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PoE 3.15 Builds: The Best Magic Find Build

By Michel Z2021-09-09

One of the few things that comes to the mind of almost every single Exile at some point is wanting to make a perfect Magic Find build that can do all content at the same speed of a fully Min-max build while dropping the most amount of PoE goods possible. 


For most players, that goal is hard to accomplish. However, you can make a perfect Magic Find build with some big investment and help from Legacy items. In this guide, Phoenix shares his best Magic Find build that can do all content while being twice as efficient at gathering currency compared to all other builds of a similar power level. 


You need Legacy items because they can roll up to 20% Increased Item Quantity on rare items that can roll other useful mods like Increased Life, Increased Damage, Flat Damage, and other stuff you can get on any build. 


Updated PoB (This build can only be replicated on Standard)

Total Budget:
4 mirrors



As a start, a proper Magic Find build won't be considered good enough without a sufficiently fast Ascendancy, and that Ascendancy can only be a Deadeye


1. Gathering Winds

Deadeye has Gathering Winds for permanent Tailwind, and that gives increased action speed, which is increased Attack and Movement Speed 


2. Ricochet 

You'll want to choose some bow support nodes like Ricochet. Ricochet provides you with +1 Chain, the best projectile-based mechanic in the game for increasing clearing speed.


3. Endless Munition

Next, you can pick Endless Munition for + 2 projectiles.


4. Far Shot 

Last but not least, you can choose Far Shot to take advantage of your long-range Attack.


Passive Tree


This Passive Tree gives you the highest possible damage and survivability. The tree includes two large Cluster Jewel setups to increase your socket count, providing you with increased Elemental or adding Attack Damage mods. They can be anything, and you just need the two additional sockets from each large Cluster Jewel. Please watch the video for more details on the Passive Tree, an this part starts from 2:02.





Tempest Thunder Harbinger Bow (Mirrored Copy)

I use a Mirrored copy of the legendary Tempest Thunder. There are better alternatives that can give you up to three additional arrows. But this one is only valued at around 200 Exalted orbs, which is cheaper than the amount of PoE currency you have to spend if you want to get a copy of the best possible bow on the market right now.


Eagle Stinger Quiver

Unlike your bow, this one is a best-in-slot option and the best elemental attack quiver in the entire game. The amount of damage it can provide you is absolutely ridiculous. You can watch this video to learn how to get a copy of this item.


Morbid Collar Agate Amulet

This Amulet grants 20% Increased Item Quantity, Critical Strike Multiplier, Flat Physical Damage, Life, Movement Speed, and crafted Auras. This Amulet provides nearly everything you need as a Magic Finder. The Anointment is Constitution because you already have enough damage on this build.


Fate Knuckle Prismatic Ring & Onslaught Band Prismatic Ring

PoE 3.15 Builds The Best Magic Find Build pic 4

Each of these Rings has 20% Increased Item Quantity, Life, Flat Physical Damage, Critical Strike Multiplier, and good Resistance. After that, I crafted Reduced Mana Cost of Non-Channelling skills and Decreased Damage on each of them. Now you can potentially get a quant ring with the Curse, but I don't recommend that because you are manually casting Sniper's Mark. Some people don't like to cast that manually, but you should try that with faster casting because it is almost instantaneous and will give more damage than any other Curse in this game.


Farrul's Fur Triumphant Lamellar 

This unique chest grants you a decent amount of Life and Maximum number of Frenzy and Power Charges all the time, and that's an addition to removing Aspect of the Cat Mana Reservation.


The Aspect of the Cat grants you a buff that rotates between 100% Increased Critical Strike chance and 50% Increased Attack Speed. That's an addition to a small chance of avoiding all damage from a hit, which goes nicely with having a high Evasion rating.


Phoenix Brow Synthesised Ursine Pelt

Just like all of your other rare items, this helm has 20% increased Quantity of Items Found, lots of Life, and crafted Aspect of the Cat to take advantage of your chest piece. I don't recommend crafting +1 Pierce since that will override your Chain, and your Projectiles will never Chain until they pierce.




Rift Nails Slink Gloves

For your gloves, you have lots of Life, 20% Increased Item Quantity, tier 1 Attack Speed, good Resistance, and additional Add to Cold Damage to Attacks if you've dealt a Critical Strike recently. From here, you can just craft whatever you want, and it doesn't really matter at this point.


Invasion Goad Slink Boots

The boots grant you lots of Life, Movement Speed, Increased Item Quantity, Elusive on Critical Strike, and a great amount of Resistance. Getting as much Resistance as possible here will allow you to invest more damage in your Jewels later on.


Gem Links

1. Your main six-link contains: Ice Shot → Awakened Cold Penetration → Awakened Elemental Damage With Attacks → Divergent Inspiration → Hypothermia → Increased Item Quantity Support (will be replaced with Barrage for bossing).


Ice Shot converts 60% of its Physical Damage to Cold, and you can get the remaining 40% from your Passive Tree. This negates the hassle of having to get something like Watcher's Eye with an additional 40% Physical Damage converted to Cold while affected by Hatred.


2. Your next gem setup contains Hatred → Herald of Ice → Herald of Purity → Increased Item Quantity Support → Precision (level 10) → Enlighten (level 4).


I am running Precision at level 10. You might want to lower its level if you are running low on Mana.


3. The last mandatory gem setup contains Sniper's Mark → Faster Casting → Lifetap Support → Summon Lightning Golem.


As always, feel free to utilize whatever sockets left for any gem setup you like.




Watcher's Eye

You have 15% Cold Penetration while Affected by Hatred and 60% Increased Attack Damage while Affected by Precision. For the remainder of your sockets, they should be filled with as many copies of a Jewel like Pandemonium Desire Crimson Jewel. Increasing Cold Damage not only affects your Attack but also affects your Herald of Ice explosions, which as a result, will boost your clearing speed even more.


Aside from that, having Increased Life and some Crit mods is essential to maximize your survivability and damage. 


Bandit and Pantheon

Bandit: Help Alira


•   Soul of Lunaris for the Majors

•   Soul of Abberath for the Minors


If you manage to get 10% Reduced Ignite Duration Implicit on at least five of your Jewels, you will become Ignite immune with the Soul of Abberath. 


That is the best Magic Find build for Path of Exile. Don't forget to subscribe to Phoenix's channel for more future build guides if you found this video helpful. You can also read more tips and news related to Path of Exile on MmoGah – a safe place to buy PoE currency.




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