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Elden Ring Items - The Best Armor and How to Get It

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Elden Ring has some fantastic items that you can collect as you explore its vast map known as the Lands Between. Some of the essential items in Elden Ring are armor sets. Not only do they make you look good while slaying your foes, but they also provide you with the stats that protect you and define your build. Whatever Elden Ring builds you may be running, below we have collected some of the best armor sets you absolutely need to pick up in Elden Ring.


Lionel's Set


Physical: 38.3

Magic: 29.3

Immunity: 150

Poise: 79

Vs Strike: 35.7

Fire: 32.4

Robustness: 235

Weight: 50.7 (Medium)

Vs Slash: 42.2

Lightning: 28.2

Focus: 100


Vs Pierce: 43.4

Holy: 29.3

Vitality: 100



Lionel's Set isn't as strong as the Bull-Goat Set when it comes to physical protection, but it's still a lot lighter, going at just about Medium equips load. It also has a lot of Robustness and a good set of magical damage-blocking stats, making it an excellent tanking set.


Elden Ring best armor-1












How to Get the Lionel's Set

There is a bed next to the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell. Lionel's Set is on the bed. To get there, when you get to the central street of Leyndell, head in the north-eastern direction, taking the first left that you see until you reach the lift which will take you down. From the bottom of the lift, run down past the graveyard, then take a right and keep running. At the bridge, go down into the sewers below and head southwest, then back up again. Go up a set of stairs on your left, then use the ladder near you to get out of the sewers. The Lower Capital Church Site of Grace and the bed with Lionel's Set are right in front of you after climbing the ladder.


Banished Knight Set


Physical: 40.7

Magic: 29.3

Immunity: 143

Poise: 60

Vs Strike: 32.7

Fire: 29.3

Robustness: 197

Weight: 41.6 (Medium)

Vs Slash: 42.2

Lightning: 28.2

Focus: 91


Vs Pierce: 38.3

Holy: 28.9

Vitality: 160



If you're looking for something lighter with almost comparative protection to Lionel's Set, then look no further. The Banished Knight set is great for keeping your equipment load in check while still keeping you decent protection. In some stats, it even outperforms Lionel's Set.


Elden Ring best armor-2


How to Get the Banished Knight Set

It's no simple feat getting the Banished Knight set because the armor only drops piece by piece as loot from Banished Knights you have felled. Banished Knights can be very dangerous in Elden Ring. The best place to get Banished Knight Armor is at the Rampart Tower Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle in Limgrave. Thanks to the proximity to the Grace, you can kill the Banished Knight on repeat as you need to get the whole Set.


Malenia's Set


Physical: 25.5

Magic: 15.3

Immunity: 108

Poise: 24

Vs Strike: 18.2

Fire: 18.2

Robustness: 90

Weight: 20.5 (Light)

Vs Slash: 26.6

Lightning: 11.9

Focus: 36


Vs Pierce: 22.8

Holy: 19.8

Vitality: 36



For light armor, Malenia's Set provides a high level of protection against both physical and magical attacks, as well as high levels of immunity and robustness. Obviously, it can't take as many hits as heavy armor, but the advantage is that you can wear this and still have access to a light roll.


Elden Ring best armor-3


How to Get the Malenia's Set

The only way to get Malenia's Set is to fight her, and that's not going to be an easy feat. She resides in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, where she acts as the area's final boss. You'll need to be in endgame territory to reach her. After you down Malenia, you need to speak to Enia at the Roundtable Hold to buy each piece of Malenia's Set. The total Set costs 56,000 Elden Ring Runes so if you need some, check out our Elden Ring runes farming guide for some of the best spots to get rich quickly.


War Surgeon Set


Physical: 15.2

Magic: 20.4

Immunity: 127

Poise: 11

Vs Strike: 17.1

Fire: 21.9

Robustness: 91

Weight: 16.6 (Light)

Vs Slash: 18.9

Lightning: 23.4

Focus: 108


Vs Pierce: 15.2

Holy: 21.9

Vitality: 118



You can see from the statistics that the War Surgeon set has a decent level of protection but nothing special. On the bright side, the Set is extremely light, so you may benefit from the White Mask Helm's blood loss attack bonus while keeping your gear light. In Elden Ring, blood loss is by far the most powerful status effect, and this armor set is a great complement to your bleed build.


How to Get the War Surgeon Set

You can obtain the entire Set by defeating one of the Nameless White Mask invaders that appear in the river at Mohgwyn Palace. You can reach this location either by doing White-Mask Varre's quest or via a portal on the west side of the Consecrated Snowfield.


Queen of the Full Moon Set


Physical: 12.3

Magic: 29.7

Immunity: 96

Poise: 4

Vs Strike: 9.9

Fire: 27

Robustness: 58

Weight: 11.1 (Light)

Vs Slash: 9.9

Lightning: 27.7

Focus: 167


Vs Pierce: 6.9

Holy: 28.6

Vitality: 187



It may look a bit on the daft side, but the Queen of the Full Moon set is one of the essential mage armors as it boosts your intelligence by 3. It may be severely lacking in the protection department, but it's a solid lightweight set with great numbers in Focus and Vitality as well as some decent magic negation.


How to Get the Queen of the Full Moon Set

As with Malenia, you'll need to defeat a boss to get this Set, and that is Rennala in the Raya Lucaria Academy located in Liurnia. After taking her down, you can purchase her armor from Enia at the Roundtable Hold for a total of 31,000 runes.


Bull-Goat Set


Physical: 45

Magic: 28.9

Immunity: 170

Poise: 100

Vs Strike: 44.6

Fire: 29.4

Robustness: 197

Weight: 63 (Medium)

Vs Slash: 40.2

Lightning: 31

Focus: 110


Vs Pierce: 40.2

Holy: 27.9

Vitality: 130



The Bull-Goat Set is one of the heaviest armors in the entire game, which is why you may want to pair it with a Great-Jar's Arsenal talisman. Apart from its insane physical defense stats, it also boasts a whopping 100 boost to poise, allowing you to withstand hits that would have otherwise staggered you out of your attacks.


Elden Ring best armor-4











How to Get the Bull-Goat Set

To acquire this mighty armor set, you need to defeat the optional boss called Great Horned Tragoth as part of a certain questline. To begin with, you need to make sure you spare Patches when you first encounter him in Murkwater Cave and ensure he progresses to Volcano Manor. After completing your first quest for the Manor, Patches will send you on a mission to kill Tragoth, who'll drop his armor upon death.


Black Knife Set


Physical: 24.5

Magic: 18.7

Immunity: 65

Poise: 29

Vs Strike: 23.4

Fire: 20.3

Robustness: 108

Weight: 21.8 (Light)

Vs Slash: 26.8

Lightning: 14.2

Focus: 54


Vs Pierce: 26.8

Holy: 24.5

Vitality: 54



Apart from making you look like a badass, winning you the Elden Ring fashion metagame, this Set has one other purpose: to make you a stealth god. The chest piece, in particular, muffles the sound of your movements, making you near invisible to AI enemies. It's also quite light, making it ideal for dexterity builds.


How to Get the Black Knife Set

To get the Black Knife set, you need to be in the late game stages as you can only pick it up from a corpse beneath an archway near Ordina, Liturgical Town in the Consecrated Grounds.


Spellblade Set


Physical: 9.2

Magic: 27.6

Immunity: 86

Poise: 2

Vs Strike: 6.1

Fire: 24.6

Robustness: 44

Weight: 8.6 (Light)

Vs Slash: 9.2

Lightning: 25.7

Focus: 141


Vs Pierce: 9.2

Holy: 27.6

Vitality: 151



If you're in search of a decent early set for an intelligence/dexterity hybrid build, then the Spellblade Set is for you. Apart from its base stats, the Set boosts Frost and Magic weapon skills by 2% per piece. It's important to note this only applies to Ashes of War, such as the Glintstone Phalanx skill found on some weapons. It doesn't apply to spell versions of these Ashes.


Elden Ring best armor-5


How to Get the Spellblade Set

To get the Spellblade Set, you'll need to sadly wait for Rogier at the Roundtable Hold to die over the course of the early game. Once you find his corpse, the Set will be there for the taking.


Cleanrot Set


Physical: 31.8

Magic: 27.4

Immunity: 150

Poise: 48

Vs Strike: 29.1

Fire: 27.9

Robustness: 159

Weight: 35.7 (Medium)

Vs Slash: 35

Lightning: 24.7

Focus: 66


Vs Pierce: 38.3

Holy: 29.3

Vitality: 77



The Cleanrot Set is by far one of the best early-to-mid game armor sets to grab. It has an incredibly balanced set of stats that make it well-rounded, though Vitality is a bit on the low side. The armor is a bit weighty, making it not so ideal for heavy weapon users. For most other weapons, though, by the time you reach Caelid, you'll have enough Endurance to don this incredibly stylish Set.


Elden Ring best armor-6


How to Get the Cleanrot Set

The Cleanrot Set is a random drop from Cleanrot Knights in the Caelid Wilds, unlike the other armor sets discussed thus far. Cleanrot Knights spawn in the area of Aeonia Swamp in the center. You can also find them in the War-Dead Catacombs, which can be accessed through the battlefield where you fight Radahn.


As an alternative to the Caelid Wilds, you can also discover and fight Cleanrot Knights in the Shaded Castle in the Altus Plateau - however farming the Cleanrot armor parts may take longer there than in places like Aeonia Swamp, where Cleanrot Knights are more numerous.


Mushroom Set


Physical: 13.1

Magic: 28.9

Immunity: 243

Poise: 2

Vs Strike: 15.3

Fire: 11.3

Robustness: 57

Weight: 12.1 (Light)

Vs Slash: 5.7

Lightning: 28

Focus: 214


Vs Pierce: 11.4

Holy: 28.2

Vitality: 181



Apart from its bizarre and striking appearance, the Mushroom set has one important purpose: to keep you alive longer from damaging ailments like poison. Thanks to its astronomically high Immunity stat, this Set is ideal for niche encounters where poison or scarlet rot are a factor. It's a utility set that can come in handy when also needing to cross a damaging swamp.


How to Get the Mushroom Set

Seethewater Cave in Mt. Gelmir is where you get the base Mushroom Set. To unlock this cave, you will need two Stonesword Keys. The Set can be found in an area guarded by a Giant Poison Flower and other fungal monsters.


A second helmet option in the Mushroom Set delivers even more immunity than the Mushroom Head does - the Mushroom Crown! A mushroom crown may be found at Lake of Rot's far southeast corner. To get there, you must climb the nearby ruins. Find a dead body hanging from an edge of a column. The Mushroom Crown can be obtained by rifling through this corpse.


As you can see, some of the best Elden Ring items are armor sets. These gear pieces as build-defining, granting protection and enabling effects that can push your damage further. However, some of these items are hidden away in challenging areas, and to get to them, you'll need a higher-level character. If you don't have much time to farm more Elden Ring Runes or prefer to have a stronger character to face the enemies that guard these items, you can use MmoGah's reliable rune purchasing services.


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