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PoE 3.10: How to Farm Large Cluster Jewels and Splinters Fast

Welcome to Behind Eyes Gaming’s video guide. This guide shows you a method about how to farm Cluster Jewels of level 75+ which sell extremely well and get a lot of delirium shards for your Simulacrum and Delirium orbs. This is a very easy method as long as you’re able to clear tier 8 maps quickly. You’ll be able to make a lot of Path of Exile currency very fast or get some nice cluster jewels that you can use for a future or current build.

Behind Eyes Gaming’s video has more details about how to farm large Cluster Jewels fast and easily, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:


The method we use is to put 2 watchstones and Glennach Cairns, and put either 3 or 4 Watchstones or 0 watchstones on every other region. So, you'll want to make sure that the only tier 8 map on your map is tier 8 Beach which we are using to farm because it’s very linear, and it benefits from things like Sextant and master missions since it’s a short map as well as the boss being very accessible and easy to kill. So, you can get in there and out of there really quickly while the fog is still active to get your extra bonus Simulacrum Splinters.


Once you have this setup, simply run tier 7 and 8 maps until you get a nice stack of Beaches, and once you’ve got at least a few of those, you can start running them, and you’ll probably sustain them pretty well. Sometimes, you’ll get 2 or 3 Beaches from a single Beach, and sometimes, you won’t get some for a while, but if you do happen to run out, you can simply go back to running other tier 7 and 8 maps, and you’ll get them because it’s the only tier 8 map that can drop on your map. If you have the preferred map system unlocked, you can put Beach in there as well, and as far as I understand, you should be able to get an increased drop rate there as well.


Now that you’ve entered the map, you’ll simply want to enter the Delirium mirror, run through and clear everything as fast as you can. I would recommend that you put Alva missions on here and alch&go your map otherwise, and it is very quick, easy, and low investment. These maps are not very valuable, and you’re not going to sell them for much. So, you’re spending an alch and sustaining infinitely. If you have extra master missions, go ahead and throw them on there for the additional monsters. It’s even better if you happen to get a legion or blight that shows up because that’ll stop the fog and give you a little bit of time to go through.


The Incursions, as well, are going to generate a lot of additional monsters on the map. The downside being that splinters will drop outside of the incursion afterward instead of at the end of the map. So, you have to go back and pick those up, or, if you’re fast enough, you can just pick them up immediately.


You’ll want to rush straight to boss, clear it very quickly, get out and then finish up the rest of the map, staying ahead of the fog, and once you’ve done so, you should be able to get a minimum of 4/2 reward structure, and you’ll get 5/3/1 very often. Occasionally, if you were pretty lucky, you’ll get a 6/4/2 reward structure which is a lot of rewards and you’ll be very happy with that result. Also, once you get your rewards, you’ll get all of the Simulacrum splinters that would have dropped in the map, and that tends to be quite a lot, so, you’ll be able to pick up those and gather those up very rapidly through this method.


Most importantly, we will be keeping an eye out for Cluster Jewels. Specifically, we’re looking for large Cluster jewels with 8 passives. We like all the other Cluster jewels as well, but the large ones are what we are going to farm this for.


We are doing it on a tier 8 map for item level 75+ cluster jewels because they can get two jewel sockets where you can put two medium cluster jewels that allow you to put two small cluster jewels into them, creating a nice little tree that you create for yourself. And, it’s very point efficient if they’re at 8 passives. So, I would recommend only going for those.



So, what do you do with all the 9, 10, 11, 12 ones that you get? Well, you still want to pick those up. You’ll want to stash them and put them in their own stash tab. And, later on, you can do five of the same rarity, either normal, rare, or magic, and it’s a 5-for-1 recipe. So, you’ll get another one, and it will have the properties pre-rolled, but it will also have the amount of passives re-rolled, giving you a chance to get an 8 passive one as well. I have tried this out quite a bit, it’s pretty rare to get an 8 passive one, but it’s better than just throwing these away, and they still have some use. So, keep a lookout for those and make sure you’re flexible with that.


As far as setting up for these, I did mention that masters are great. You also potentially want to be using sextants. You can even use a Delirium orb on the map in order to maintain the entire maps delirious, which will increase the number of cluster jewels you get. But I think it’s better to keep your Delirium orbs for later on.


Other than sextants, you can also use chisels. In fact, the more you juice this up, the more you’re going to spend, but the more cluster jewels you might get. So, this is going to be a lot quicker if you are willing to put the investment in, and you’ll still get a lot of PoE currency back. In fact, if you are only alch&going with a master mission, you will probably end up with getting a lot more PoE currency back than you spend. So, you might want to transition into this more heavy investment style later on in order to increase the number of cluster jewels you’ll be getting.


This is a pretty quick tip, but I think it’ll be very useful for a lot of people, and it’s a great way to level up new characters and make a lot of PoE goods quickly. If you learned something new today, then give this video a like and share it with a friend. If you are new here, it will be a good idea to bookmark our PoE news page for more news, guides, and PoE 3.10 Builds in the future. Don’t forget to check out MmoGah when you are looking to buy PoE items as well as PoE power leveling service because this is one of the best sites for any of your Path of Exile needs. 


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