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Patch 7.2 Gearing Up of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Path 7.2 launches many new contents and players can continue to gear up. Also you can get some fresh awesome alt gears for riding. Now, let’s talk about something about gearing up ways in Patch 7.2.




Empowered Traits

Players with 35 traits or more traits receive a quest in Patch 7.2 to empower their artifact weapons.

There is a new Empowered set of trait plus an Infinite trait.

All of your original 3/3 traits can be expanded to 4/4.

AP (Artifact Power) spent on original Infinite trait is refunded (about 56.5M AP).

Cost of traits from 37 is much higher.

New infinite trait - Concordance of the Legionfall

10s proc of your primary stat for DPS/Healers, vers for Tanks

Artifact Knowledge now scales up to 50 ranks.

Compendiums will go up as high as 45.

You can choose to spend on power maxing out old 4/4 traits or on the new Empowered artifact traits.

The cost of traits from #37 onwards is much steeper in 7.2.

The new final trait is the 50 points trait Concordance of the Legionfall. This provides a 10 sec proc to your primary stat for DPS and healers, and Versatility for Tanks. This 50 points trait provides less character power than the old 20 points trait 23, and purchasing the ranks is much more expensive.


Broken Shore Tokens

There are two new types of tokens that can be transformed into gear available on the Broken Shore: Dauntless Tokens and Relinquished Tokens.

Very Timeless Isle/Tanaan Jungle like-Dauntless Tokens cost 400 Nethershard and blue-quality, and turn into an 850 ilvl gear.

Relinquished Tokens cost 5,000 Nethershard, which are epic-quality. You have a very small chance to contain a legendary. The Dauntless Tokens can also drop from mobs on the Broken Shore.


Artifact Power Obtaining

There are 101 total traits in Patch 7.2.

The upgrades of your Artifact Weapon are made easier by the ability of obtaining higher Artifact Knowledge ranks in 7.2.

Artifact Knowledge research ranks go up to 50 in Patch 7.2, the catch-up compendiums will go up to level 45.


Class Order Hall Sets

In 7.2 you will be able to upgrade each piece of your Class Order Hall gear set with new armor kits. These armor kits have varied sources. One is a reward from completing the introduction to the Broken Shore scenario.

Broken Shore WQ will reward them.

Upgrade ilv to 870 ASAP, you do NOT need initial upgrades.

You can obtain others as rewards from World Quests.

You can apply these kits directly to the base Order Hall gear item, no need to do the initial upgrades.



Heroics and Cathedral of Eternal Light

Base item levels for existing dungeons are increased across the board.

825 for Normal dungeons, 845 for Heroic, and 865 for non-key Mythic dungeons.

The Arcway and Court of Stars are now available to heroics.

The new split Karazhan is also available to a heroic.

The new dungeon, Cathedral of Eternal Night also follow these item levels for the two difficulties.

Some gears from the new dungeon include a Relic of each type and three new trinkets (Splinters of Agronax, Fel-Oiled Infernal Machine, Dreadstone of Endless Shadows).



Mythic + Karazhan (Upper and Lower) is added in patch 7.2, so your weekly cache can now contain Kara items.

When the Tomb of Sargeras raid is released, it is likely that items in your weekly Mythic + cache will have a higher base item level (level cap), the same as Nighthold was released before.



The ilvl cap for legendaries stays at 940 but there have been 4 new crafted legendaries added and there are some big changes to existing legendaries. (Probably will go up when ToS opens)

Many existing legendaries are being reworked for appeal.

When it is triggered, this bonus is increased to the current values of 70% movement speed and 25% Haste.

Players can also target legendaries for a specific armor slot via the Reliquished Armor tokens.

Movement speed bonuses now stack with other movement speed bonuses.



To make it easier to get into crafting and to upgrade crafted items, some Obliterum changes are coming:

The Obliterum Forge no longer requires an elaborate questline - the Forge is already unlocked and you can start obliterating things.

Base crafted goes up to 835 (from 815).

Pa 7.2 crafted gear below 835 retains old ilv.

First application of Obliterum raises to ilv 840.

Cap is increased to ilv 875.

The item levels associate with crafted gear and Obliterum also have shifted. In Patch 7.2, crafted gear will start at ilvl 835 and go up to 875 with Obliterum.



There is a new type of quest related to the Forge.

This patch will introduce Cruel Gladiator gear.

Bonus Rolls will come to the rated weekly quest.

New gear set: Cruel Gladiator gear

PvP gear crafting/targeting

Questline allows players to turn in several pieces of unwanted PvP gear they want in token form.

Tokens ( tokens can be exchanged with wow gold) can turn into gear that is WF or TF, this gear has tertiary stats, and/or gem slots.

This is part of an in-development system to allow players to turn in several pieces of unwanted PvP gear.

It looks like turning in items and it will be rewarded either Echoes of Domination or Echoes of Battle, which are then used to purchase specific Legion PvP pieces.



There will not be a raid open at launch of 7.2, but Tomb of Sargeras will open at some point during that patch.

Base item level range for Tomb of Sargeras will come from 870-880 for Raid Finder, 885-895 for Normal, 900-910 for Heroic, and 915-925 for Mythic.

Some interesting items from Tomb of Sargeras include:  Infernal Cinders, Charm of the Rising Tide, Chalice of Moonlight, and Shifting Cosmic Sliver.


Tomb will not be opened on 7.2 but will be launched later on.

Base item level of raid loot is as follows:

Raid Finder: 885 - 895

Normal: 900 - 910

Heroic: 915 - 925

Mythic: 930 - 940


World Bosses

Patch 7.2 brings four new world bosses from Broken Shore: Brutallus, Apocron, Malificus, and Si'vash.

These world bosses will drop ilvl 890 gear.

World Bosses on the Broken Shore are only available when the Nether Disruptor World Building is completed and not under attack.

World Quest base item level has been scaled up to 855.


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