8$ = 100,000 gold | Grim Batol (alliance)
Available Stock : 100000
Minimum Purchase Quantity : 100000

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Secure Payment
8$ = 100,000 gold, the cheapest price! Only for EU Grim Batol!

All gold is earned by legal methods (herbalism, skinning, mining, etc.),no bots or something like that.

If I am online - I will deliver gold within 10-20 minutes. (Usually I am online from 5:00 pm to 6:00 am (GMT + 0).)
(if I am busy with another buyer, then you will have to wait a little more)

Delivered through Face-to-Face trade in stormwind, near the auction house outside.

For safety, you will need to give me in exchange any item (even gray garbage will do) when you receive gold.

Have questions or suggestions? PM me here, and I will answer any of your questions.