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Elden Ring Items - The Best Talismans and How to Get Them

By Yannis2022-04-20

Elden Ring has some fantastic items that you can collect as you explore its vast map known as the Lands Between. Some of the best Elden Ring items are talismans and little trinkets that provide a host of boons and buffs to your character. Some will increase your stats, while others will provide higher potency for your attacks and spells. Finally, some talismans have great utility. Whatever Elden Ring builds you may be running, below we have collected some of the best talismans you absolutely need to pick up in Elden Ring.


Gold Scarab

Effect: Increases the number of Elden Ring Runes you obtain from taking down enemies by 20%.


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Right off the bat, the Gold Scarab is a must-have item to obtain in Elden Ring as it significantly increases the runes you gather from felling enemies. Given how runes are used for pretty much everything in the game, the 20% increase is going to go a long way in saving you time. Particularly in the early and middle stages of your journey, sacrificing a slot for this effect is far more valuable than optimizing your build, especially when out and about in the Lands Between. You'll also want this to make your Elden Ring Runes farming more efficient.


How to Get the Gold Scarab

This item can be found in the Abandoned Cave in the hostile Caelid territory, just east of the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace. The Gold Scarab drops after defeating the two Cleanrot Knight bosses.


Great-Jar's Arsenal

Effect: Increases your maximum equipment load by 19%.


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Equipment load in Elden Ring can be a big concern for a number of builds out there. Particularly, those that expect you to don heavy armor or dual wield Colossal armaments will take you to heavy load status in the blink of an eye. The Great-Jar's Arsenal talisman is, therefore, a must-have item to ensure you're not diminishing your defensive maneuvering with fat rolls. The 19% increase is quite significant, so you’d be remiss not to grab this highly valuable trinket. It works incredibly well for high poise builds that trade damage a lot.


How to Get the Great-Jar's Arsenal

As the name implies, this item can be obtained from the Great Jar guarding a structure in Caelid. You can get there from the northern Siofra River lift and by following the canyon. Once you arrive, you will find three hostile NPC summon indicators that are visible in front of him. Because they aren't right at his feet, they are easily missed. Speak to the Jar, then activate and vanquish all three intruders, then return to him for your reward.


Radagon Icon

Effect: Shortens spellcasting time by granting 30 towards an invisible spell dexterity stat (capped at 70).


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Mage and spell-based builds will not want to miss Radagon Icon. Using magic in Elden Ring is fun, but a lot of the most important spells and incantations take time to activate. This item will make you a far more effective caster, granting you a more efficient rhythm to your spell-slinging. Builds that also make repeated use of buffs can also benefit from this talisman as its effect applies to incantations as well.


How to Get Radagon Icon

After beating the Red Wolf of Radagon mini-boss in Raya Lucaria Academy, you’ll be able to obtain this item. From the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, exit through the back entrance and turn right to find a sideway over the balcony with a ladder. Climb the ladder to a smashed window above the Debate Parlor. To the right is a chest containing Radagon Icon.


Green Turtle Talisman

Effect: Increases stamina recovery speed by about 17.7%, which is roughly 8 points per second.


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Resource management is the backbone of Elden Ring's combat, with stamina firmly at its forefront. Depending on your build, consumption of this highly valuable resource can vary, with some eating it up like candy through the use of skills. For characters built this way, you'll need the extra stamina recovery speed this item provides. A big example is the incredibly popular Rivers of Blood katana, as its Corpse Piler skill is a massive stamina hog.


How to Get the Green Turtle Talisman

The good news is that it's not only easy to find this item but also painless to acquire. The only pre-requisite is you will need a Stonesword Key. Then proceed to Summonwater Village in East Limgrave, which has a Site of Grace nearby. After opening up the path with your key, proceed east of the settlement to locate steps heading underground. Normally, this region would have a mini-boss, but it's only full of cute, harmless turtles. Pass them and enter the final door, where you’ll find a chest containing the talisman.


Claw Talisman

Effect: Increases the amount of damage jump attacks do by 15% (excluding bow jump attacks).


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Jump attacks are a powerful tool in any Elden Ring player's arsenal. Apart from doing big damage, they also make staggering foes and bosses easier. Whether you’re playing a jump happy build or you generally prefer to slam down on your foes from above, the Claw Talisman is a must-have item. The 15% increase in damage is nothing to scoff at as it also enables you to place enemies in a staggered state a lot faster.


How to Get the Claw Talisman

The Claw Talisman can be found on a tower in Stormveil Castle. Exit the Rampart Tower Site of Grace and plunge to the roofs below. Locate a watchtower with a ladder that leads up to a large, open roof. The item can be found at the top of the ladder after climbing it.


Dragoncrest Greatshield

Effect: Increases physical damage negation by 20%.


Defensive builds come in many different flavors, but they all want one thing: to reduce damage taken as much as possible. Enter the Dragoncrest Greatshield, a talisman that massively boosts the amount of physical damage you receive. With tons of bosses in Elden Ring swinging big weapons, this item is an important one to pick up if you’re looking to soak up the pain they deal. Though it can only be acquired towards the late-game stages of your journey, it’s still an important item to pick up as it will serve you well for the final few bosses as well as New Game plus.


How to Get the Dragoncrest Greatshield

You can find the Dragoncrest Greatshield in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, in the church-like area above the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace, which is accessible from the upper level of the building. You'll need to enter through the roof, so come down from the Drainage Channel Grace along the twisting branches in order to reach the top of the building.



Effect: Increases the damage of sorcery by 8%.


Another banger for sorcery and magic-based Elden Ring builds. Graven-Mass is a late-game item that you’ll absolutely want in order to optimize the potency of your offensive spells. Though mostly advisable for mage characters, this talisman can also be moderately useful as a swap-over for hybrid builds that may want to focus on their spells for particular boss battles and strategies.


How to Get Graven-Mass

You can find this item inside the Albinauric Rise tower, which is located on the eastern side of the Consecrated Snowfield. In order to cause the two imps outside the tower to attack each other, use a Bewitching Branch on either of the imps. When one of them dies, the seal on the tower will be broken, and you will be able to enter. There, you’ll find a chest containing the talisman.


Shard of Alexander

Effect: Increases the damage output of skills by 15%.


Elden Ring talismans-6


Elden Ring builds that rely on their Ashes of War or weapon skills to do the bulk of their damage will absolutely want to pick up Shard of Alexander. This item gives a whopping 15% damage increase to skill damage, and that is nothing to sneeze at. A good example build that can make heavy use of this talisman is Rivers of Blood which relies heavily on spamming the Corpse Piler skill. While this may seem more focused on dexterity-based characters, there are also other attribute builds that can make use of this talisman.


How to Get the Shard of Alexander

As this item is a reward granted to you by the Iron-fist Alexander Warrior Jar quest line, you'll have to play through the whole thing. You'll find Alexander on Stormhill at first, but the first step in his quest is to defeat Radahn. Alexander will be at the site of Grace after the fight. You can find him again in Liurnia on the cliffs above Jarburg in Liurnia. Use an oil pot to free him. Then, he will move on to Mt. Gelmir, where you can find him bathing in the magma in the far west of the area. In this place, you can talk to him, and you can call him to help you fight the Fire Giant, too. It doesn't matter if you call him there or not. You will find him next on a floating walkway near the Dragon Temple Lift Grace in Crumbling Farum Azula. Then, if you talk to him here, he'll ask you to fight him. Defeat him in honorable combat, and you’ll receive the item.


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Radagon's Soreseal

Effect: Increases Strength, Dexterity, Vigor, and Endurance by 5 at the cost of increasing damage taken by 15%.


Don't let the downside of this Elden Ring item fool you. The additional stats can more than makeup for the increase in pain you receive. The additional points to these stats are a boon for any physical build. Keep in mind that even though your health bar will appear longer after wearing this talisman, your effective health pool won’t be as large. Still, you’ll be able to wield more powerful weapons, don better armor, and have more stamina to roll and keep yourself from harm’s way.


How to Get Radagon's Soreseal

In Forth Faroth, just south of the Dragonbarrow Minor Erdtree in the far northeast of Caelid, you can discover Radagon's Soreseal on a corpse. However, because of the high level of danger in this area, you may wish to start with Radagon's Scarseal, a lower-level variation. Radagon's Scarseal is found after beating the Weeping Evergaol's boss in Weeping Peninsula's northwest.


Marik's Soreseal

Effect: Increases Intelligence, Faith, Mind, and Arcane by 5 at the cost of increasing damage taken by 15%.


The caster's equivalent to Radagon’s Soreseal, this Elden Ring item can be a great boon to magic-based builds. Like its physical counterpart, it has the downside of increasing damage taken, which can be even riskier for the squishier mages out there. That being said, these builds rely heavily on keeping their distance, so you should already be familiar with strategies that keep you out of reach of boss attacks. The increase to Mind, in particular, is quite beneficial as it will enable you to chuck more spells at your foes before needing a flask recharge.


How to Get Marika's Soreseal

This talisman is located in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree at the Prayer Room site of Grace at the lowest level of the exterior walls. To open the fog door and get the item, you’ll need two Stonesword Keys. This is a late-game area, so, like with Radagon's case, you can consider Marika's Scarseal during the earlier stages of the game. To find it, look for it in the far north of the Siofra River area near the Dragonkin Soldier.


As you can see, some of the best items in Elden Ring are talismans. Their powerful effects can make entire builds work more effectively by boosting stats, increasing damage, and by enabling the use of better equipment. However, some of these items are hidden away in challenging areas, and to get to them, you'll need a higher-level character. If you don't have the time to farm more Elden Ring Runes or prefer to have a stronger character to face the enemies that guard these items, you can use MMOGAH's reliable rune purchasing services.



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