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  • Top 3 Ways to Become Rich Fast in ESO
    By Michel Z2024-01-10 15:02:11

    In The Elder Scrolls Online, having a hefty sum of gold can truly enhance your gaming experience. Whether it's acquiring top-tier materials, upgrading gear sets, or indulging in Style Pages, gold opens up a world of possibilities in ESO. If you're eager to amass wealth swiftly in the game, you're in luck! Cerny Gaming has got three tried-and-true gold-making methods that you'll find super helpful.


    1. Daily Crafting Writs

    Daily Crafting Writs is the best way to make money in The Elder Scrolls Online. Although it requires some upfront time investment, once you've got it set up, you will earn tons of gold coins easily.


    Your Daily Crafting Writs are dependent on your level and perks in each crafting skill line. If you work to maximize these, the requirements and the rewards of the Daily Writs will increase in value. This gives you a chance to obtain highly sought-after gold materials, such as Tempering Alloy and Rosin. These materials are very valuable, and they sell quickly. 


    If you invest time in leveling up the crafting skill lines of all your characters and complete their Daily Crafting Writs, you can accumulate a lot of valuable crafting materials. These materials can be used to save money and also sold for a good amount of gold.


    But that's not all. These Daily Crafting Writs also have a chance to drop Survey Maps for their respective material type. By finding and harvesting the materials from these Survey Maps, you can gather a lot of resources that you can either sell in their raw form for a nice profit or refine for more chances at valuable gold materials.


    The Daily Crafting Writs offer another significant benefit by providing the opportunity to earn Master Writs, which can contribute to efficient gold-making. These special items require you to craft a specific item from a set and then deliver it to the Master Writ merchant in exchange for Vouchers. Those Writ Vouchers can be traded for a variety of goods from the merchant, which can be sold for gold. Some of these goods are very valuable and sought-after. Alternatively, if you don't have many Style Pages or your resources are limited, selling the Master Writ itself on Guild Stores can also yield a profitable return.


    2. PvP

    If you're skilled in PvP or know how to follow groups operating Siege, you can earn many Alliance Points (AP), the currency only available from PvP


    Battlegrounds are surprisingly good ways to earn AP. You can use the AP you've made to purchase various items from a Battleground Supplies Merchant. You should look for the Dawn-Prism, a Trait item used to apply the Triune Trait to a ring or necklace.


    You can sell the Dawn-Prisms directly for a good profit. However, if you want to make more gold and sell them faster, you should craft level-one iron rings and necklaces, apply Triune Trait to them using the Dawn-Prisms, and then list them on the Guild Stores. You might think that they won't sell well, but they are actually in steady demand and can be sold for a good amount of gold each. The reason behind this is that other players need them for research purposes so they can learn the Triune Trait and craft the item themselves or use them to improve their crafting characters. As long as players continue to craft items, there will always be an opportunity for profit.


    3. Targeted Farming

    The third method is targeted farming. This is most appropriate during events where it's challenging to get items that are valuable to other players. The most expensive items are usually rare cosmetics. For instance, during the Imperial City event, the Simulacrum of Molag Bal located in the Sewers has an increased chance of dropping the Runeboxes for the Stonefire Scamp and Soul-Shriven Skin. These items can be sold for much money, especially the skin.


    It's essential to remember that certain items that can be obtained from dungeons can be pretty expensive. For instance, the Style Page for the Baron Zaudrus mask is one of the most expensive items ever sold in The Elder Scrolls Online. This is because of its unique design and the difficulty of obtaining it.


    If you're good at something in the game, it's better not to do it for free. Instead, learn what sells best and farm for those items. Thieving can also be profitable if you're willing to pickpocket, but it requires investment in your CP and the Thieves Guild and Legerdemain skill lines to be successful.


    Honorable Mentions

    Several additional methods can help increase your gold production in The Elder Scrolls Online. For example, you can farm materials in Craglorn, and you may even get lucky with a rare drop of Potent Nirncrux. Additionally, you can deconstruct accumulated gear to obtain lower-grade materials that can be sold in bulk for a decent profit. However, it's best to focus on the three main methods mentioned above to maximize your earnings. By doing so, you'll be able to increase your gold significantly in no time.


    Those are the three best methods to get rich fast in ESO. If you want more tips to enhance your experience in The Elder Scrolls Online, please hit the Like button and subscribe to Cerny Gaming's channel. 


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