knives or Mithril darts. The Dorgeshuun crossbow is also a great way to train.


Rock/Sand/Ammonite/Swamp Crabs

Rock/Sand/Ammonite/Swamp Crabs are probably the greatest way to train your Ranged at a lower level. We will talk about these later in a Pure friendly section.


Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon

These guys drop the Giant key which gives you access to fighting Obor which can really change up your training.


Ogres to the East of Castle Wars

Ogres to the East of Castle Wars is a great, safe spotting area to train Ranged and make a little OSRS gold from the Herb and seed drops. But, almost always, there are people with cannons here, so it’s usually crowded.


Moss Giants

Moss Giants are also a great way to safespot and train your Ranged, they can be found in Ardougne or in the end of the Varrock sewer, and they have a very low Ranged defence bonus, making them great to train on with a lower Ranged level.


Ranged Tips

If you have a very low amount of OSRS gold, I recommend buying Bronze arrows because there is a 20% chance that arrows will be lost when you shoot them, and that’s the same for every single type of arrow. The only exception is Javelins since Javelins will always break upon hitting a target.


Using Rune arrows or Amethyst arrows doesn’t mean that they’re going to break less than bronze arrows. This is the same when wearing the Ava’s devices since the Ava’s will not favor high level arrows.


Dwarf multicannon: Training with the cannon is very expensive. The cannon has a max hit of 30 with regular cannonballs and 35 with Granite cannonballs, and you can get massive Ranged XP rate even at level 1 since that max hit doesn’t change based on your Ranged level.


When you are cannoning, you should wear gear that gives you a very high attack bonus in whatever style you are using. So, in a way, having a higher Ranged level with higher Ranged bonus will increase the accuracy of your cannon, but the max hit of it will never change.



Profitable Cannon Areas


There are some profitable places that you can use a cannon.

· Ice trolls (+70K XP/H): After the Fremennik Isles quest, you can go to Jatizso by boarding the boat in Rellekka and running to the ice area to the north. You can set up a cannon on the Ice trolls, and they drop tons of valuable alchables and expensive shields that make it guaranteed to break even when training with a cannon or make a little profit. They should always be done on a troll Slayer task and can give a very high Slayer XP rate as well.


· Scabarites (+90 XP/H): Scabarites are unlocked after doing most of the Contact quest, and you can profit over 500K rsgp per hour even with a cannon. They are located in the Sophanem Dungeon, and the fastest way to get there is using a Pharaoh's sceptre.


The Locust riders drop so many noted items and high level alchables, making your trips last a very long time, and you’ll get a very fast Ranged XP at the same time.


With both of the Ice trolls and the Scabarite methods, you can pair them with the Bonecrusher and the Dragonbone necklace, and doing this can reduce the need for using Prayer potions and save you a lot of OSRS gold in the long run.


Using the Dwarf cannon with Slayer is one of the most efficient ways to train Ranged. You’ll get about 0.75 Ranged XP per Slayer XP you get while training, which means getting to level 99 Slayer while using a cannon, you’ll get to around level 95 Ranged.


There are more tasks that you should use a cannon on:

· Suqahs

· Kalphites

· Dagannoths

· Black demons



Fastest Methods to 99


Levels 1-75: Cannoning

The fastest way above level 70 Ranged is using the Dwarf cannon. Pairing it with Slayer or the Ogres at Castle Wars allows you to reach lvl 70 Ranged within 10 hours.


Getting to lvl 75 Ranged costs you 8-9M OSRS gold, which translates to almost 10 rsgp/XP, making it a very expensive method for training.


Levels 75-99: Chinchompas

Chinchompas are unlocked at level 45, but it’s recommended to start using them when you are above lvl 70 Ranged. There are three Chinchompas you have access to, and the gray Chinchompas are the cheapest ones to training with, but they give the slowest XP rate.


Max Ranged XP Rates


Eagle Eye


Grey Chinchompa (Cost per hour: 2M)

60 Range: 380K XP/H (6 GP/XP)

70 Range: 440K XP/H (5.2 GP/XP)

80 Range: 480K XP/H (4.7 GP/XP)

90 Range: 520K XP/H (4.2 GP/XP)

99 Range: 560K XP/H (4 GP/XP)

70 Range: 450K XP/H (5.1 GP/XP)

80 Range: 500K XP/H (4.4 GP/XP)

90 Range: 550K XP/H (3.9 GP/XP)

95 Range: 600K XP/H (3.5 GP/XP)

99 Range: 650K XP/H (3.2 GP/XP)

Red Chinchompa (Cost per hour: 4M)

60 Range: 470K XP/H (8.4 GP/XP)

70 Range: 510K XP/H (7.5 GP/XP)

80 Range: 560K XP/H (6.5 GP/XP)

90 Range: 600K XP/H (5.9 GP/XP)

99 Range: 650K XP/H (5.3 GP/XP)

70 Range: 550K XP/H (6.4 GP/XP)

80 Range: 590K XP/H (5.8 GP/XP)

90 Range: 650K XP/H (5.3 GP/XP)

95 Range: 720K XP/H (4.6 GP/XP)

99 Range: 780K XP/H (4.3 GP/XP)

Black Chinchompa (Cost per hour: 6M)

65 Range: 570K XP/H (10.5 GP/XP)

70 Range: 640K XP/H (9.2 GP/XP)

80 Range: 750K XP/H (8.4 GP/XP)

90 Range: 880K XP/H (7.2 GP/XP)

99 Range: 950K XP/H (6.5 GP/XP)

70 Range: 700K XP/H (8.3 GP/XP)

80 Range: 800K XP/H (7.8 GP/XP)

90 Range: 890K XP/H (7.1 GP/XP)

95 Range: 950K XP/H (6.6 GP/XP)

99 Range: 1M+ XP/H (6.2 GP/XP)

For lower level players that haven’t done Monkey madness II, the Monkey madness I cave still gives excellent XP rate when it comes to Chinning, and getting to lvl 99 with Red chinchompas costs +50M OSRS gp, and with Black chinchompas, it’s +80M OSRS gold.


The XP rate with Black chinchompas can be +1M XP/H, making it the fastest way to train Ranged. You can only get the XP rate if you use the method at the Monkey madness II cave where you constantly stack the monkeys on top of each other. By doing that, your chinchompas always hit the maximum number of targets they can, giving you a huge XP drop. So cannoning then chinning is the fastest ways to lvl 99 Ranged.



AFK Methods to 99


Levels 1-99: Ammonite Crabs

To be able to kill them, you need to have access to Fossil Island which requires the Bone Voyage quest. Ammonite crabs are popular among players for training because they have a combat level of 25 and 100 hitpoints. They have a max hit of 1 as well, which means they’ll almost never lower your health down much.


Ammonite Crabs also drop Fossils. By collecting a bunch of different items from the fossils, you can get an XP lamp and kudos. They can be trained on all the way to lvl 99 Ranged, but by the higher Ranged levels, you’ll have the access to a few better monsters to train with for AFK training.


Levels 50+: Bandits (desert)

Bandits in the Kharidian Desert have always been a great option for training Combat AFK. By wearing an item of either Saradomin or Zamorak, the Bandits stay aggressive to you forever, which means you’ll only log out if you don’t click, move, or change anything after 20 minutes.


Levels 70+: Nightmare Zone

You can get up to 90K XP/H here if you’re using a Blowpipe and good Ranged gear. This requires almost no attention at all once you’ve set it up.


The Nightmare Zone is especially important to get out of the way so that you can get all of the imbued items. If you’ve never been there, I recommend at least training there for a while until you unlock some imbued items like the Archer’s ring (i) or the Slayer helmet (i).


Pure Friendly Methods to 99


Levels 40+: Ranged Guild

By doing the minigame all the way at the back of the Ranged guild where you shoot the targets, you’ll get +40 XP/H while getting no hitpoint at all.


Levels 1-99: Swamp/Rock/Sand Crabs

Sand crabs and Rock crabs are great to train as a Pure. Swamp crabs are the ones that not many people want to train at. What makes Swamp crabs so good is that they have a Ranged defence bonus of -55, which means you will almost always hit something when you are training Ranged. They also have a max hit of 1 and 75 hitpoints, making them decent AFK XP at the same time.  


The Experiments in the Port Phasmatys are a great, low effort method to train Ranged. They are lvl 25 with 100 hitpoints and aren’t usually very crowded anymore.


Bosses to Fight with Ranged


There are some bosses you can fight with Ranged.


Jad (61+ Ranged)

Once you have unlocked the Rune crossbow, you have a decent shot at completing Jad. The Fight caves usually takes 1 hour, and killing them rewards you the Fire cape OSRS.


King Black Dragon (61+ Ranged)

This is another boss that is very weak to Ranged. Once you hit lvl 61 Ranged, you can easily enjoy the team and go kill King black dragon with Ruby bolts and Diamond bolts to deal the most amount of damage.


Kreearra (85+ Ranged)

This is an Armadyl boss, and the best way to kill her is using Ranged as well.


Zulrah (85+ Ranged)

Zulrah is a solo only boss, and this is also weak to Ranged.


Vorkath (85+ Ranged) is also commonly killed with Ranged and can actually be killed on a Blue dragon task.


The first boss that is recommended killing after you level your Ranged up is going for the Fire cape OSRS at Jad, it’ll take you a few attempts to get all the mechanics right, but increasing your Ranged level will make it easier and easier.





Useful Quest

The most useful quest for training Ranged is the Animal Magnetism quest for the Ava’s devices.


Low Level Methods to 99

At low levels, you can train at a range of safe spotable monsters, most of them being Giants.

Sand/Rock/Ammonite/Swamp crabs

Ogres east of Castle wars

Moss giants (Ardougne/Varrock sewer)


Cannoning for Profitable/Break Even

These are profitable ways to train your Ranged with a Cannon, I strongly recommend these if you have unlocked them since you’ll get massive Ranged XP rate while making RuneScape gold.

Ice trolls at Jatizo

Scabarites in Sophanem

(Bone crusher+Dragonbone necklace)


Fastest Methods to 99

Cannoning (levels 1-75)

Chinning (levels 75-99)


AFK Methods to 99

Ammonite Crabs

Bandits (Kharidian)

Nightmare Zone (Fastest XP)


Pure Friendly Methods to 99

Ranged Guild (No hitpoints XP)

Swamp crabs



Ranged Bosses

Jad for OSRS Fire cape

King Black Dragon for low level Rangers

Kree’arra for profit

Zulrah & Vorkath for profit


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