Hire A pro! Buildhelp? Atlasstrats? PriceChecks? PoB Help? What upgrades first? (1H Pack)
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PM US FOR INSTANT RESPONSES on m.me/BoostExperience so we can discuss # of levels / price per level. & delivery time.


Before ordering this package :

This is a ONE hour deal. Price will be extended (and billed through Odealo) by 20$ for every started 30min.

Welcome to BoosterExperience 

Maybe you don't want to "get everything for real life money"? Maybe you just want someone who's actually been playing the game since Closed Alpha to look at your build? Maybe you feel sad that Mathil has never played Elemental Hit Cast on Crit Ball Lightning Knockback cause you don't know how to build it?
We are here for you! Around 16 hours a day. Instantly available to work on your project!

Whether you don't know what to upgrade first or are not sure about your tree our gem choices, we will look at it & optimize, as efficiently as possible given the time you give us.

Why choose our service?

  • We are an actual company that does this full time. We only have employees who have at least 5000h in PoE whatever their forté is.
  • 100% Satisfactionary customers (0 Negative Reviews, ever). Complaints are avoided at all costs.
  • We try to work as fast as possible, foregoing everything else going on to get your build setup delivered.
  • We setup the gear for you, and we assist you in fixing the tree & what not so you are able to start playing the build in its final form instantly. You will be guided by one of our veteran players who`s sole job is to keep an eye on trends & optimize all the packages we offer.
  • Skip all the farming! Just contact us, communicate with us and you`ll be ready to blast in no time! We work enough in life right? You`re supposed to enjoy the little free time you have.

Custom builds

If you ever think about playing a specific build, feel free to send us a message and we will theorycraft a build, get all the required gear & gems and help you setting it up after we work something out! Nothing is more important to us than your happiness.

About BoosterExperience

BoosterExperience GmbH is a company that was founded based on a but a couple objectives.
These are however of the greatest value for us. We strive to achieve perfect customer satisfaction by being as professional, knowledgable & trustworthy as we can be.
We are always available for past customers on Skype, Whatsapp and so on to provide you with the best after sales possible!

Who are we & how do we fulfil your order

BoosterExperience is a combination of a handful of high end superstar players and a couple of people managing the businessend.
Your acccount, should you sign up to get boosted, will therefore NEVER be left in the hands of a botter or will never ever break any ToS.
Our boosters log in from IP`s that have never used PoE before and will play the account manually until the boosting process is over. 
You therefore having nothing to worry about.

The manner in which we fulful your order obviously depends on the order & our current workload. No matter how, your experience will be accumulated in a fast and efficient way.

Questions? Feel free to hit us up!

If you have any questions about any of our services (before or post ordering) feel free to hit us in FacebookMessenger (http://m.me/BoosterExperience) - Discord  PM`s!