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Elden Ring Runes Farming Guide

By Nancy G2022-04-01

Today will share the Elden Ring Runes Farming Guide with you. We will look at five rune farming locations that are still viable after patch 1.03, which changed a few things.


These strategies made by MID 40's GAMER will help you level up quickly if you're starting Elden Ring a few weeks after launch, giving you the edge to tackle some of the more difficult boss fights throughout the land. Most of these methods are fairly simple and can be accomplished relatively early on in your playthrough with no special Elden Ring weapons or items required, and we've also included one method that will require you to have a bit of AoE skill to make it worth your while.



Third Church of Marika

Our story begins early on in a limb grave at the Third Church of Marika.


Third Church of Marika


Behind the church, hidden in the water, behind some bushes, is a teleporter that'll take you to an area where two of these farming methods are located. After re-materializing with all your important parts intact, you'll land in Greyoll's Dragonbarrow, which is a mid-game area.


Greyoll's Dragonbarrow


You can head out on Torrent loosely to the southeast until you hit the first point of grace near a long bridge guarded by a dragon. After hopping off Torrent and lighting the site of grace, you can consider this home base for this farming method.


There are a few ways to go about this method, the first being to kill the nearest enemy and fast travel back to the bridge to reset in order to rinse and repeat.


kill the nearest enemy


The second method becomes more efficient when you level up a bit more to set up a rotation where you can kill a score of these enemies for about 20k runes per run. Since one mistake or one hit out here will spell our death, we'll stick to the practical beginner tactic of killing one enemy for just shy of 2000 runes and fast traveling to reset.


It is important to note that you'll have an easier time out here as a caster since it gets pretty dicey operating with a melee class. You can utilize Torrent to speed up this process, and even to start, this method can net anywhere from 126 000 to 150 000 runes per hour.



Lenne's Rise

Our next location is for Lenne's Rise, and as you can see from the map footage, it's a stone's throw away from your current location. But getting there could be slightly nerve-wracking if you're seeing it for the first time. You have a choice to make here. The first is riding past the dragon on the long bridge, or you can take the poison trap route to the smaller bridge, which will land you right at the point of grace you're looking for. It is important to note that the smaller bridge is guarded by a boss during the evening hours, so it's far easier to travel during the day.


Lenne's Rise


Once you light the point of grace, you can hop on Torrent and prepare to exploit a game mechanic to cheat some runes out of the game. The method here is to ride Torrent to a trigger location under the bridge, which will spawn a sphere of death that will track you in order to turn you into a meat pancake. As soon as the ball spawns, all you need to do is dodge it by whatever method you like and observe it falling off the cliff.


spawn a sphere


Once it goes over the edge, you'll receive just about 2000 runes per run, then all you need to do is pop the top of your map and fast travel to reset the ball. Once you find your rhythm and dial in, this cheesy lucrative method will yield you anywhere from 300k to 500k runes per hour consistently with no risk of death.



Mohgwyn Palace

The third location is unlocked by doing a side quest from the first NPC, White Mask Varré. After completing the quest, you'll find yourself in Mohgwyn Palace, and you see from the map footage that it's an optional area and can be accessed early by completing this short quest or uncovering a teleporter later on in the game in the consecrated snowfields.


Mohgwyn Palace


You need to shoot at a bird across the way until it chases you and falls off the cliff, which yields you just over 11000 runes per run with no special rune enhancing items or the need for any end game area of effect weaponry.


shoot at a bird


Once the bird falls, all that's left is to make a short run back to reset the area at the point of grace and rinse and repeat this process. This is the ultimate area for raking in runes even without using a golden scarab talisman or the pickled fowl foot consumable. You can expect to see about three or four million runes per hour if your rotations are spot on, making this method far easier than eating soup with a fork.



Windmill Village

Our next location is the dominola Windmill Village and can also be reached early with a bit of legwork. As you can see from the map footage, it's located far north of your starting location.


Windmill Village


It is important to note that reaching this area will require you to grab a few items to activate the lift of dectus to unlock the upper plateau of the world map. Keep in mind this location will also require you to have acquired some AoE skill or beastly melee weapon. So to label this as an efficient beginner farming method, it's a stretch.


If you want to give it a shot and see for yourself, you can pick up one or two weapons early on that'll afford you some AoE prowess. Even at low levels and even after the devastating nerfs to these weapons, they still get the job done, just not fast enough to make it worthwhile. After mopping up the remaining enemy, you need to reset the site of grace and repeat this cycle.



War-Dead Catacombs

This next spot is one of our favorite low-maintenance farming spots if you even consider it is farming at all. And as you can see from the map footage, it's located in the northeast corner of the wailing sands, which becomes available after defeating Starscourge Radahn, who can be defeated fairly early on with some good old-fashioned ranged attacks.


War-Dead Catacombs


After entering the War-Dead Catacombs, we'll set the stage by running down the hall, making a left, and moving slightly down the staircase to activate another rot night to get in on the action, and then we'll slink off into an area out of the way where we won't be disturbed. There are four better areas to hide in, and you can also receive runes if you run back to the site of grace. What makes this method more magical is the Mimic's Veil, which can be looted from a chest in a dining hall in Stormveil Castle, allowing you to put down the controller for a while.



Here is the end of this farming guide. I hope you can grab more Elden Ring Runes via this guide.




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