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New Amazing Elden Ring 1.07 Builds

By Bosbone2022-12-07

Elden Ring's latest Patch 1.07, brought many changes and improvements to the game, including balance adjustments, some bug fixes, and new features. One of the most notable changes in the patch is the addition of new weapons and armor, giving players even more options for making new builds, improving their character, and customizing their play-style.


Elden Ring build-1


There are plenty of ways to strengthen your character, and one of them is by obtaining these unique Elden Ring items, which will make your character even more powerful.


In this article, we will include three brand new Elden Ring Builds that can help you in your journey across the Lands Between. So without further ado, let's start with the first one.


Iron Greatsword Bleed Build

With the most recent update, all bleed builds got nerfed in their overall damage output and the amount of bleed you can inflict on an enemy. However, you will still cause a bleed build-up with the setup we adjusted, and since you will deal enormous damage, you won't find any weaknesses in this build. So let's start with the weapons.


Elden Ring build-2



Iron Greatsword

We will use the Iron Greatsword with the bleed affinity in our main hand. The great sword is the choice because they have great physical damage scaling and the biggest bleed build-up. Although Seppuku is a very effective Ash of War, especially for Bleed Builds, we aren't using it on this one. The best alternative for this build would be Lion's Claw. It is more direct, can deal a lot of damage quickly, and can definitely stop the enemies in their tracks.


Cross Naginata (long range)

The Cross Naginata will primarily be used as a long-range weapon. Most bleed builds don't focus on long-range attacks, which can be crucial in many scenarios. The best way to achieve this is if you apply the AoW Spectral Lance on it.


You can find the Cross Naginata on a corpse in a cave in Gael Tunnel. You can also improve all your weapons with these Elden Ring runes, which you can purchase easily at any point during your game.


Ashes of War

Lion's Claw

Your character does a flip and slams his sword into the ground, dealing a ton of damage, and frequently it will stun even larger foes. You can obtain this great AoW after you kill the Lion Guardian in Fort Gael.


Spectral Lance

The Spectral Lance will be used on the second weapon. This skill allows you to toss a spear at enemies from long range. The Spectral Lance's attack power also got buffed in the latest 1.07 Patch. Here you can find a complete guide on how to find this Ash of War.



Radagon's Soreseal

Radagon's Soreseal will raise your endurance, dexterity, vigor, and strength by five levels, saving you a total of 20 points that could be used to boost other characteristics of our overall damage output. The only drawback is that we will receive 15% more damage while wearing it.


Shard of Alexander

This amazing Talisman boosts the attack power of all skills by 15%. You can obtain it by finishing Iron Fist's questline.



The preferred stats for this build are:

Vigor: 60

Mind: 9

Endurance: 36

Strength: 29

Dex: 20

Intelligence: 7

Faith: 8

Arcane: 80


Additional Items

You can use the Flask of Wondrous Physic, Strength-knot Crystal Tear, Opaline Hardtear, and Bloodboil Aromatic.


Ultimate Samurai Build

This is the best Samurai build you can use right now, and the reason for that isn't only because you can kill the game's toughest bosses reasonably quickly but also because it uses weapons that are as close to samurai-style as possible while still being quite powerful. Let's start with the weapons.


Elden Ring build-3



Uchigatana / Nagakiba

The first thing people think of when they hear the word Samurai is a katana, and because of that, we have two excellent alternatives for you to choose from. You have the standard Uchigatana, which resembles a standard Katana, and the Nagakiba, which is an extended version of the Uchigatana.


If you plan to engage in a lot of PvP, the Nagakiba is better, but if you only want to play PvE, I recommend choosing the Uchigatana due to its lower stat requirements.


Albinauric Bow

This bow is the best option not only because it deals the greatest damage of any other bow but also because we can change its Ash of War to make it more effective. The AoW that we will use here is Rain of Arrows.


Ashes of War


Since this is a Keen Ash of War, it will do more damage based on the Dex stat, which will be our focus. This AoW allows your character to sheathe the blade in his holster before performing one of two deadly attacks. It is also the default skill of the Uchigatana.


Rain of Arrows

This Amazing Ash of War allows you to fire a burst of arrows into the air to pelt the enemies with arrows from a distance.



You can buff your weapons because you're using the Keen variation on each of your swords. Therefore, you can choose several amazing Incantations.


Electrify Armament

This Incantation will add lightning damage to our weapon for 90 seconds.


Bloodflame Blade

This great Incantation will add 40 Bleed build-up for 60 seconds, and it will also add fire damage to the Katanas.


Order's Blade

This Incantation will add holly damage to our weapon for 90 seconds. Additionally, you can use the Flame Grant Me Strength, Ash of War, and Golden Vow.



Shard of Alexander

For this build, we will also use the Shard of Alexander, which I already described above.


Magic Scorpion Charms

You can additionally increase your damage depending on what Incantations use used on the Katanas. For the Electrify Armament, use the Lightning Scorpion Charm. For the Bloodflame Blade, use the Fire Scorpion Charm. And for the Order's Blade, use the Sacred Scorpion Charm.



The preferred stats for this build are:

Vigor: 55

Mind: 21

Endurance: 26

Strength: 17

Dex: 80

Intelligence: 9

Faith: 31

Arcane: 10



The armor set for this build will be the Land of the Reeds that is included with the samurai starting class in order to really complement the Samurai look. This armor is nothing special, apart from the look, which is beautiful.


Ultimate Bolt of Gransax Build

This is probably one of the best Dexterity-based Builds that you can use after the 1.07 Patch. It will allow you to defeat many annoying enemies from a distance, even the most challenging bosses. Additionally, this build would also be great in PvP because of its range damage and general ease of use.


Elden Ring build-4



Bolt of Gransax

Given that it is a spear-style weapon, it will have a great range. In fact, it has the second-longest range among all other spears. It is also one of the hardest-hitting spears you can obtain.


Cross-Naginata (offhand)

Given that the Bolt of Gransax is a spear using another spear in our offhand will allow us to power-stance our attacks for maximum damage. That being said, the Cross Naginata would be the most effective spear we can wield in this situation.


In PvP, you can use the Cross-Naginata in your main hand and the bolt of Gransaxin your offhand, so you can have an additional Ash of War that will be far more effective in close-quarters combat. The name of this Ash of War is the Giant Hunt.



Lightning Scorpion Charm

Since the Bolt of Gransax contains both physical and lightning damage, we can use many items to significantly increase its lightning component, one of which is the lightning scorpion charm. It will improve all lightning attacks by an additional 12% in return for 10 reduced physical damage negation.


Godfrey Icon

You can use this great Talisman to improve the Ancient Lightning Spear AoW. It raises the attack power of charged Skills and Spells by 15%.


Ashes of War

Ancient Lightning Spear

Your character summons a red lightning bolt, which you then blow at your opponent dealing great damage.


Giant Hunt (for the Cross-Naginata)

This updated Ash of War got buffed recently, and now it is even better.


Sword Dance (for the Cross-Naginata)

This Ash of War is just incredibly effective at closing the gaps and surprising your opponents with its two-part strike.



Navy Hood (Head)

Increases your Mind stat by 1


Black Knife Armor (Chest)

Black knife armor dulls our sprinting, jumping, and rolling, so it will be much easier to sneak and slay our targets with those dual-wielded Spears.


Radahn Set (Boots and Gloves)

Here you can choose whatever you like, as it will not make much difference.



The preferred stats for this build are:

Vigor: 60

Mind: 24

Endurance: 25

Strength: 20

Dex: 80

Intelligence: 9

Faith: 25

Arcane: 7


You can visit MmoGah's Elden Ring news page if you want to stay informed, as there are a ton of more helpful guidelines and tips.


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