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2022 Halloween Sales Promotion: Find the Best Deals on MmoGah

By Penny2022-10-27

Pumpkins are carved, ghosts are seen, and the hour is here. Happy Halloween!


As one of the popular holidays of the year, Halloween always brings deals on all sorts of goods, candy, decor, etc. So as always, MmoGah, a professional online game shop, holds a seven-day promotion event from October 28 to November 3 to thank all our customers. The details are as below:


Promotion Duration: October 28 - November 3 (PDT)

6% Coupon: Halloween6



Please Note:

This coupon is only available during our promotion week and can be used multiple times; that is to say, there is no limit in terms of your use times.


You can only use the coupon to buy in-game gold and item products in our shop; it is not available for our power leveling services.


It can be used together with our MmoGah member discount, which would help you save more.


Don’t miss this opportunity of saving more during MmoGah’s 2022 Halloween sales event. As a reliable game store that has been in the market for more than 15 years, we can never let you down. Feel free to contact us any time if you have questions.


Quick Entries:

WotLK Classic Gold


PoE Currency

ESO Gold


Lost Ark Gold

New World Coins

Elden Ring Runes

D2R Ladder Items

WoW Gold

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