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  • How to Get All the Event Collectibles of 2024 in ESO
    By Michel Z2024-01-22 14:52:12

    In 2024, The Elder Scrolls Online will introduce new event collectibles, including a morphing collectible and four upgraded versions. The morphing collectible (aka. base collectible) is the Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet, and the other four are upgraded versions that can be obtained during their respective quarters.


    ESO Event Collectibles of 2024


    Molag Bal Illusion Imp Pet (base collectible)

    Quarter 1: Planemeld's Master Marking (upgraded collectible)

    Quarter 2: Master of Schemes Personality

    Quarter 3: TBD

    Quarter 4: TBD


    How to Get the Molag Bal Illusion Imp Pet

    The Molag Bal Illusion Imp Pet of ESO

    The Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet is a pet that can follow you around, and it can also be transformed into other event collectibles after being summoned. You can obtain the pet by purchasing three different fragments - Anchor Chain Fragment, Dark Anchor Pinion, and Effigy of the Dominator - from the Impresario, who only appears during events. The fragments cost five Event Tickets each. Once you have all three fragments, combine them in your Collections to summon the pet.

    Molag Bal Illusion Imp Pet Fragments

    1. Anchor Chain Fragment

    2. Dark Anchor Pinion

    3. Effigy of the Dominator


    How to Get the Planemeld's Master Marking

    Planemeld's Master Marking p1

    Planemeld's Master Marking p2

    To upgrade the Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet into the other event collectibles, you'll need to collect the necessary fragments during their respective quarters. The first event collectible you can obtain is Planemeld's Master Marking, which is made up of three fragments: Crematory Ash, Incandescent Brimstone, and Seething Censer. Each fragment costs 10 Event Tickets and can be purchased from the Impresario.

    Planemeld's Master Marking Fragments

    1. Crematory Ash (Guilds and Glory Celebration event)

    2. Incandescent Brimstone

    3. Seething Censer

    However, the fragments for Planemeld's Master Marking will be released gradually, with the first fragment, Crematory Ash, being available during the Guilds and Glory Celebration event. During the second event, you will be able to purchase the first and second fragments, and during the third event, you can purchase all three fragments.


    Once you have summoned the pet and obtained all three fragments for the marking, you can combine the fragments in your Collections to transform the pet into Planemeld's Master Marking. Please note that the upgrading process will consume the base collectible, meaning the pet will disappear once you change it into an upgraded version. Therefore, if you want to create another upgraded collectible, you must obtain the Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet again.

    How to Get the Master of Schemes Personality

    The Master of Schemes Personality

    The second event collectible you can obtain is the Master of Schemes Personality, which is made up of three fragments, and the fragments are also the Impresario's goods.

    Master of Schemes Personality Fragments

    1. Gold Iron Gauntlet

    2. Grim Iron Mask

    3. TBD



    If you want to obtain a particular upgraded collectible, ensure you get it within its quarter. If you fail to acquire it during the limited time, you won't be able to obtain it again unless the game reintroduces it in the future.


    The exact dates for the release of the second and third fragments for Planemeld's Master Marking are unknown. However, MmoGah will update this article with more information about the other fragments and other three event collectibles of 2024, so please bookmark this page for an update.


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