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RuneScape News: New Arc Region Teaser - Aminishi Temple

Today MmoGah shares with you a new RuneScape update that is coming to the Arc region. Mod Orion teased us with an interesting sketched out image of a Dungeon on Twitter and updated his Twitter banner with a new image. So players speculate that the Aminishi Temple interior is coming.


First, let’s look at the first Tweet we got from Mod JT. He said on Twitter that: 



This is very ambiguous, but Mod Orion has changed his Twitter banner to be this new image:



You can see that this is a temple-like area with a bunch of Anagami or Arhat. This place looks like the temple on Aminishi Island, and it’s the temple’s interior, which makes fans believe that we are finally going to enter the temple. We don’t know what the content actually is and why are going to be entering it. But it seems like a pretty sound conclusion that we are going to enter that temple for some reason.


Please click for more information about Youtuber Large Gats who brought us this news, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:



Mod Orion gave a little more context to this image himself on Reddit:



This is telling us that it’s not a Slayer update. It is connected to another update that is recently coming out, and it has a theme and an overarching story. It might be some kind of Arc region quest, and may actually tie into the most recent Pieces of Hate potentially because Madame Shih is from the Eastern Land in that quest. We don’t have a lot of information now, so a lot of things are speculative at this point.


Are you excited about this news? Do you want to get into the Aminishi Temple and see what it has to offer? If it’s not Slayer, then what is it? Is it a new Boss? Please keep checking back for more information about it. MmoGah will share you with you more RS news and guides related to RuneScape Gold. We have a 2018 top 10 AFK skilling money making guide for you to earn RS3 Gold, and 3 low requirement money making methods for low-level players to get OSRS Gold quickly and easily.




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