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Where are the Best Elden Ring Rune Farming Spots

By abubakarawanb4d2022-03-29

Runes serve multiple purposes in Elden Ring. Like Souls in previous From Software games, you can use them to strengthen your character, buy items, improve your equipment, and upgrade your Summon Spirits. You’ll always run the risk of losing them in the next boss fight.


Thankfully, there are reliable and safe ways to farm for Runes in Elden Ring, with the added option of buying them.


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Why Farm or Buy Runes in Elden Ring?

From Software’s latest masterpiece is an incredibly challenging game. As lush and impressive it may feel to explore and get lost in the Lands Between, the game can be a grueling experience, especially when squaring off against its bosses.


Fortunately, Miyazaki and his team have given us plenty of ways to overcome challenges, making Elden Ring one of the most accessible Soulsborne titles they’ve ever produced. One of these methods is grinding for Runes. Though dedicated fans may scoff at the notion, overleveling a boss fight is a legitimate way to progress in the story if you hate repeatedly bashing your head against virtual brick walls. On top of that, the game also makes it possible to trade Elden Ring items, including Runes, with other players when engaging in some Jolly Cooperation.


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Farming Elden Ring Runes vs. Buying Them

Fortunately, Elden Ring’s open-world nature takes some pity on you by allowing you to acquire Runes through farming. Similar to a vast number of RPGs out there, the Lands Between has several spots you can use to grind for Runes. In some cases, you can chill to a session of Netflix while the runes come to you. The more fruitful spots, though, require some active combat on your part. Spending a few hours doing either method can net you a nice chunk of Runes.


If time isn’t a luxury you can afford, buying Runes from a reliable source is also an option. Elden Ring makes it possible to drop items when joining forces with other players. This includes Golden Runes, Lord’s Runes, and other Runes. After collecting them, you can return to your world, crack them open, and use them any way you wish.


Where to Farm Elden Ring Runes

Farming Runes in Elden Ring can be done in several locations across the Lands Between. Pretty much every enemy, including the little critters that scuttle and scurry about the map will net you Runes for slaying them. However, there are a few choice places that make for safe yet reliable farming spots.


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Early Game

Limgrave and its direct neighboring territories are filled with small groups of enemies as you progress through the early levels. You’ll even find caves and castles that house a few mini-bosses for an extra boost of Runes. Just by riding on your trusty steed Torrent, you can circle around enemies and use your heavy attack to harvest them for Runes.


The advantage of using the heavy attack is that it can be charged for a continuous, draggable hitbox. Just hold down the heavy attack button, steer Torrent into the group, then let go to toss them into the air for big damage. Mastering this technique will make taking out groups of minor enemies in the open world easier and ruthlessly enjoyable.


Alternatively, the various ruins, camps, and castles in the area give you plenty of opportunities to safely farm. These typically consist of enemies that are either stationary or have simple patrol paths. Here’s where Elden Ring’s stealth mechanic comes in handy. By crouching down, you make it practically impossible for enemies that have their backs turned to spot you. On top of that, backstabbing is a lot more reliable than other Souls games. In some cases, you can clear an entire encampment of soldiers without triggering any alerts. Worst case scenario, you hop onto Torrent to ride off and reset the situation.


Once you hit level 20+ and defeat the game’s first roadblocks, Margit and Godrick, you can start looking at some more lucrative farming spots for Runes.


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Enemies near Bestial Sanctum

As you progress your character level, you’ll notice that the Rune requirements for each go up, reaching the thousands pretty quickly. On top of that, you’ll need to pay for upgrades, meaning your cash flow will require a significant boost.


Once you’re past level 20-25, the enemies in the early game won’t quite cut the mustard for your needs. You’ll need a better farming spot, and we’ve got just the place. It’s near a place called the Bestial Sanctum.


The pre-requisites for getting here are to defeat Margit, the Fell Omen, and have been taken to the Roundtable Hold at least once. This will trigger the spawning of an NPC called D, Hunter of the Dead. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you of a Beast Clergyman. He’ll also be gracious enough to mark a red location on your map. The fastest way to get there is by porting to the Third Church of Marika if you’ve opened up the Site of Grace there. If you haven’t, just follow the red marker but be sure to open up the Site along the way because that’s where you’ll get the Flask of Wondrous Physik as well.


By following the red marker down to the river, you’ll find a teleportation portal. Examine it, and you’ll be sent to another part of the Lands Between called Bestial Sanctum. As you spawn in, you’ll see a door and behind you a massive boss. Do not engage it because it’ll rip you to shreds. Instead, open the door to activate the Site of Grace. Then, use your stealth to creep out and go left. Once you’re at a safe distance, you can mount up and head south along the cliff’s edge. At some point, you’ll come across small soldiers covered in black clothing. These are your target, but first, you should get the next Site of Grace that’s just down the road before the bridge.


Now, you’re ready to rock. Each of these soldiers will yield you a little over 1000 runes per kill. They’re pretty easy to take out but be warned that they hit hard, especially the ones with the chains. You can easily stagger them if you have a shield and use the follow-up attack once you block a hit. Because they’re not grouped up, they’re also easy to backstab from stealth. After clearing the area, head to the Farum Greatbridge Site and reset to repeat the slaughter. Depending on your rhythm and speed, an hour could easily net you 50,000-70,000 runes.


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Bridge Boulder

Whether killing enemies repeatedly isn’t your thing or you simply want to break the monotony, the area offers another option. What you’ll need to do, though, is cross the bridge, which is guarded by a massive dragon boss. If you’re not ready to kill it, you can attempt to run past it on horseback, which should work. Alternatively, you can brave the surrounding area for another route.


Your aim is to reach the Site of Grace at Lenne’s Rise and activate it. Then, look towards the bridge where the dragon is, and you’ll see a path that leads underneath it. Call Torrent and start going down the path until you see a magical flash appear. This is a boulder trap, and you can easily avoid it by turning to either side.


The trick here is to turn right as soon as you see the flash and ride back up while close to the ledge. Doing so will make the boulder fall down the cliff and will kill something that will earn you 1952 runes. You can then immediately teleport back to the Site of Grace and repeat the process. It’s a safe way to make a nice chunk of runes without doing any fighting.


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Netflix n’ Chill Rune Farming

Need to farm some Elden Ring runes and catch up on some shows? We’ve got you covered. Both methods below won’t yield you large numbers of Runes per kill. However, you don’t need to lift a finger besides resetting at a Site of Grace and returning to the location, making them an excellent passive way of farming Runes.


Liurnia Highway North

After making your way to the Site of Grace of Liurnia Highway North, you’ll find a battle happening nearby. A spectral giant and some smaller enemies are fighting a group of soldiers, and the massive brute clearly has an advantage. By getting a tad close, you’ll trigger this event, and then you can sit back and gather Runes. The Runes per kill rate is a pittance, but you can easily rinse and repeat while binging movies and shows or even doing work.


Impassable Greatbridge

A similar farming spot with a slightly higher Rune yield can be found near Impassable Greatbridge. Though this can be reached after taking the Bestial Sanctum Site, it’s a treacherous run. The less precarious route is by going from Limgrave eastward then cutting south.


After reaching and activating the Site of Grace, you’ll find another battle raging between some soldiers and demon dogs. You can perch yourself on top of a rock nearby to observe the fight while you cash in on Runes. By the time the battle ends, you’ll make roughly 2000-3000 before needing to reset at the Site.


The one thing to watch out for are the enemies on the tower near the spot. They have crossbows and will start shooting at you when you’re in range. Just stay past the great big fire nearby and you’ll be fine. Though, you may want to clear the tower at least once to get some loot.


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Farming Runes as a Cooperator

Doing some Jolly Cooperation, as the great Sunbro would say, is another excellent way to make some Runes. Apart from helping your fellow Tarnished, you can repeatedly do boss fights that yield high amounts of Runes without running the risk of losing them.


Not all boss fights are created equal, though. Some are more tedious than others. If you’re looking to optimize your Rune farming, you’ll want to take on fights that are easy to cheese. Enter Rennala, a boss that can be easily staggered and tossed around like a ragdoll, especially if you’re using a strength build.


You’ll need to gain access and make your way through Raya Lucaria Academy to reach her fog gate. After that, though, you can lay down your sign and farm her on repeat to your heart’s content.


Buy Elden Ring Runes

If all of the above methods aren’t quite what you’re looking for, then your next option to speed up your Elden Ring progress is to buy Runes.


Why Buy Elden Ring Runes

Farming may be more accessible than ever in Elden Ring, but it’s still time-consuming. Fortunately, you can make use of a Rune buying service like ours to get vast amounts of them quickly and painlessly.


So far, From Software hasn’t said anything about banning accounts that sell or buy Runes. On top of that, there’s it doesn’t affect other players as the game is mainly single-player. You’d be simply trading money for our time to do the farming for you.


How Does It Work?

Buying Runes from us is pretty simple.


Our Face-to-Face service requires that we meet in-game via cooperation. After placing your order, we will provide a specific area to meet and a multiplayer password. Once you set the password we’ve given you, you can use your Furled Finger to place your summon sign at the area we’ve specified in the game. Then, we’ll summon you to our world and drop all the Runes for you to pick up.




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