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ESO Events 2024: Jester's Festival Event Guide

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In The Elder Scrolls Online, the Jester's Festival is an event that takes place every year in the months of March and April. During this festival, players can acquire a 100% XP boost and collect a variety of Jester-themed items. It's also a great opportunity to earn some gold coins. If you're new to the game, Zurga's and Arttea's videos can be quite helpful.


The Introductory Quest

You can take the introductory quest from the Crown Store for free. After accepting the quest, go to one of the festival tents, which are located in Stonefalls, Glenumbra, and Auridon, and complete the quest. As a reward, you will receive a purple-quality reward box and a pie. 


100% XP Buff

The pie is just a memento. The experience bonus will be passive during the event, meaning you don't have to eat a pie to receive the XP boost. 


All Event Daily Quests

There are seven daily quests available during the event:


•     A Noble Guest (Location: Stonefalls)

•     Prankster's Carnival (Location: Stonefalls)

•     Royal Revelry (Location: Glenumbra)

•     Springtime Flair (Location: Auridon)

•     Getting the Band Together (Location: Stonefalls/Glenumbra/Auridon)

•     A Foe Most Porcine (Location: Stonefalls/Glenumbra/Auridon/Stormhaven)

•     The King's Spoils (Location: Stormhaven)


Event Tickets and Stupendous Jester's Festival Box

The first Jester's Festival daily quest you complete each day will award you a Stupendous Jester's Festival Box (gold-quality) and three event tickets. Subsequent dailies grant Jester's Festival Boxes (purple-quality).


Box Content

Jester's Seeker Suit style

The gold-quality boxes will contain goodies such as Jester's Scintillator Runebox, Jester's Seeker Suit style pages (tradable), recipes, toys, Jester's Coffer, Bucket style page, etc.



ESO Jester's festival Achievements 2024

This event has its own unique Achievements, for completing which you can also receive nice trinkets. 


The Impresario's Store

Jesters Daedroth Suit style

The Impresario will offer the following items during the Jester's Festival of 2024, and you can buy her goods with event tickets:


•     All three fragments for the Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet

•     All three fragments for the Planemeld's Master Markings

•     Scrap of Minstrel's Cloth (fragment for the Jester's Daedroth Suit)

•     Pages of New Style: Jester's Seeker Suit (Bind on Pickup)

•     Companion Guild Commendations

•     Impresario's Group Repair Kit


The Impresario's assistant, Philius Dormier, will offer Hide Shoulders and Aurora Firepot Spider Instructions.


Indrik Vendor

You can find the Indrik Vendor in Craglorn during the event. She will offer items related to the beautiful Indrik Mounts.


How to Make Gold Coins During the Jester's Festival of ESO

If you want to earn gold coins from this event, then Arttea's methods will be helpful (the money-making part starts at 2:33). 


Sell New Event Style Pages ASAP

You can sell the tradable Jester's Seeker Suit style pages you get from reward boxes. It is highly recommended to sell them during the start of the event when the demand for them will be at the highest point. You can always repurchase any style pages you want at the end of the event when their prices drop quite a bit.


Sell Experience-Related Items

Anytime there's an XP event, XP-related items are great things to sell. The Jester's Festival event is an XP-bonus event, meaning it is a great time to power-level some new characters or level up skill lines. Therefore, items like the Psijic Ambrosia, the Aetherial Ambrosia, and the Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia will become popular during the event. Besides the XP-boost items, the Alchemy Master Crafting Writs will also sell well, as players who prefer to farm XP by spamming Alchemy Writs will need those items.


Sell Scrap of Minstrel's Cloth

The Scrap of Minstrel's Cloth is a fragment for creating the Jester's Daedroth Suit (aka. Barney suit). Combining ten scraps awards you the suit. Instead of using their precious event tickets, many players like to spend gold coins on the Jester's Daedroth Suit fragments. That means if you have any leftover fragments from previous Jester's Festival events, now is a good time to sell them.


Sell Old Event Fragments

Some other Jester's Festival rewards, such as the Jester's Festival Joke Popper and Festive Noise Maker, also require combining fragments to create. If you have the fragments and don't need them, or you have old ones in your bank, you can always sell them for a fair amount of gold, especially during the start of the event.


Collect Valuable Event Recipes

During the Jester's Festival, you can acquire the recipes for Jewels of Misrule and Dubious Camoran, which are consumables used in various content. You can sell these recipes later in the year for a good amount of gold, especially after several months since the Jester's Festival has ended. However, it's important to know that the developers plan on changing how food and potions work in accordance with their hybridization plans. Although it's uncertain when these changes will occur or what they will look like, it's wise to exercise caution while investing in consumables for now.


That is how to participate in this year's Jester's Festival event and make some gold from it. If you found these videos helpful, please subscribe to Zurga's and Arttea's channels for more ESO news and guides. 


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