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ESO Events 2024: Whitestrake's Mayhem Event Guide

By Michel Z2023-12-06

The Whitestrake's Mayhem is an eagerly anticipated PvP-focused event in The Elder Scrolls Online. This event commemorates the legendary victory of Pelinal Whitestrake over the Ayleids, an ancient race of elves. Players can join their respective Alliances and engage in thrilling battles against other players in locations such as Cyrodiil, Battlegrounds, and the Imperial City.


Participating in this event not only offers an exhilarating PvP experience but also presents players with the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards. Among these rewards are Pelinal's Boon Boxes, which contain a range of valuable items and equipment. Additionally, players can acquire Alliance motifs, allowing them to customize their characters with unique visual styles.


The Whitestrake's Mayhem event of 2024 will start on February 22 and run until March 5. Please follow Zurga and look at the event's new features and what goodies you can obtain from the event.


Introductory Quest

You can pick up the free introductory quest, Whitestrake's Mayhem, in the Crown Store. After that, speak with Predicant Maera, who can be found in any Gladiator's Quarters or Cyrodiil Bases.


During the event, you will enjoy a 100% PvP Boost. This year, there is no longer a requirement to use the Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity for buffs. All bonuses are now automatically active throughout the event.


How to Get Event Tickets During the Whitestrake's Mayhem

During this event, you have the opportunity to earn up to three Event Tickets every day. The first two tickets can be obtained by completing any daily quest in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. To find Cyrodiil quests, you can check the boards at the Alliance base or visit the towns in Cyrodiil. For Battlegrounds quests, you can speak to Battlemaster Rivyn in any Gladiator quarters.


To obtain the third ticket, you must complete a daily quest in one of the Imperial City districts. To do this, climb up to any district and complete a daily quest. You can take the quest, go down to the base, and then go up to another district and take the task there. This way, you can pick up all the district daily quests. 


How to Get Event Boxes


Pelinal's Boon Boxes

Pelinal's Boon Boxes are rewarded for completing daily quests in Cyrodiil or the Imperial City district daily quests. You will also receive it as a bonus reward with Rewards for the Worthy mails.


Dovah's Du'ul Outfit Style

Dovah's Du'ul Outfit Style


The Pelinal's Boon Boxes boxes contain various items, including:


•     Tel-Var Stones

•     Cyrodiil Repair Kits

•     Soul Gems

•     Cyrodiil Style Pages

•     Daedric Siege Weapons

•     Transmute Geodes

•     Tradeable Style Pages for Dovah's Du'ul Outfit Style


If you've already earned a Dovah's Du'ul Outfit Style on a given day, you can get pages of the Sancre Tor Sentry Weapon Style instead.


Returning Style Pages from Imperial City Bosses and Sweepers

During Mayhem, you have a chance to obtain Sancre Tor Sentry armor style and Gloamsedge armor style pages from Imperial City bosses and sweepers.


Pro tips: If you want to make money from event style pages, it's best to sell newly released pages at the beginning of the event when their value is highest. On the other hand, if you're interested in buying these styles for personal use or as an investment in ESO, it's recommended that you wait until the end of the event when their prices drop. These tips can help you maximize your profits and make the most out of your investment.


The Impresario Store

Planemeld's Master Markings - body

Planemeld's Master Markings - face

During the event, the Impresario will appear and sell the following goodies, which you can purchase with Event Tickets:


•     All Fragments for the Passion Dancer Blossom Pet

•     All Fragments for the Molag Bal Illusion Imp Pet

•     Two Fragments for the Planemeld's Master Markings

•     Bound Style Pages for Dovah's Du'ul Outfit

•     Impresario's Group Repair Kit

•     Companion Guild Commendation

•     Bag of Veteran's Glory

 Molag Bal Illusion Imp Pet

Molag Bal Illusion Imp Pet

The Bag of Veteran's Glory contains the following offerings from previous Mayhems:


•     Legion Zero Armor Style

•     Alliance Banner Emotes

•     Second Legion Armor Style pages,

•     Banner-Bearer Shields and Staves Pages

•     Legion Zero Vigiles Armor Style Pages

•     Black Drake's Body and Face Warpaint

•     Ebonsteel Knight Armor Style Pages

•     Black Drake Clanwrap Style Pages

•     Battle-Scared Body/Face Markings

•     House Dufort Banneret Armor Style Pages 

•     Tools of Domination Weapon Style Pages


Impresario's Assistant

You can find the Impresario's assistant near any Impresario's tent. He sells the items below:


•     All fragments for Doomchar Plateau House

•     Aurora Firepot Spider Pet Instructions

•     Hide Shoulders

•     Alliance Banner-Bearer's Certificate

•     Alliance Banner-Bearer's Endorsement

•     Alliance Standard-Bearer's License


Indrik Vendor

Dawnwood Indrik Mount and Spectral Indrik Mount

Dawnwood Indrik Mount (left) and Spectral Indrik Mount (right)

The Indrik Vendor will also return to Belkarth in Craglorn. This time, she sells the following Indrik-related items:


•     Four feathers for Nascent Indrik Mount

•     Four Berries for Dawnwood Indrik Mount

•     Four Berries for Spectral Indrik Mount

•     Haunting Indrik Pet

•     Springtide Indrik Pet


That is the information about the Whitestrake's Mayhem event in January 2024. This highly anticipated event will surely attract players eager to test their skills and claim victory for their Alliance. Whether you are a seasoned PvP veteran or a newcomer to the game, this event promises excitement, camaraderie, and the chance to earn prestigious rewards. So mark your calendars and prepare for the Whitestrake's Mayhem – an event you won't want to miss!


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