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Best Ways to Get a Tabula Rasa in PoE

Tabula Rasa is one of the best leveling items of Path of Exile. This unique chest has six white sockets, meaning you can put any gems in them. Meanwhile, it has six links, allowing you to put out a lot of damage so you can level much faster. In this guide, nolaen and BullShifter show you how to get a Tabula Rasa easily.

Tabula Rasa is a great item to get at the beginning of a league where you might have multiple characters to level. You can get a Tabula drop by killing an enemy, but it's a little slower method. 


There are two better ways to obtain a Tabula Rasa: Prophecy "Cleanser of Sins" and Farming Humility Cards in The Blood Aqueduct.


1. Prophecy "Cleanser of Sins"

Prophecy "Cleanser of Sins" gives you a Tabula Rasa upon completion. If you don't have the prophecy, you can roll random prophecies through Navali or check out the Trade Market to buy one.


Make sure you don't pay more for the Prophecy than a Tatula Rasa. It will be a good idea to compare prices to maximize your currency use and not get ripped off.


2. Gathering Divination Cards Called "Humility" (Best Way)

Many people will farm Divination cards called "Humility" because nine Humility cards can be exchanged for a Tabula Rasa, and this is the best method to get the unique simple robe.


There are a few places to farm Humility cards, and my recommendation is The Blood Aqueduct, which is an area in Act 9.


Why Farm in The Blood Aqueduct

1. The Blood Aqueduct is a very linear area.

2. This area has a higher mob density than many other places that can potentially drop the card.

3. The Instance can be reset.

4. You will get a decent amount of XP in this area.

5. It is also a pretty good place to earn a lot of items, scrolls, and PoE currency early on in the league. 


After you get through The Blood Aqueduct, you'll want to Ctrl + click on the entrance to the area to start a brand new Instance (if you play on PS4, press Triangle). You can also do this at Waypoint. In this way, you can run The Blood Aqueduct multiple times.

Best Ways to Get a Tabula Rasa in PoE p1

Reset the Instance


That is how to get a Tabula Rasa easily in the game. If you find these videos helpful, be sure to subscribe to their channels. For more PoE tips, please bookmark our PoE news page on MmoGah – a trustworthy PoE Shop to buy cheap PoE currency for PC, PS4, and Xbox.


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