5M+ Gil Package - Crystal (NA) - Crystal (NA)
Available Stock : 10 000
Minimum Purchase Quantity : 1
Minimum purchase is 100
1 = USD$ 9

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Secure Payment
This offer is for Crystal (NA) datacenter 
1 Unit = 1M Gil.
The starting amount is 5 units ( 5 M Gil) - If you need more, just increase the unit number

Delivery method:
Face to face

Delivery time :
Within 20 mins after your payment have been verified by MMOGAH
We  have all the Gil ready on our characters, no fake stock.

We are professional team with 500+ feedbacks on MMOGAH - Dont worry about scam 
Thus, MMOGAH will hold your payment away from me until they make sure you have received your purchase - 100% secured.