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  • PoE: How to Make Currency
    By Michel Z2020-04-11 00:00:00

    How to get money in PoE? Why do streamers make more currency than you? In this guide, mbXtreme will answer your questions. His video has more details about how to make currency in Path of Exile, and all the content of this article is quoted from the video:




    Play the Game


    I made about 10-20 Exalted orbs in the first week of the last league. I think the key is your experience. For example, crafting is a great way of making currency, but if you don't know what bases to take, what stats to look for, how to check poe ninja, what is the current meta, what items you should craft, then you are going to have a very very hard time.


    The basic rule to make currency is playing the game. When the league start, I played the whole night, then I try to rush to mapping for the most currency and the best drops. Farming the Humility cards for a Tabula is an easy way to make currency, but I prefer to map because I would get drops worth more than the cards, then I can use the currency I earned from mapping to buy the Tabula.



    Be Efficient


    The longer you stay in your Hideout, the less efficient you are. I have a quad tab, and once I have done with the map, I am just throwing everything in this tab then run the next map. I am not going to have any breaks within the mapping. I just go in as fast as possible and try to make the most profit out of it. It usually takes me 2-3 minutes on each map, and once I have done enough maps, I will sort out what I have in my stash tabs. I won't cost a lot of time standing in my Hideout, because if you are picking up every single item in the map, then you are going to spend so much time trying to pick up items, going back in your Hideout, sorting everything, putting some items for sale. So, that means it would take you 10-15 minutes per map which is not efficient.



    Loot Filter


    Loot filter is one of the most important things. I recommend using NeverSink. There are 5-6 different categories, and every time you go deeper, it shows fewer items. The last two categories I am using only show those high-value currencies because, at the end of your mapping, you will spend more time picking up items on the ground rather than killing stuff and trying to find the exalted orbs and things like that.


    I don't pick up every single rare item. The only rare items that I pick up are from tier 16 maps, where the level 86 items appear, and the higher level of an item, the better stats it can have.


    I don't do many low chaos trades. In Path of Exile, Time is Money. On the first or second day of the league, I put up items for a minimum of 1 chaos orb, but later in the league, while I am mapping, I don't go back for a low-chaos trade because I think it's not worth my time. Because every single trade takes a certain amount of time, I prefer to spend time on killing a lot of monsters than do those low-chaos trades. So, I recommend that you permanently do mapping and only go Hideout if it's a big trade waiting for you.



    Ways of Making Currency




    The more you play, the more currency you will get. The first way I use is mapping, and I alch my maps and run them. I probably run 3,000-4,000 maps per league. The minimum I invest in each map is a map, alchemy orbs, and in a worst case secnario, a chaos orb to reroll the modifiers, then I will make sure I get a lot more than I have invested in mapping. The higher the investment, the more profit you'll have.



    Juiced Maps


    The next way is to juice up your maps fully. You are going to make your maps as hard and strong as possible. But this also requires a lot of investment because it costs maps, chisels, sextants, scarabs, and some watchstones. You need to make sure you are going to get the currency out of there as well. This is a little bit risky, you need an excellent build to be efficient, and it's worthwhile to have a good loot filter to pick up good Path of Exile items only.



    Magic Finding


    The Magic finding is not that great anymore. Since the changes of the Atlas in 3.9, it's better to run the highest tier possible, and you'll want to kill map bosses because of the buffs to bosses. Magic finding items are really low tier items, so if you're going to make a magic finder that can run tier 16 maps, even fully juiced maps to get the most out of it, you need a lot of currency to build character. I am not saying magic finding is not profitable, it is still a good way to do lower tier maps, but I think a very decent character is not based on magic find.





    It is probably the easiest way to make currency if you have the experience. You will play the poe trade and wait for people to sell items much lower than their real price. For example, hunter tailwind boots are worth two exalted orbs, but if somebody who doesn't know its real value sells them for ten chaos, then you can snipe and sell boots for the actual price and make a profit. If you are interested in flipping, you need to know the game and what stats are good, do a lot of searches, play the poe trade, snipe items, and sell them for the actual price.



    Boss Farming/Service


    Boss farming is a very good way to make currency. If you want to do boss farming or even boss services, you need to know the best way to kill bosses because the monsters will be harder. You'll want to spawn Sirus as fast as possible, and then you have a chance to get a Saviour sword. You can also farm the Uber Elder for Watcher's Eye jewel and make more profit, and I think Uber Elder has better drops than Sirus does. However, these bosses have some gear and build requirements, so you need to make sure that your build will defeat those bosses.



    Lab Runner


    This is one of the worst things for me to do in Path of Exile, and I guess 9 out of 10 people hate running Labyrinth, and this is what you can make a profit out of. You need to have some good bases for running lab. If it is an energy shield-based league where you have a lot of builds based on energy shield, you will take a bunch of Sorcerer Boots with item level 86, run lab, and enchant every single of these boots. If you hit Elemental Penetration, you will earn 5 Exalted orbs; if you hit Attack and Cast Speed, you earn 2 Exalted orbs.


    There are certain enchants that you want to have. You can have a white pair of boots, throw a Hunter's orb on it to get the influence, and then use an Awakener's orb to double influence. With less than 3 or 4 Exalted orbs, you can get any base you want if you have the core item. So, what you are going to do is taking a bunch of bases, running lab, and enchanting boots or helmets, then you can sell them easily.


    This is also a little bit risky because you could get a good enchant on the wrong item. But higher risk, higher rewards.





    Crafting is something that needs a lot of experience. I am playing many different builds, and I never buy rare items out of poe trade because I love to create them myself. I know that sometimes I'm going to make a lot of currency on certain items, but sometimes, I lose a lot of currency. For example, after I spent 70 exalted orbs on a shield, I found it was only worth three exalted orbs on poe trade. On the other hand, in the Betrayal league, I had some lucky craft. I crafted a chest and sold it for 100 exalted orbs, but my investment in that chest is only less than one exalted orb.


    Crafting is based on luck. You may invest a little bit but get a super big reward out of it just because you hit certain mods that are super rare on certain base items, or you may invest a lot but just never hit it. You could make a lot of Path of Exile currency by crafting, but you need to have a good amount of experience for it.



    League Specific Farming 



    Delve League


    Every single league has a league mechanic. Usually, every league mechanic is profitable, and it should be profitable. Delve league is my favorite content in the game, and there are many ways to make currency in Delve.


    When doing low Delve, you'll want to farm fossils, and the more fossils you get, the more currency you'll get. You are going to farm hundreds of fossils then sell them in bulk because Time is Money. For example, a dense fossil can be sold for one chaos orb, but if you have 20 dense fossils, you can sell them for 1.5-2 chaos each because you offer more, and people always seek the lowest amount of trades.


    Another method is deep Delving which is 1,000 depth. You need to focus on Delving, get into rotations of Sulphite, and get as deep as possible. Only a handful of builds can farm in Delve 1,000, but the good thing is the deeper you get, the more common those rare modifiers will be.



    Betrayal League


    Farming the Syndicate is also a good money-making method, and the safehouses can bring you a good amount of currency. The three white sockets from Vorici is something that a lot of people want to do. Some people buy a ton of PoE currency to get 28% three white sockets on poe trade. Therefore, if you're going to farm items, you'll want to buy the items, and divine them to a good amount, then you make white sockets on it, and you can get a ton of money out of that.



    The Synthesis League


    The Synthesis is a map gamble that I did a couple of weeks ago. In 2 hours, I made 30-40 exalted robs by running the Twisted Distant Memory park maps. This is also RNG-based. You will get many rings, and some of those rings will sell for a huge amount of money. These are probably the best rings you can get in the game for boosting your DPS with the Herald of Ash buff effect or Herald of Purity etc. You'll want to find the cheapest synthesis maps and run them to make a ton of profit.



    Legion League


    Out of the quad tab of Burial Chambers Maps, I ran all of those with the legion modifier on the zana map device. I spent 3,000 Chaos orbs in total for activating the legion modifier on every single map, but in the end, I had 8,000-9,000 chaos orbs when I got out of it. 



    There is no secret mechanic to make currency in Path of Exile, the way I make a profit is just playing the game, and the more you play the game, the more currency you will get. Streamers make more currency than you because they spend much more time playing than you. If you learned something new today, please give this video a like and share it with a friend. It will be a good idea to bookmark our PoE news page for more news, guides, and PoE 3.10 Builds in the future. Don't forget to check out MmoGah when you are looking to buy PoE currency and PoE power leveling service because this is one of the best sites for any of your Path of Exile needs. 


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