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  • The Most Powerful Sorceries in Elden Ring
    By Bosbone2022-10-12 00:00:00

    We all know that Elden Ring is a massive game that offers so many opportunities and ways to defeat your enemy and develop your character. Sometimes you need the right weapons, but sometimes the game can get too challenging, and that is where spells can assist you on your journey.


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    But with so many choices, it's simple to get lost when choosing the best sorcery for your build. Some sorceries will just help you in a close-ranged battle, while others will finish your opponent from a distance. In this article, we will show you the most powerful sorceries in Elden Ring and how you can obtain them. So without further ado, let's jump into the list.


    Adula's Moonblade

    Adula's Moonblade is a Sorcery spell that summons a cold magic Greatsword that deals broad strikes followed by a projectile of frost. This sorcery requires 32 Intelligence to cast. Additionally, this spell causes frostbite on opponents, which reduces their ability to absorb damage by 20% and delays the rate at which they regain stamina.


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    Where to find Adula’s Moonblade

    You can obtain this spell by defeating the Glintstone Dragon Adula at the Moonlight Altar. It is worth mentioning that only those who complete Ranni's questline can enter this place.


    Carian Slicer

    One of the spells from the Carian Sorceries that can be obtained through various methods is the Carian Slicer. Players can increase its damage with the Carian Glintstone Staff, much like with other Sorceries of this type.


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    This great sorcery is on the list simply because it is fast and requires only 4 FP and 14 Intelligence. Additionally, it is pretty simple to obtain. With this spell, you make a quick, sweeping strike with a magical sword. Therefore, it is perfect for Close-quarters combat.


    How to get the Carian Slicer

    The Carian Slicer costs 1500 Runes, and you can buy it from Sorceress Sellen. If you don't have enough, here you can easily purchase Elden Ring Runes in less than five minutes.


    Sorceress Sellen is in the Waypoint Ruins Cellar, which is located underneath the Waypoint Ruins. Before you can get to her, you must defeat Mad Pumpkin Head. Once you defeat him, you will have to give her the Royal House Scroll, and then you can buy this spell. As I mentioned above, there are also other ways to obtain this spell, but this is probably the easiest.


    Comet Azur

    It undoubtedly takes a lot of effort to find every spell in Elden Ring, especially considering how many Sorceries and Incantations are located far from the main events.


    So Comet Azur is rather easy to acquire, although it is still simple to miss if you are not paying attention to your surroundings. You should definitely try this spell, as this is probably one of the, if not the best sorcery in the game. It easily destroys numerous bosses and hordes of enemies with the stream of magical energy that it shoots. This makes it essential for any sorcery build, but on the other hand, sometimes, it makes the game boring because of how strong it is.


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    How to get Comet Azur

    You can obtain it from Primeval Sorcerer Azur in Mt. Gelmir, Hermit Village. To use this spell, you must be at least level 60 in Intelligence and have invested a significant amount of points in one of the key stats, FP. This is because the comet Azur requires a large amount of FP to fire, so unless you only intend to use it once during a fight, you should upgrade your FP.


    The Rock Sling

    Elden Ring has a number of great spells, and Rock Sling is definitely one of them. This spell fires three projectile boulders out of the ground that can harm opponents from a distance. Even if the enemies are moving, the rocks can change direction, which makes this spell even more powerful.

    This sorcery is one of the best early-game spells in Elden Ring, so it is worth picking it up. I have to admit that this spell has some cons as well. It has a long casting time, and it costs a lot of FP.


    How to get the Rock Sling

    You can find it in a chest in an underground cellar near the Street of Sages Ruins. You don't need to fight any boss to get it, just pay attention to the Servants of Rot.


    Glintblade Phalanx

    A sorcery spell called Glintblade Phalanx enables the player to summon an overhead defensive arch of magical Glintblades that instantly attack enemies in close proximity. What makes this spell even better is the fact that you can cast it while moving. Additionally, the summoned Glintblades won't vanish until they've found and killed an enemy. It is also excellent for basic-PvP encounters due to its tracking capabilities. This spell requires level 22 Intelligence.


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    How to get the Glintblade Phalanx

    You must first find the Royal House Scroll and offer it to Sorceress Sellen in order for her to sell you this spell. You will become her apprentice if you give this to her, which will also start her quest line. Here you can find a complete guide on where to find the Royal House Scroll.


    Terra Magica

    In their travels across the Lands Between, Magic users are constantly looking for methods to give their spells and sorceries a little bit more strength. Terra Magica is definitely one of them.

    It creates a symbol on the ground to strengthen cast spells (35% for 30 seconds) while the player stands in it. This sorcery is also very helpful against bosses, even the hardest ones. Here you can find more tips on how to beat the toughest bosses in Elden Ring. It requires level 20 Intelligence and costs 20 FP.


    How to get Terra Magica

    So first, you will have to complete the Academy Crystal Cave, which is located beneath the Academy of Raya Lucaria, in order to find Terra Magica. This cave is close to the Crystalline Forest SoG. Just turn east and follow Raya Lucaria Academy's edge. You will also need the Stonesword Key to open the cave's entrance.


    It can get dark within the cave, so use a torch or lamp to navigate your way through. In this cave, you will also have to battle two Crystalians, so be prepared.  Take the elevator at the back of the chamber after you've defeated the bosses, and then climb the tower. This will take you to Raya Lucaria's inaccessible area. There you will find a chest with Terra Magica in it.


    Cannon of Haima

    One of the strongest Glintstone spells of the Academy of Raya Lucaria is the Cannon of Haima. This sorcery enables you to cast a powerful magical projectile in the shape of a ball that causes tremendous damage to opponents, and this can easily make them unconscious as well. You can even charge this spell to make it even more powerful. It requires level 25 Intelligence and costs 45 FP.


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    How to get the Cannon of Haima

    You must enter the Converted Fringe Tower in order to receive this spell. This tower is located in Liurnia's northeastern region, close to the Frenzied Flame Village. You will need to cross Liurnia's lake area to get here. After you find the tower, enter it and go on top of it. There you will see a chest, and inside it will be the Cannon of Haima. 



    Every sorcery is different, and most players will experience them in their own way.  Everything depends on your skill set, character development, and stats requirements. We know that certain Sorceries will perform better on specific enemies/groups while others may be more effective against specific bosses, so have fun exploring them. I also couldn't include all the amazing Sorceries, so here are some honorable mentions.


    Honorable Mentions

    Stars of Ruin (you can get it from Master Lusat, inside the Sellia Hideaway)

    Crystal Torrent (you can obtain it after you beat the Putrid Crystalians boss in Sellia Hideaway in Caelid)

    Briars of Sin (you can obtain it after you beat Thorn-Fire Sorcerer near the Artist's Shack Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes)

    Ranni's Dark Moon (you can find it in Chelona's Rise, in a chest at the top of a tower)

    Glintstone Pebble (you can purchase this spell from Sorceress Sellen for 1000 Runes)

    Carian Phalanx (you can buy it from Preceptor Seluvis at Seluvi's Rise after you complete a part of his quest line)

    Glinstone Icecrag (you can buy it from Preceptor Seluvis for 7500 Runes)

    Loretta's Greatbow (you can obtain it after you kill Royal Knight Lorreta)


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