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Path of Exile Delirium: Top 6 Cluster Jewel Notables

In Path of Exile Delirium League, there will be 281 new notables for you to add to your build. This will be done through a jewel system that allows you to expand the tree using the three socket jewel clusters around the edge of the tree. Today, MmoGah, one of the best websites to buy PoE currency, shares some helpful information about the top 6 Cluster jewel notables. 

Please watch Behind Eyes Gaming’s video for more details about the top 6 Cluster jewel notables, and all the content of this guide is quoted from his video. If you like his videos, please join his discord and discuss Path of Exile builds or just chat.






1. Overwhelming Malice

10% chance to gain Unholy Might for 4 seconds on Critical Strike


This notable gives you a 10% chance to gain Unholy Might for 4 seconds on Critical Strike. I’ve been playing quite a bit of Assassin recently and I’ve tried all sorts of poison builds. Pestilent Strike, Venom Gyre, and Blade Vortex are some of the more fun ones I’ve played, and this one fits into those builds perfectly.


As an Assassin, you’ll have no problem keeping this buff up nearly all the time, and it will provide you with an insane damage buff. Unholy Might grants you 30% of your Physical damage as extra Chaos damage. This means you’ll be hitting harder and poisoning for more. Even if you are not going poison, this is so much extra damage it would be hard to ignore. Perhaps physical wanders managed to become a thing this league, this will even slot well into that build.



2. Supercharge

Lightning Damage with Non-Critical Strikes is Lucky


The thing about lighting damage is it’s pretty spiky. The damage range tends to be huge. There are a lot of great ways to gain more lighting damage and they all have a pretty intense damage range. Wrath, Herald of thunder, and Awakened Added Lightning are easy to slot into a build, and they’ll increase your DPS and your damage range even more.


For those who don’t know, “Lucky” means that the game will roll your damage twice and take the higher number. For instance, if you were to have a damage range of 100-1,000, your average hit would be around 550. With this, it will be around 800. Sure, you would still have times when both rolls are low. But, consistency of your damage done would shoot up, and this synergizes extremely well with elemental overload.



3. Cold to the Core

1% increased Cold Damage per 25 Dexterity

1% increased Cold Damage per 25 Intelligence

1% increased Cold Damage per 25 Strength


Cold to Core gives you 1% cold damage per 25 of each attribute. It’s an extra little Cyclopean Coil. Even in cases where you’re only stacking a single attribute, you are often using the powerful Astramentis amulet which provides a huge amount to every attribute. This was buffed recently with the inclusion of Catalysts from Metamorph which will make their return into the core game.


Furthermore, a popular way to scale with bows is with the very strong deck stacking cold damage mod that can be rolled from either shaper or hunter influence bows. Even if you have 300 strength and intelligence and 1,000 dexterity, you are still getting 64% damage from the single node. This is quite strong, and of course, can be scaled much further and even combined with something like Cyclopean Coil.



4. Master of Fear

Enemies you Curse are Intimidated
Enemies you Curse are Unnerved 


This notable is going to be good in about any build. Master of Fear simply makes enemies you curse intimidated and unnerved. Intimidate make enemies take 10% increased attack damage and Nerve does the same for spell damage. These are more multipliers.


This is great on any build as you will be either running a curse or doing some Blasphemy or curse on hit. It’s particularly interesting with a skill like Bane. This is a free 10% more damage from Bane which is extremely strong. Not too much to say about this one, it’s just good.



5. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

+1% to Critical Strike Chance of Herald Skills
+25% to Critical Strike Multiplier if you dealt a Critical Strike with a Herald Skill Recently


This is very build-enabling. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is a dream for anyone looking to play an Autobomber build. Usually, getting a crit on your Herald skills to enable your Autobomber herald setup is a pain.


This gives you 1% chance to critical strike chance for Herald skills and 25% to crit multi if you’ve crit with the Herald skills recently. Previously, you would use something like a Shimmeron and the Assassin ascendancy to gain this crit strike chance. But this opens up new possibilities. Granted, you may still use these methods, but this will make your crits more consistent and powerful even if you decide to do that. Most importantly, this gives you more options.


6. Hollow Palm Technique

You count as Dual Wielding while you are Unencumbered
60% more Attack Speed while you are Unencumbered
14 to 20 Added Attack Physical Damage per 10 Dexterity while you are Unencumbered


Hollow Palm Technique is one that I’m very excited to play. It introduced the unencumbered mechanic which activates if you have no gloves, main hand or off hand items. But, it counts you as dual wielding while unencumbered which gives you the 10% more attack speed, 15% block chance, and 20% more attack physical damage.


It also gives you 60% more attack speed while unencumbered and 14-20 physical damage, and that’s flat physical damage per 10 dexterity while unencumbered. This means you are getting two separate more multipliers to your attack speed which is pretty crazy and can stack with other more multipliers to attack speed such as Arena Challenger from the Gladiator ascendancy. This combined with cyclone which has a crazy attack speed multiplier will allow you to attack insanely fast even with the very slow base unarmed attack speed.


14-20 flat physical is a crazy amount, and, running the numbers, you can end up with the bonkers DPS even with a fairly modest amount of dexterity. 700-1,000 flat damage with only 500 dexterity is absolutely crazy and very easy to hit. Granted, you’ll have to be a little bit more created with your skill tree as many of the damage modifiers specify weapons, but there are plenty of that don’t that you can pick up. I feel like the upper end potential of this build is going to be unreal in terms of damage, and I am calling it right now, some min-maxers with mirror tier gear is going to push this build, and it is going be well over a hundred million DPS.



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