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More Details about RuneScape 3 New Boss – Solak

Today we are going to talk about RuneScape’s new group-boss – Solak. In the latest live stream, Mod Ramen revealed that Solak has been redesigned and Merethiel's Wisp companion is probably be added as a pet. Today MmoGah shares with you more details about the upcoming RS3 boss.



One thing that the RuneScape team showed off in the live stream is a new NPC called Merethiel who is going to aid you in the fight with Solak. This is unique because NPC fighting with you has only ever happened during quests, so it will be interesting to see how she is going to play into the fight and how she is going to help you out.


Please click for more information about Youtuber Large Gats who brought us this news, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:



The RuneScape team are currently working on the 7-man mode, and the duo-mode will follow soon after. But they said that if something is cut from release because of time constraints, it'd be duo-mode. It doesn’t mean that the due-mode is not coming into the game, it’s just that if they can’t get it ready by the launch day, then the duo-mode will have to come out at a later date.


There is also some other information about the Boss Fight itself. There is not going to be any requirement to kill the boss. There will be no quest or level requirement, anybody can go ahead and kill the boss. So if you want to buy the best armor or weapon to fight with Solak, MmoGah can provide you with tons of safe and cheap RuneScape Gold. Our RS3 Gold will help you get those items you've always dreamed of! The RS team will possibly give a bit of XP for Lost Groves slayer task. But it’s not going to be a great XP/H, it’s just a little added bonus, and Slayer helm will not work.


As for the rewards, Solak will be dropping the new Tier 92 Dual-wield Crossbows. The team also want to add Merethiel's Wisp companion as a pet which may be a reward from 1,000 kills from Solak, and it will be a separate boss pet from the Solak boss pet. Also, you may get a title scroll which will unlock the title of Guardian of the Grove.


The final thing I want to note is that Solak has actually been redesigned. We are going to find out what he looks like when the team showcase the Solak fights in an upcoming live stream. According to Mod Ramen, Solak looks much better than what we have seen before.


Please stay tuned for more information about Solak. Should you need anything else on RuneScape, for example top 5 skills to train in DXP weekend or some tips for DXP weekend, make sure to head over to our RS news page.




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