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  • The Fastest Way to Level Up Enchanting in ESO
    By Michel Z2024-01-17 10:09:06

    Enchanting is an important crafting skill in The Elder Scrolls Online. It enables you to create and apply glyphs that can significantly enhance your weapons, armor, and jewelry, making your builds more powerful. Knowing how to enchant can save time and effort when building a strong character and can also help you save gold.


    While leveling up enchanting can be pretty challenging, there are several tips and tricks that you can use to make the process faster and more efficient. In this guide, Cerny Gaming shares his best way to level up Enchanting in the game quickly. 



    Best Way to Level Up Enchanting


    Inspiration = crafting experience

    Crafting glyphs = low inspiration

    Extracting your glyphs = almost no inspiration

    Extracting another character's glyphs = huge inspiration 


    At the enchanting crafting station, you can craft and extract glyphs. Crafting glyphs will award you with some inspiration for the crafting skill line. This inspiration is similar to experience but specific to crafting skill lines. However, the amount of inspiration you receive by crafting glyphs is not very high.


    Extracting the glyphs is more efficient, but only under specific circumstances. Extracting your own glyphs won't yield much inspiration to your skill line and can waste time, runes, and gold. The best way to gain progress toward your enchanting skill line is by extracting glyphs obtained from another character. This method offers significant progress and is the fastest way to level up.


    Best Ways to Extract Glyphs

    There are two methods to extract glyphs for faster Enchanting leveling. The first one involves purchasing many glyphs from Guild Stores and deconstructing them. The higher the level and quality of the glyph, the more inspiration you'll gain. However, buying a large quantity of gold glyphs to extract may not be practical. Therefore, if you're on a tight budget, it's best to stick to purple or even blue glyphs but aim for the higher-level ones.


    Another way to acquire inspiration in the game is to send some materials to a Guildmate or friend. They can then create glyphs for you to deconstruct. This method is cost-effective since you don't have to purchase the glyphs from the Guild Store. It provides almost the same amount of inspiration as the other method.


    Ways to Boost Your Inspiration

    Besides the two methods mentioned above, there are additional ways to assist you in the leveling process:


    Orc race = 10% more inspiration

    ESO Plus = 10% more inspiration

    Mora's Whispers = up to 10% more inspiration

    Inspiration boost CP = up to 30% more inspiration


    1. If you're planning to create a crafter character in the game, choosing the Orc race would be immensely advantageous in terms of crafting efficiency. This is because the Orc possess a passive ability known as Craftsman, increasing your crafting inspiration by 10%.


    2. The Mythic item called Mora's Whispers provides an additional inspiration boost of up to 10%.


    3. If you have ESO Plus, you will receive 10% more crafting inspiration.


    4. You can receive up to a 30% increase in inspiration by using the Champion Point called Inspiration Boost.


    That is the quickest way to level your Enchanting skill line in ESO. By taking advantage of all these factors, you can earn extra crafting XP, which will help you level up Enchanting much faster.


    The Elder Scrolls Online has seven crafting skill lines, each requiring an individual leveling. But you don't need to worry about it because Cerny Gaming will be posting more videos on how to level these skill lines. To stay updated with his future content, be sure to subscribe to his channel.


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