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  • Elden Ring Stats Build
    By Bosbone2023-01-30 00:00:00

    In Elden Ring, players have the opportunity to create a character that truly represents their play styles. With eight main attributes to choose from, Mind, Dexterity, Endurance, Strength, Vigor, Intelligence, Arcane, and Faith, players can adjust their character's abilities to their liking.


    These attributes dictate various secondary characteristics such as HP and FP, and it's crucial to understand how they work in order to create a character that can conquer the dangers of the Lands Between.


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    Building a character in Elden Ring requires a deep understanding of the stats and how they interact with one another. Another key part is the items you collect in Elden Ring. You can add these essential items to your inventory to help you in your journey.


    While some players may prefer to focus on a particular set of stats, it's important to remember that every stat plays a vital role in shaping your character. Ignoring certain stats can limit your character's effectiveness. That's why it's essential to know what each stat governs. Therefore, we made this guide to help you boost your chances of surviving in Elden Ring.


    How to Level Up the Stats

    Leveling up is an essential part of the game, and the good news is, it's simple to do. Just rest and interact with the menu at any Site of Grace, which is easy to spot, as they emit a golden aura.


    Once you reach the third Site of Grace, you'll unlock the option to level up. Usually, this is the place where you will meet Melina, who will allow you to level up at any Site of Grace throughout the game.


    When you're ready, head to the menu options and choose which stats and attributes you want to improve. Keep in mind that leveling up will consume the runes you've collected, so use them wisely.


    These Sites of Grace serve multiple purposes. They act as checkpoints, allowing you to summon other players for co-op and respawn when you die.


    How to Get Runes

    Leveling up your character in Elden Ring is an important aspect of the game. However, it's not an easy feat, as it requires runes. While you do acquire runes by progressing through the main storyline, these alone will not be enough to make your character as powerful as you desire.


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    There are various ways to collect runes in Elden Ring. One of the most efficient methods is by defeating enemies and bosses. Many of them will drop runes as a reward for your hard-fought victory. You can also choose the easier way and simply purchase runes in Elden Ring at any time.


    You can also find runes scattered throughout the game world, hidden in treasure chests, or offered as a reward for completing side quests. Another way to acquire runes is by trading with NPCs, as these characters will sometimes offer to trade valuable items for runes.


    The Top Stats to Level Up First

    When it comes to leveling up, it can be difficult to know where to begin. So, if you don't have a clear plan on what to level up first, or in other words, if you don't know what your character will look like throughout the game, these two stats are vital.


    First on the list is Vigor. This stat is a must-have for any player, as it increases your health, making it easier to survive in dangerous areas and take on powerful bosses. So, if you are in doubt, level up Vigor. It's a no-brainer!


    Another important stat to focus on is Endurance. In Elden Ring, stamina management is key to success in combat, whether you're a melee or a spellcaster. Make sure you always have enough stamina to block, swing your weapon, or dodge away, and you'll be unstoppable.



    In Elden Ring, Dexterity is a vital stat for melee combat, along with Strength. At the same time, Strength allows you to wield slow and powerful swords, Dexterity grants you quick movement and nimbleness. A high Dexterity stat unlocks access to some of the most intricate and unique weapons in the game, such as curved swords, Katanas, and twin blades. Here is a list of the best Dex weapons that you can unlock.


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    But the benefits don't stop there, as a high dexterity stat also allows for faster spellcasting and reduces fall damage. This means that you'll be able to cast spells with lightning speed and land on your feet after a high jump. Keep in mind that you can only wield certain weapons once you meet the minimum dexterity requirement.


    What Starting Class Has the Most Dex?

    The answer is Warrior. The Warrior class has 16 points in Dexterity, but there are other classes you can choose if your focus is on Dex-Arc builds, such as the Prisoner, Samurai, and Bandit classes.



    Strength is the backbone of a powerful character in Elden Ring. It not only enhances your physical damage but also allows you to equip heavier weapons and armor, giving you an edge in combat. It also allows you to maintain a high level of mobility.


    As you progress through the game, aim for a balance of 50-60 points in Strength, this is the golden middle. Everything above that could be unnecessary, especially for your first run, unless you have a desired Build in your head. With 50-60 points in Strength, you will be able to take on any challenge the game throws at you.


    Which Starting Class Has the Most STR?

    The answer is the Hero class. This class boasts a starting Strength stat of 16, allowing you to wield some of the game's heaviest weapons right from the start.



    The Mind Attribute is an important stat for unlocking the full potential of magic in Elden Ring. It directly impacts the FP stat, which is crucial for using powerful spells and incantations.


    Mastering the Mind Attribute is essential if you're looking to attack enemies with magic. Additionally, it also affects the Focus stat. As you level up, aim to reach 40 points in mind, as this will give you the optimal balance of power and efficiency. This number is the golden middle for this stat.


    Which Starting Class Has the Most MND?

    The answer is the Astrologer Class. Boasting a starting Mind stat of 15, Astrologers are able to wield some of the most powerful spells and incantations right from the start.



    Intelligence is a vital attribute in Elden Ring, particularly when it comes to performing glintstone sorceries. It's a required stat for using these powerful spells, and it can also boost the magic power of intelligence-scaling sorceries. But that's not all. Intelligence also improves your character's magic resistance, making them more resistant to enemy spells and other forms of magic-based attacks.


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    In other words, Intelligence is the key to unlocking the full potential of magic in Elden Ring. A high Intelligence stat allows you to wield powerful spells and make them even stronger while also making you more resilient against enemy magic.


    Which Starting Class Has the Most INT?

    The answer is Astrologer. This class is specifically designed for magic, with an impressive 16 points in Intelligence.



    The Arcane stat holds a special place in the game, primarily governing item discovery. This means that the more you level up your Arcane stat, the more frequently enemies will drop items after being defeated. But that's not all, of course. A high Arcane stat also increases resistance to Holy damage and the resistance to the Death Blight status condition.


    Furthermore, Arcane also helps with scaling a number of different sorceries and incantations, making it a vital stat for players who want to master magic. As you can see, Arcane is really important and vital in many aspects of the game.


    Which Starting Class Has the Most ARC?

    When starting in Elden Ring, the Bandit class is a standout choice for those who want to focus on the Arcane stat. With 14 points, the Bandit class has the highest starting Arcane stat by far, surpassing many other classes that have 9 points or less. The second class with the most Arcane is Hero.



    The Faith stat is vital for players looking to master Incantations, a powerful form of magic that offers a wide range of abilities such as healing, enchanting objects, dealing damage, and curing status effects. You can cast these Incantations using Sacred Seals, which are weapons that require a certain level of Faith to wield.


    It's important to note that casting Incantations consumes both FP (Focus Points) and Stamina, so it's important to level up both Mind and Endurance stats to cast more Incantations during battles. Therefore, if you want to explore the true power of Incantations, this is the stat that you have to focus on.


    Which Starting Class Has the Most FTH?

    The prophet class is the ultimate choice for players looking to experience the power of Faith. With a starting stat of 16, you'll be able to wield some of the most powerful dragon spells/communion incantations and weapons in the game.