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  • Incredible Updates Are Coming to RuneScape This Summer
    By Michel Z2018-04-14 00:00:00

    Today MmoGah is sharing with you some amazing RuneScape updates that are coming over the summer. These include Elite Dungeons, Player-Owned Farm, RS Mobile, the long - awaited Solak, and a few other projects that you probably want updates on.


    Summer Updates

    Elite Dungeons

    The RuneScape team is trying something new in the form of Elite Dungeons in this summer.  It starts with the Temple of Aminishi, home to the guardian beast Seiryu and its followers.



    The team wanted to treat dungeons as something you explore, fearful of what is around the next corner. You can experience Elite Dungeons on your own, but beware as this will be incredibly difficult, so you can go in with your friends, forming groups of up to three players for a slightly less challenging experience. If you are only interested in the plentiful story and lore, then you can enter it in story mode, where the difficulty is lowered. Expect Dungeoneering XP, tokens and new loot for your efforts. So if you are preparing weapons for the new Elite Dungeon, then MmoGah is going to provide you with tons of legit and cheap RuneScape Gold.




    The team is going to start with Aminishi in June, and the second Elite Dungeon is coming later in the year, with the potential of more in the future. The shot below might give a hint to the second Elite Dungeon, which will continue narratively from the first…




    Player-Owned Farm  

    You are going to choose animals to place in your pens, help them to grow, breed them to create better beasts, check them for XP, sell them at market, or retire them and bring in something bigger and better. Animals will be tradeable, and if you get hold of certain breeds you’ll gain access to global buffs for your farming runs and other related skills.



    There will be lots of rewards in farming and other skills, and you will be working towards building up the farm to its full potential and unlocking everything it has to offer.



    If you have further ideas, get involved on the Player-Owned Farm Discord



    Solak is coming very, very soon. It will offer both duo and seven-player modes and provides one of the toughest challenges in RuneScape. More information about it will be released in May’s Month Ahead.




    Master Skillcape Perks & Improving 99 Skill Perks 

    The team is polling you soon on whether you only want perks on current 120 skills, and we will be getting you involved in the nature of any perks, so expect more information soon.



    There are also a few projects that you probably want updates on: Group Ironman will have a poll on Monday, asking you about your expectations for the project. The Mining and Smithing team will be transparent throughout the summer about how progress is going. The team will poll you about whether they can bring Bank Placeholders forward ahead of the full Bank Rework. Furthermore, work continues in full force on the Mobile clients for both RS and OSRS.


    Content Update Live Stream – April 17th 16:00 Game Time

    If you want to see the above updates in action and have your say in their direction, join the team on Twitch next week to get a first-hand look at all their new, upcoming content.



    Game Jam

    It’s Game Jam weekend, which means dozens of devs and thousands of players collaborating on Discord to make potential future content.


    Game Jam Discord


    Use this link to join the Official RuneScape Discord server and chat directly with their mods this weekend whilst they work on various RuneScape updates. If you want to help advise on a certain mods project, or just suggest some Quality of Life Updates, you can do all that and more.


    If you’re busy and can’t join in with the Discord chats, make sure you tune into the GameJam livestreams in order to get an overview of all the projects being worked on during development!

    GameJam Live Stream – April 14th 14:00 Game Time

    GameJam Live Stream – April 15th 14:00 Game Time

    GameJam Live ‘Roundup’ Stream – April 19th 16:00 Game Time



    Keep checking back for more RS guides and news related to RS Gold. We have a 1-99 Crafting guide for players to earn some RS3 Gold while training Crafting and a guide to help you how to earn OSRS Gold with Slayer.




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